Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Friday, October 15, 2021


Yesterday was a Fingerprint Ministry work day at church.
Left right after breakfast and worked from 9:00 - 5:00.
People come and go all day long and we had 15 people working
and we put together 5,151 Spanish Roman books together.
These will be going down to Central America.
59 degrees this morning and foggy.
Sunrise 7:28
Walked 6 miles

Took my usual walk all around town,
the ball park loop and the lower cemetery.

Joy was out walking and saw John out there too.

Passing by the fire house I saw people setting up tables
for craft show today.
No, I won't be going - don't want to see anything I NEED. 😀

🎃    🎃

Stairs Number 17
These are the stairs leading up to Margaret's house.

🍁    🍂    🍁

Finished a puzzle the other day.
This was a fun one with lots to see.
Moving In - A White Mountain puzzle and our favorite brand of puzzle.
The interlocking is very good.  When done you can pick up the whole
thing easily with one hand!!

House chores in the morning.

Liz stopped by with a little gift for me for no special reason
just because she knows I like the foaming hand wash soaps.
Isn't she nice!!
❤️ What a blessing it is having her around. ❤️
She stopped by before heading down to central Md to visit her daughter.

Went outside after lunch.

Ken, David and I hiked around Happy Trails planning more
trails. We have plans to mark the different trails.

While out we came across a kind of mushroom that we
haven't see here before - A Lions Mane.
First time that I even heard of it.

We are making pizza for supper.
The dough is just about done and ready for the pizza to be made.

That's it for today.
Thanks for stopping by.
A happy Friday to you. 🙂
👩🏻‍🦳 happyone ❤️

Comment Replies:
Sounds like quite a few of us really like our Keen shoes!

Deb - No, the house in the picture was not our old house in town.  Ours was a couple of blocks away.

MsBB - No fear of vandalism of the Halloween decorations around here. 

Tom - I found this explanation of the difference between walking and hiking.

Walking is done on flat, hard, and level surfaces 
without any obstruction 
while hiking is done on rocky mountains, hills, and terrains with rough surfaces.  Hiking requires more effort more than walking because the trail is more complicated. Hiking means you are moving from a lower to a higher place or in elevation.

GrannyM - Here is a link to the crow legend and it might make you think differently about crows. 🙂


Tom said...

...your foggy image is fabulous! I wish that I knew more about mushrooms and fungus.

Hootin Anni said...

Now I wonder if that mushroom is edible?!!
Love the foggy morning walk. (I like foamy hand wash too!)

William Kendall said...

I always enjoy foggy shots.

Rose said...

I wondered what you had been up to yesterday ...dud not think about fingerprint day. You all get a lot done! I think I forgot to say I liked the stairs in the last post, and i certainly like these.

Liz sounds like a lovely person.

ellen b. said...

You were busy yesterday and got lots done. Is the Lion's Mane edible? I like those stairs. Our daughter in law enjoys the foaming hand soaps, too. Happy weekend to you!

Vee said...

That mushroom is amazing! I have never seen or heard of it either. Your foaming soaps sound wonderful, too. It's the little things that make life special.

Deb J. in Utah said...

I love that kind of foaming soap too. That was so nice of Liz. I enjoy you really enjoy having Liz and David close by. That puzzle looks really interesting. Hope you have a good weekend.

Granny Marigold said...

That's an interesting legend about crows, I must admit.
That is quite a jigsaw puzzle you completed; it looks challenging.

Unknown said...

Very nice of Liz to drop you off some foaming hand soaps. The pumpkin cupcake is my favorite. Smells so good.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Very colourful jigsaw puzzle.

God bless.

eileeninmd said...


We have had a few foggy mornings this week too. The puzzle looks fun.
I would like the try to Sunshine and lemons foaming hand soap. The Lions Mane is new to me, what a cool looking mushroom. Have a happy weekend!

KEV. Robertson. said...

It is good to work together with Friends at Church.

Bill said...

Love your foggy photo, it's a beauty. All you need is a head to go on top of the mushroom and it would look like a snowman. :)

John's Island said...

Hi Happyone,
Thank you for the link leading to the story of Rainbow Crow. Very interesting! It may actually change the way I think of them. :-) On my daily walks down at the waterfront I often see a lady who is also a walker, and she has a mission too … she walks to a certain spot and tosses bread crumbs out for the crows. One day I asked her how long she had been doing that and she said, years! :-) Some mornings I see the crows waiting for her if I get to her feeding spot before she arrives. Crows are smart birds! Thanks for sharing your blog and for your kind comments on mine. Wishing you and Ken happy days ahead.

Happy@Home said...

That is a cool looking mushroom.
It was very thoughtful of Liz to stop by with the soap. I bet you are really enjoying having them so close by.
I LOVE your puzzle. Isn't it neat how the interlocking ones can be picked up like that.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Early morning fog is always lovely and moody and magical. -smile-

I agree, do not go to craft fairs or garage sales or thrift shops. I want to get rid of 'stuff,' not bring more, into my home.

Margaret better pull up some of that creeping greenery, on her stairs. It could be slippery in rain, and worse, in winter.

Sweet gift from Liz. I think she is your daughter in law. Yes, lovely to have them around. -smile-

Liked the crow legend. Btw, crows are very, very intelligent birds, who create tools, etc. My husband read about them. -smile-


Aritha V. said...

I love to see your puzzle. What a nice one. And that mushroom. No, never seen here. But what a beauty can we find around us.

Retired Knitter said...

I love the mushroom. Mushrooms are such interesting plants.

Lowcarb team member said...

What a fabulous looking mushroom.

All the best Jan