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I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, August 19, 2016

Zucchini Chocolate Cake

✿     ✿     ✿     ✿
65 degrees this morning and foggy with the sun trying to find its way through the clouds and by the time I got home it did.

Walked all around town this morning, up and down all the roads.
Headed up Barn Sale and took a couple of pictures.

Walking down towards the Drane house, Farmer Marvin came along in his truck and stopped to say Good Morning and we had a little chat.

Kathy was out walking and as we passed by I commented on her colorful shoe laces.
They matched my new bright green tee shirt that I was wearing. : )

Walked 6.2 miles.
Sunrise 6:34
Sunset 8:07
✿     ✿     ✿     ✿
Ken had another day up at Happy Trails.
I stayed home getting things done around the house.

Made a Zucchini Chocolate Cake that is so very good.
Got the recipe from my friend Kim at Happy@Home.
Thanks Kim.

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup oil
1 3/4 cups sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla 
1/2 cup butter milk (I used milk)
2-3 cups grated zucchini (I used 2 1/2 cups)
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 Tablespoons cocoa
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup nuts (I used Pecans)
2 cups chocolate chips

Mix all ingredients except chocolate chips.
Add 1 cup chocolate chips to mixture and stir in.
Pour into greased 9 x 13 baking pan.
Sprinkle the other cup of chocolate chips on top.

Bake 45 minutes in a 325 degree oven

About to go in the oven.
Out of the oven and ready to eat.
I did have the tiniest little piece out of the corner.
It is really very very good, nice and moist.
I'm having a piece for my snack tonight and I just might add a bit of ice cream on top of it too. : )

I got some laundry done and a bit of house cleaning done too.

Called my friend Mary Jo and we had a nice chat.  : )

Late afternoon I went outside and did a little more weeding. 
This time by the front walk in front of the porch.
Just finished supper and work is finished for the day.
Hope your day was a happy one.
happyone : )
"Talent is God given.  Be humble.
Fame is man-given.  Be grateful.
Conceit is self-given.  Be careful."
~ John Wooden
Comment replies:
Jedidja - No running for me.  I'm a walker. : )


  1. I took my dog from my mother's house to live at my new house finally. I walk her down far enough to see the farm down the street. I only saw the cows once who were at least 500 yards away.

  2. Wow, I just love your first photograph ... amazing.

    Your cake looks delicious, enjoy it with your ice-cream!

    All the best Jan

  3. What a beautiful spider's web and an amazing photo of it! The zucchini cake sounds yummy. Alas, no zucchini around here. (Usually, it's running out our ears.)

  4. Spectacular picture of the spider's web!

  5. That photo lets me stare at a spider web without fear. Its actually amazing.

  6. I LOVE that web shot.That is amazing.

  7. A very impressive web shot! Well done.

  8. Hello, I love the misty morning photos. The sunflower is gorgeous, they make me smile. Your cake looks delicious, I wish I could try a piece. Happy weekend to you!

  9. This is the second post today I've seen with spider webs! The spiders at my house weave such a delicate web that I don't see it until I've walked into it. UGH. The photos are so pretty, with the misty quality. The cake looks good enough to eat! I wondered what you were going to do with all the zucchini! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Have a blessed day.

  10. Your Sunflower is looking very nice as is thet delicious cake!
    Happy Weekend :)

  11. Looks like a happy walk and a happy day and the dessert looking might delicious. I'm hungry now!

  12. What a happy post filled with contentment & chocolate!
    I love the cobweb photo!

  13. Now I know why I bought some zucchini at the store the other day! Yum. Going to make this today.

  14. I'm so happy to know that you enjoyed the cake, Karen. It looks yummy. I haven't made mine yet this year, but the summer's not over yet :)
    Your spider web photo is amazing. That is one huge web.

  15. I love zucchini, it's so versatile, and bakes up into wonderful cookies and breads--and cake!


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