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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, January 8, 2016

A nice long walk and a break

☁     ☁     ☁     ☁
Up and out of the house at 6:45.  The temperature was 28 degrees with no wind at first but it kicked up a bit later on.  I watched a beautiful sunrise as I walked along but then it turned cloudy.

First walked over to public works to drop off the water bill.  Then walked all over town a couple of times and down past the turn off to Happy Trails and back to town.  Made a loop around the cemeteries and the ball park.  I was happy to get a nice long walk in to make up for the lack of a walk yesterday.

After the 5 mile mark I get that extra energy and could walk all day, but there are things to do and places to go and besides I was getting hungry. : )

Walked 8.1 miles.
Found a penny.
☁     ☁     ☁    ☂
Our son David gave us a gift certificate for Christmas and today we went to Red
 Lobster in Uniontown, PA and had a delicious meal on him. : )

While in Uniontown we went to the mall and walked around.  It was the first time we've been to that mall.  While there I got a new purse which I didn't need but got anyway.  I have a thing for purses and when I get done here I'm going to move into it.  Also picked up a couple more jigsaw puzzles which should keep me busy for the rest of the winter!!  The puzzles were so cheap we couldn't pass them up.

Also made a stop at Michale's and I bought a quite a few hanks of Carron Simply Soft yarn which was on sale.  This should be enough for the next bunch of baby blankets that I will be making.
I can't wait to finish the one I'm working on now so I can make another with these beautiful colors in my basket of yarn.

 Ken gave me these beautiful blue plates for Christmas and he hung them up on the wall in our bedroom today.  We saw them in an antique store months ago and he went back and bought them for me.  They are pretty big at 18 inches across.
My mom gave me the windmill you see in the picture quite a few years ago.  As the blades turn it plays an old Holland song.  My mom and I were browsing around an antique store one day when she was visiting.  As we walked by I recognized the tune as one my mom sang to me when I was little girl.   She knew I really wanted it but didn't have the money so she bought it for me.  Thanks Mom. : )

 I plan on making some weave-it squares, finishing the blue scarf I'm knitting for Krista and if I have time, read.  I have a goal of 50 books to read this year and I should have one read by now.

That's it for today.
A happy day to you.
happyone : )
This is going to be my last post for about a week or so.
Taking a little blogging break.
Be back soon.


  1. Great and lovely photos, have yourself a wonderful weekend. Best wishes!

  2. That is a beautiful sunrise. I love that purse. It looks like the kind I like with room for lots of stuff, but compartments to keep everything organized. Your trip to Union Town sounds fun and productive. Your son gave you a gift card to a restaurant and our oldest daughter gave us one! We haven't used it yet - maybe this weekend. Ours is to Applebees. I love your blue plates and your Windmill -that was so nice of your mom to buy it for you. Enjoy your weekend and your blog break. Will look forward to more posts from you soon!

  3. Your blue dishes and other items are arranged beautifully. Ken is very observant to see that you like something and so thoughtful to go back and get them for you. He's a keeper!
    The sunrise is amazing. Thanks for posting a pic of it.
    Really like your purse, especially the neutral color. MJ

  4. I love the plates and the windmill story! Lovely yarn! I'm already behind on reading, too.

  5. Great walk! Have a nice break! Hurry back!

  6. 8.1 miles! That's a good walk! Have a good break.

  7. Enjoy your break and we'll see you when you get back.


  8. What a gorgeous sunrise. A great start to you day. Enjoy your break! Happy weekend!

  9. Gorgeous photos Karen!
    I love purses too. I find it best just not to look at them in stores!
    Love your blue plates!
    Have a good break!

  10. The sunrise is just beautiful! I'm glad you could capture it. I love Caron's Simply Soft! I've crocheted a couple of baby blankets with it. I'm funny about purses. I have to "bond" with it and when I do, I use it until it falls apart Then, I have to go through the trauma of finding another one. Sigh. Have a great day.

  11. I've never been to Red Lobster, I don't eat beef, chicken, and fish so it does limit me at a seafood restaurant

  12. That yarn is so colorful - I can't wait to see your baby blankets that you make from it.
    And I LOVE those plates that Ken gave you!! That entire area looks beautiful and goes so well with what your Mom gave you!

  13. Oops! Almost missed this post too. Just read your last one. Have a good break. Those blue plates are so pretty!

  14. Nice purse. I like the blue plates, wonderful story about the windmill. What a treasure. Enjoy your break!

  15. Your sky photo is stunning. Beautiful colors.
    Your men were very good to you this Christmas. The plates are so pretty and look right at home in your display. The windmill is really pretty too. I like the story that goes along with it.
    I hope you have a very enjoyable break.

  16. That first picture is so amazing!
    Love your new purse and I loooove the yarn! Can't wait to see the baby blanket :) Do you knit or crochet them?
    What a lovely gift the windmill was and the plates are beautiful, too!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Lots of hugs to you,

  17. Hope that you enjoy a wonderful week away! Your first photo is stunningly beautiful! I really like the blue windmill and can't help wondering what song it plays.

  18. Oooh...that lovely sky! Sounds like a great morning. It looks like you will be keeping busy with all of that yarn. I'm sure it will be lovely! Have a fantastic week :)

  19. Your blue and white china is just lovely. I wish I had a cabinet full of just blue and white :) I also visited Michael's and boy did I do some damage with that yarn sale!!! I bought a good bit of Simply Soft too -- isn't it good for weaving? So soft and shiny. Great sales. Your top photo is really, really beautiful. Stay warm!

  20. What an amazing photo. That's maybe the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen. I can't imagine how is it to see this beauty in reality.

  21. Your first picture was quite stunning! I love your yarn choices, have a lovely break xx

  22. The sunrise photo is so beautiful!
    love all your gifts, I hope you have had a restful blogging break, I seem to be on one most of the time now, once I stop it is hard to get back to blogging! I stay so busy with projects but can't seem to find the time to blog about them, I guess i think they might be so boring. ~smile~
    Have a great week,
    hugs, from me to you,

  23. Enjoy your blog break, I hope everything is OK with you.
    I love the colors of the yarn as well.
    So nice of Ken to go back and buy you that gifts.


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