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Monday, August 24, 2015

Starting the roof

✿     ✿     ✿     ✿
60 degrees this morning with some sun and clouds.  Walked first to the post office to mail a Netflix, then continued around the Farm Loop.

I met Farmer Georg's wife at her mailbox.  I stopped and introduced myself and told her I'd met her husband awhile back.  We had a nice chat. : )

Saw a deer running in one of the fields.  Too far away to tell if it was the one with the scar.  Probably wasn't because I didn't see her two little ones.

It was back to school this morning but I left early enough so it wasn't a problem walking up the school road. 

I walked 5.4 miles.
✿     ✿     ✿     ✿
No bowling for us today.  Nice weather and we wanted to get started on the cabin roof.
While I was walking Ken went to Lowe's and bought the Ondura roof panels and after breakfast we went up to Happy Trails and got started on the roof.   We got about a quarter of the big part of the roof finished.

There are 5 layers to put on.  First is the plywood, then the purlins (strips of wood to nail the roof panels to), tar paper, insulation panels which are cut to fit between the purlins and finally the  Ondura roof panels. Below shows the first 4 layers.
Instead of using regular plywood we are using 1/2 inch paneling and putting it on the roof upside down so the right side shows through in the inside between the roof rafters that we painted red.
I handed Ken the nails and anything else he needed while he was on the roof.  Four of the Ondura panels were put on by the end of the day. 
Then it was home for showers and we ate chili for supper sitting on the porch.  Nice to be home and relax.  : )  Looking forward to my ice cream later.  I've been having chocolate marshmallow lately.

Haven't had much time for blog reading but hope to catch up with you all in the next day or two.

Hope your day was a good one and you smiled often.
happyone : )
Change the way you look at things
and the things you look at change.
~ Wayne W Dyer


  1. How good to be able to read your blog again! I hope we have our Internet woes behind us!

    You are working very hard on that roof! I am definitely not one to be on top of the roof! I'm not even sure my husband would want to be at this stage in the game.:-) It will be great to see it when it is finished! I sure do like the red rafters inside!

    Enjoy your ice cream!

  2. Looks like good progress! And your roof looks very much like we built on our log cabin here - boards that showed on the inside, insulation between purlins (we used two layers at right angles), and finally the steel roof panels. A lot of work!

  3. Really taking shape now! I love the red rafters with the paneling for a ceiling. Great idea!

  4. Great work on the roof. It's really interesting to see the construction. The red rafters look very smart.

  5. Everything looks great! What a solid cabin it will be. Our school year does not start for another two weeks here in Canada. Have a good day!

  6. Pretty images from your walk. The roof is looking good, it looks like you both know what you are doing.
    Have a happy Tuesday!

  7. You'll be relaxing in that cabin before you know it. It must be a great satisfaction for both of you.

  8. You two are moving right along on that cabin. Interesting to learn the process involved to put the roof on. Great idea with the paneling too.
    School started here yesterday too. Hard to believe it's that time of year once again.

  9. You sure put in a good day's work. So proud of you! You're doing a great job on that cabin; no chance of that roof leaking! MJ

  10. There is always something interesting here. Pretty butterflies on the shed. - Good to know there is progress being made at the cabin. Love the shot of the cows in the field.

  11. Y'all do sound busy! You're an excellent workman's helper up there on your ladder. The cabin is looking good.


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