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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Rock Crusher Works

From my walk yesterday (Thursday).  The sun was a bright orange ball through the fog.  For some reason the color didn't show up in the picture.
✿     ✿     ✿     ✿
Yesterday's walk was a bit foggy in places and 56 degrees.  I walked the Farm Loop and around town and walked 5.2 miles.
This morning it was 50 degrees with a mixture of sun and clouds.  I walked around the industrial park and town.  There were a few red winged black birds who didn't like it when I passed by here and let me know it by swooping down at me.  I was glad to be able to snap a picture of this one.
This morning I walked 5.6 miles.
✿     ✿     ✿     ✿
Never did get any time yesterday to blog because my day was a busy one and by the time night came I just wanted to sit in my chair, have my ice cream and watch a little television.

We spent the day up at Happy Trails yesterday.  First thing we did was play around with the rock crusher.  Ken got the part that was needed for us to run it. The  PTO shaft connects the tractor and the rock crusher and turns the fly wheel on the rock crusher.
 The rocks go in the top between two plates.  The plate on the right is stationary and the left moves back and forth on the bottom to break and crush the rocks. You an see the pile of rocks on the right and what they look like coming out on the left.  What a cool piece of equipment.  I love this thing. : )
After fun with with rock crusher we started working on the cabin.  Got most of the right wall done.  This is what it looked like at the end of the day.

We will go up the stairs onto decking where the door will be which goes into a small entrance way.  Then a step up and to the right brings you into the one room. 
After a day of work we went home, got cleaned up and then after supper went to Walmart (not for food shopping) and picked up a few things.  I got some very pale pink baby yarn to finish up a baby blanket I'm making out of weave-its.  I should have it done within the week.

Another stop at the Shop and Save to pick up a new supply of ice cream.  Our favorite brand Hagan was on sale. 4 for $10 so we got 8.  Good thing we have an extra freezer in the garage. : )

Today I've been home doing a bit of this and that.  I've got pizza dough in the bread machine now and look forward to pizza for supper.

I'm going to do a little reading now until supper, or maybe make a few more weave-it squares.

Hope your enjoying your day.
Have a happy one.
happyone : )
Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.
~ Robert Brault


  1. Pretty view of the sun and the foggy fields. I am glad you got the rock crusher working and the cabin is moving right along. That is a good deal on the ice cream. Have a happy weekend!

  2. The cabin is really coming along! I love it! AND I love that red-winged blackbird!

  3. A body could have lots of fun with the rock crusher. The cabin is really coming along, looking forward to seeing it in all it's glory.


  4. Beautiful photos! Your cabin looks like it is going to be amazing and that is one strong piece of equipment crushing those rocks! Enjoy your July 4th weekend!

  5. What a wise quote! The cabin is really coming along. Glad you're enjoying your rock crusher. Love the red winged blackbird! MJ

  6. I was wondering how you'd ever get that antique rock crusher working! But I'm impressed that you actually got it going and that it works! Cabin is looking great too.

  7. Hi Karen, The cabin at HT is sure coming along nicely. Ken must have been a carpenter? Your picture of the shed should go into somekind of contest ... it's like art! Butterfly on the flowers ... very cool! Lastly, what a neat observation about the wind blowing through the corn. Always enjoying your blog. Happy 4th of July to you and Ken.

  8. I walked Thursday morning and took almost an identical picture of the sun! It was beautiful. I hope to post it soon. Your cabin is coming along nicely and looks like it will be a very nice and cozy place. The rock crusher is really neat. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Hi There, Your place at Happy Trails is really coming along... I can tell how much work you both have done there. Glad the rock crusher works!!!!

    Our TV weather reporter said that the red sun was caused by smoke from wildfires in Canada.... Amazing, huh? We had a red sun and a red moon one night.

    Never heard of Hogan Ice Cream... Must be one just found in your area... We love Blue Bell---but they have been closed for awhile due to a problem... Sure do miss my Blue Bell though --and although we have lots of other choices, nothing is as good to us... Oh Well.


  10. Sounds like you were very busy the last couple of days.
    We had a very foggy walk Friday morning too.
    The cabin looks great!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Looking good at HT. Does that rock crusher sound like a giant gnashing his teeth? =D

  12. Wow, your cabin is really coming along! Be careful with that rock crusher.

  13. I'm excited about your cabin -- it's looking really good! Won't it be fun when you post the last pictures of the inside, all finished and snug? Wow :) That rock crusher is amazing -- it turns big stones into nice gravel. I didn't know they made such a machine that regular people could use. I'll show Adam. Now to go catch up on your posts!


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