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Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Rock Crusher

At first glance it looks like a bird house hanging in the tree 
but it is in fact a bee house.
Zoomed in and took a close up.  
It wasn't until I looked at the picture 
that I  saw the little black spider in one of the cones.  
Can you see it?
✿     ✿     ✿     ✿
It was another cloudy misty morning and I woke up late at 7:00.  It was one of those rare mornings when I didn't go for my morning walk.  Ken was going up to HT first thing in the morning and I wanted to go too. I had to get chili started cooking in the crock pot and wouldn't have had time to that and a few other things if I had walked late.
I did get some walking in at Happy Trails though.  
 Ken had to cut down a small tree that was too near to the cabin.  He cut and I was on the tractor and pulled the rope that was attached so the tree fell right where we wanted it to.
 Here Ken is pulling up the stump.
Next he dug two holes for two more posts under the part that we built yesterday.  We have to now get two more of the tubes and fill them cement.

Came home for lunch.  Ken went back to HT to hook up the trailer to the truck.  While he was up there I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  The chili and the cookies are for a family from church.  She had hip surgery and a lot of us bring the family supper to help them out a bit.

Remember the rock crusher we bid on at the auction but didn't get a couple of weeks ago? There was a man there who told us he had one for sale.  Well today we went to look at it and that is why Ken had to hook up the trailer. We did buy it.  How many people can say they have their very own rock crusher.  : )
Here is Frank about to load it unto our trailer. 
It took a few tries but here it is, on the trailer, tied down and ready for the ride back home.
We bought it in WV and about an hour from where we live.  We got home thankfully with no problems.  We will figure out how to get it off the trailer another day. : )
We left in fog but the sun was shining in WV but once we got back to MD it was clouds and fog again.  At least we got to see the sun for a little while.  : )

I'm ready to sit back and have a relaxing evening at home.  A little ice cream, some knitting, a little television and some reading too.

Hope your day has been a happy one.
happyone : )
If you can't be anything else to anybody,
you can be the passing stranger
who nodded hello.
~ Robert Brault
Comment replies:
MJ - I'm healing just fine.  No damage. : )

BettyC - The floor of the cabin is high because we wanted to get a better view.  This cabin will be unique and not just the every day cabin in the woods.  : ) 


  1. What a unique purchase! Yes, not many people have an antique rock crusher!

  2. It will be nice to follow the progress of the cabin. What a wonderful retreat that will be!
    The bee thing is interesting. I think Spidey is hiding in the upper left. Otherwise I don't see him.

  3. Great photos, I love the fence and flowers. I have seen those bee houses, they are cute. The rock crusher is neat. Your cabin is making great progress. Do you have a time line when you would like it finished? It is nice you made a meal for the family from your church, I am sure it was very much appreciated. Have a happy Friday and weekend!

  4. Wow!!What an impressive bee house, love it!
    So glad things are coming along so well on the cabin, I am looking forward to you showing how the rock crusher works, this is so interesting! Thanks for sharing of you day, it sure sounded like a busy one, kind of like how my days are going. ~smile~

  5. It sounds like you both deserve a relaxing evening!
    I've never even seen a rock crusher much less own one. Ha!
    Now, I do know about those bee houses as we have one too. I haven't decided if it works or not, but we've had it hanging for a couple of years now. The bee population needs all the help we can offer.
    So sweet of you to make a meal for the church family.

  6. Hi Karen, Wow, that rock crusher looks vintage! Pretty neat. Will you use it to crush rocks to add to concrete? Nice work getting the tree down.

  7. Is that a mason bee house? I've heard they are excellent pollinators. It would be fun to watch them work!

    What an interesting thing to have, a rock crusher. Never would have thought of it. :)

  8. I think having a rock crusher will be so handy! Lucky you. It is a great looking piece of machinery. Have a great weekend!

  9. You are the only person I know with their own rock crusher! That is cool, and with the work you have going on it could be quite useful.


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