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This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, April 30, 2015

A couple of busy days

Looking at the cows through the fence
❀     ❀     ❀     ❀

It's been a busy couple of days.  My walk yesterday (Wed) was a sunny morning and 38 degrees.  I walked around the Farm Loop and a loop around town.  Walked 5.4 miles.

Today It was warm at 50 degrees but looked like it was about to rain though it did hold off until after I got back home.  I walked down towards Happy Trails and then back to town and walked around town.

Thought this yard filled with daffodil was pretty in one of the yards in town.
Today I walked 5.2 miles.
❀     ❀     ❀     ❀
Yesterday morning I made some scrambled eggs with the fresh eggs that Kathy gave us on Sunday.   I don't really care for eggs all that much but these were delicious.   I couldn't believe how very golden the yokes were. 
We worked in the yard yesterday morning.  Went to Sticks and Stones and got a trailer load (4 yards) of mulch, came home and spread it around the front gardens.  Wasn't quite enough so we went back and got another load.  That was all before lunch.  After lunch we used up a half of the load. The rest we will use in the back. 

Then it was time to make the ziti for the missionaries and gather the rest of the meal up, then off to church we went.  Heated up the baked ziti in the oven at church.  The meal went well and we got lots of compliments and the missionaries were well feed.  : )

Cleaned things up and we just stayed at church for the evening service.  Afterwards  there was a fellowship for everyone with more food served.  Didn't get home till 9:45 so no time for blogging yesterday.
❀     ❀     ❀     ❀
Today was another busy day.  Right after breakfast this morning we were back at church for the Fingerprint Ministry where we put together the book of Romans in Spanish.  Ken and I both worked on the staple machines again.   We all worked on the books until 2:15 with a break for lunch at 12:00.  We assembled over 2,000 books.

Once we were back home I baked another batch of chocolate chip cookies.  May have some visitors tomorrow to see Ken's trains and every time there are visitors cookies are always served. : )

Had some supper and once again we went back to church.  It is missions week so there is an evening church service on Wed, Thurs, and Fri.
We didn't stay for the fellowship afterwards this evening but came straight home.  Watched a little television and relaxed and here I am getting this post written.
No time for visiting my favorite blogs but I'll be around tomorrow.  It's time for bed now and I am tired.

Pleasant dreams my friends.
happyone  : )


  1. Hi- catching up on some of your last few posts tonight. So great that you could help feed the missionaries. I know that is much appreciated. I'm wish you about grocery shopping. We much like shopping for groceries at Wal Mart. Sounds like a busy, busy week for you - same for me. I hope things slow down a bit. Have a great one. I'll stop by again tomorrow!

  2. It sounds like you're really busy and I get that. My blogging has been minimal for just that reason. That picture of the cows is really interesting with the suns reflection in the foreground and the dark clouds in the distance, I really like it. And the I went back and looked at it again. It was the fence... Just shoot me. Ha ha. Still a nice pic.

  3. Yes, that's what I would call "busy"! I'm proud of you for all you accomplish. Those fresh farm eggs sure gave you lots of energy! Mary Jo

  4. Good Morning, you have been busy.. Love the cows and the daffies.. The eggs look yummy! I am glad the dinner went well.. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Glad to know that you were busy and that nothing serious was wrong when you weren't able to post for a couple of days. I hope you've had a good turn out for the missions conference! Rest up a bit. :)

  6. Hope you slept well, Karen. I'm worn out just reading about your last few days.
    What a blessing you and Ken are to the missionaries and your church.
    Love the photos of the cows and daffodils.

  7. Hi Karen, The picture of the cows through the fence is just great! You sure got a lot done in the last couple of days. Thanks for sharing your blog and have a great weekend.

  8. Those daffodils are so pretty! Love all the pics and I haven't had baked ziti in years! That may be on the menu next week!


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