Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Little Pond in our back yard

The Finished Water Feature
❤     ❤     ❤     ❤
A cool morning just like yesterday, 42 degrees again.  There were some low hanging clouds around but the sun did come out. The sun sure felt good on my face once it came over the mountain. 

Had a random walk all over town.  Quite a few people out for an early Saturday morning.
The woman who walks to Hartman's for her coffee, three woman were running/walking, a man walking and I saw another man Dave, setting up for a yard sale who I stopped to talk to.

I saw a couple of deer and this one stopped in Farmer Marvin's field so I quickly snapped this picture.  Looks like this deer has been around a while.  A few nicks out of her ears and a few places where her fur is gone.
I had quite a scare walking down Main Street. Heard a dog growling and barking and it sounded like it was coming straight for me.  I turned around quickly and saw that it was an angry dog alright, but thankfully it was in the back of a pick up truck and passed by.  It sure did scare me though.

I walked 6.2 miles.
❤     ❤     ❤     ❤
I made a video of our finished water feature so
you would be able to hear the water, but
 Blogger wouldn't let me
download it, so I put it on YouTube and you can click
  HERE to see it.

Ken started on the patio this morning.  He is first making the boarder, then will fill in with rocks and dirt and finally put the stones in for the patio.

It was too nice to stay inside so I puttered around outside weeding and watching Ken.  After lunch we went out and did some errands.

We thought it was time for a new wheelbarrow, so we bought this nice new black one.  The old one is rusted, with holes and cracks in it and what a noise it makes.  I think we got our moneys worth.
I have some cooking and baking to do when I get done with this post.  We are having a picnic at church tomorrow afternoon and I'm making macaroni salad and apple turnovers to bring. 
Tonight we will have that zucchini casserole that I didn't make yesterday. 

So that's about it for today.  Hope your enjoying your Saturday.
happyone : )
A smile is happiness you'll find
right under your nose.
~ Tom Wilson
Three Thankful Things Today
  1. Sunshine on my face
  2. A brand new shiny wheelbarrow
  3.  Comfortable shoes
Comment Replies:
Kerri - You are right.  We've lived here for a year now.  July 12 we moved in.

Kim - Yes, Farmer Bill does sell his produce.  A local restaurant in town, The Hilltop Produce (which is also the candy store) and The Olive Garden which is about an hour away from us.  They are the ones I know of. He also has people come to the farm and pick their own.


  1. What a lovely morning for a walk.. I love the shot of the deer.. And your pond is looking beautiful. I will check out the video next..Apple Turnovers sounds yummy. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Hi Karen, beautiful pond! Glad nothing happened with the angry dog. Your video was lovely. Nice to hear your voice. Take care. Robin

  3. Your morning walk looks so beautiful. I love how the deer is looking back at you like.. Are you going scold me for being in the farmers field?

  4. How exciting that you were able to snap a picture of the deer! It sounds like she has her battle scars.

    That is great that Ken finished the water feature! The sound of water can be calming.

    It sounds as though you are going to be very busy in the kitchen! Good outcome, though.

  5. I strongly dislike angry dogs, so I know how that startled you. It would have scared me too! I love your little pond. Ken did a great job! Are you going to put some fish in it? We put some garden variety gold fish in ours and they drew quite big, but then you have cold and snowy winters so that probably wouldn't work so well. Have fun at your church picnic. That sounds great. We have a church camp out coming up and I am hoping we will be able to go to that. Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. That water feature looks great. The birds will certainly enjoy it.

  7. Wonderful height on your waterfall! It looks very pretty and it certainly sounds wonderful. You two will be busy getting the patio made, but oh how pleasant it will be. I haven't heard your voice since 2009! Love how you pronounce your "r"s.

  8. That's some pond Ken has built, though it see there's still lots of patio work to be done. A lot of rocks he's brought in for it. And so neat to actually hear your voice; I guess I know you a little better now!

  9. Your new pond turned out beautifully. Ken did a great job and I know that is a lot of heavy lifting with those large rocks. I enjoyed your video and had to smile at how you placed a frog in there. I did that exact same thing. :D.
    So glad to hear that the angry dog was not running loose. That is a scary sound to hear when you're out walking.
    Have fun at the picnic.

  10. What a beautiful morning - and your water feature looks FANTASTIC!!! You guys did such a great job!!

  11. Hello.
    First of all... Yay and congrats on finishing the pond! It's gorgeous!!
    Secondly, love that picture you captured of the doe.... beautiful.

    Sounds like a wonderful day, full of nice events. I am envious of your cooler temperatures, as we've briefly returned to summers heat. Cooler in the mornings.. in the 60's and by afternoons time, it's well into the 90's. I will do a little jig, on the morning that I wake up, and see that the thermometer reads in the 40!!!

    Have a happy day.


  12. Thanks for the video of the pond and waterfall. Such a peaceful sound and it's beautiful. You can be very proud of the work you two did.
    Your macaroni salad and apple turnovers sound delicious. I know you'll enjoy the picnic. Wish I was there with you! Mary Jo

  13. Looks like a lovely, cool area that you live!! Fantastic pond!! I visited my 1st cousin in Penn. and she had an awesome pond that took up half of her whole back yard. We lived on her back deck the entire visit, listening to the sound of the water and the FROGS - they croked 24 hours a day!! She had some gold fish to take care of the mosquitoes and dragonflies everywhere!! So much life comes with the pond. I'm trying to decide where to put mine!!

  14. Love the video--and love the water feature... That is the closest thing to a waterfall you could have!!!! Love it... I'm very envious!!!!!

    Love hearing your voice also...

    Have a great week.

  15. Your water feature turned out really nice! That will be nice to listen to the trickling water when you are sitting outside or have the windows open. :)

    Nice misty morning shot again, and what a great capture of the deer in the field!


  16. 42 in August????
    Beautiful water garden! I know it is a lot of work because I built one once. Then the people that bought our house filled it in! All that work! But I sure enjoyed it while I had it. Art


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