Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Monday, July 7, 2014

Baby Robin

Baby Robin sitting at an open window on a barn
 ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
A pretty morning.  65 degrees, sunny and windy - not breezy - windy!! 

Started my walk going to the library and dropping a book off in the book drop, then over to the post office to drop off a few cards and a Netflix in that slot.

Then headed up around the Farm Loop.  I'm happy to say I haven't encountered those little dogs again. 

The corn is doing good along the route and is now about 5 feet tall and looking so nice and green.  It's not good corn to eat though as it is feed for the animals.
I've notice this year the farmers have changed their crops to different fields.  Corn, wheat and soy beans have all switched fields.

Back to town and walked around there too, including the two cemeteries and the loop behind the ball park.  Saw a bunch of rabbits.

Only saw one other person out walking.

Walked a little farther than usual - 7 miles today.
No coins today - but yesterday I found a quarter and a dime.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
The daisies in my yard are finally all starting to bloom.
The cone flowers are starting too but I'll save a picture of them for another day.  

Ken went to church this morning to help at Vacation Bible School which at our church is called Bible Time.  He's helping get things set up.  The little kids go in the morning and the teens have their own program in the evening. 

I baked a chocolate cake today for the teens for tomorrow evening.  I just went to the Shop and Save and bought a cake mix and made that up this morning.  I made a sheet cake but one always seems a bit flat and dinky so I used two boxes.  It was a bit scary watching the cake get higher and higher and I thought for sure it would overflow the pan but it stayed put.  I made it in a aluminum pan so I can just keep it in the pan.  I made a fudge chocolate cake with fudge icing.  I tasted enough of the batter and icing while making it, that I didn't even want to eat a piece of the cake. : )
One of the cards I mailed off to the prisoners was returned to church.  On the envelope it said return to sender because Address Labels are not allowed nor are Cards.  I wonder why. So I just wrote a note on a piece of paper and sent it off again. I sent off notes to prisons all over the country and so far that is the only one that was returned.

It's been a nice day at home.  I thought I'd get some cleaning done but that just didn't happen.  My house seems to be a lot neater and cleaner in the winter. : )

The book King's Mountain that I was reading for my book club which meets Wednesday night started out good but now half way though it, it has become dull so I've put it aside and won't be reading the rest of it. 

I'm going outside now to sit on the porch and read.  Starting the second book in the tea shop mysteries, Gunpowder Green by Laura Childs.
Hope your day has been a happy one.
happyone  : )
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
Do not call any work menial
until you have watched a proud person do it.
~ Robert Brault
Three Thankful Things Today
  1. The cake batter didn't overflow in the oven
  2. Starting a new book and one I know I will like
  3. The wind blowing fresh air into the house
Comment replies:
Vee - It was a self walking tour and one I've taken before.  There were numbers in front of places and then on a paper it told about it.


  1. Karen,
    You captured a great photo of that baby robin.
    Your daisies look so cheerful and plentiful. Mine seem to be dwindling down to almost nothing. I think they are getting too much shade.
    Good idea to double the cake recipe. It looks nice and full and yummy. Best of all, it didn't spill all over the oven.

  2. What happened with your nest of birds or do I have you confused with someone else? It is amazing how fast and high corn grows. It's going to be a rich month! Oh I am not surprised, now that I think about it, that you had already taken the walking tour. Any interesting history in your town?

  3. What a great walk you have each morning! It's a good thing those dogs haven't bothered you again. Perhaps the owner has realized they are not that friendly after all. What a delicious cake! Those teens will really like that! Love those daisies! I'd love to have some here. Perhaps that's one thing I need to add to my garden.

  4. A great day, the robin is cute. Pretty scenes from your walk and the cake looks yummy..I just love the daisies.. Have a happy day!

  5. Love the picture of the baby robin.
    Very kind of you to bake a cake for the youth. They shall appreciate it, I'm sure .

  6. Oh you know that Baby Robin just steals my heart!!!!

  7. I see that I'm not saying anything new here, but the pic of that juvenile robin is absolutely fantastic! It has great light, and perfect focus-- nice catch!!


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