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I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Dirt and more dirt

Lilacs by the Barn
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
This morning there was a mix of sun and clouds and a temperature of 42 degrees.  I walked around the Farm Loop, the two cemeteries and the loop behind the ball park.

I saw Evalena out early this morning at 6:30 already shaking out some rugs getting her housework started.  Stopped for a little chat with her.
Another lady was out walking her dog.  I've seen her a few times now but don't know her name yet.

This is Farmer George's farm with a field that looks ready for planting.
This is part of his farm too and I don't know what, but something has started to grow.  This is across the street from the above picture and you can see there was a low cloud on that side.
Another great morning for a walk.
I walked 6.4 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
Our neighbors were having a yard sale so after breakfast we walked over.  I got a picture frame for 50 cents and Ken got a tool case for 50 cent.  They were giving away free kittens and I ALMOST came home with two of the cutest little calico ones.

Spent a lot of time outside in the yard.  The dirt that Ken brought back from HT yesterday had lots of roots and stones in it, so Ken made a sifter and we sifted the dirt for the raised garden boxes.  It takes a lot more dirt than you think to fill one of these up.  We still have a ways to go here.
After lunch Ken went back up to HT to get some more dirt.  I stayed home around the house.  I planted some more marigolds in the front yard and did some more weeding and then when Ken got back we continued getting the dirt ready.  We worked until 4:00 and got both garden boxes filled.  We were tired after that and didn't feel like planting any of the plants and will probably do that tomorrow.  It is a good feeling have the beds ready for planting though.
Here's a little bunny we having living under our deck.  I'm sure there are more under there too but this guy is just a little one.
 This is where he goes in and out under the deck. 
Ken is up at HT cleaning out the truck and putting some things away.  I'm off to fold clothes and then make some Soft Shell Tacos for supper. Then plan on having a nice quiet evening at home.  A little reading, knitting and watching television later tonight with a bowl of ice cream.  Not sure which kind yet. : )
Hope your day has been sunny and bright.
happyone : )
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
Gardening is cheaper than therapy
and you get tomatoes.
~ Unknown
Three Thankful Things
  1. My clothes line
  2. Being able to have a garden
  3. Having a choice of ice cream flavors for my snack tonight 
Comment Replies:
Vee - Marinara for me, meat sauce for Ken.  Italian Vinaigrette on my salad.
Suz - I looked up Parrot Tulips and yes you are right.  Thanks. : )


  1. Pretty soon your raised beds will be looking like the farmer's fields. Such pretty country there!

  2. Excited to see what will be coming up in those beds :)

  3. Love those lilacs!

    What a lot of work on those raised beds! Sifting the dirt was really smart. The beds look great and ready for planting.

    The only ice cream here is plain old vanilla.:) It is still tempting, though.

  4. My sister planted raised beds last year and I couldn't believe how much dirt it took to fill them. I've never seen raised beds like yours. It will keep the rabbits away, but not the deer. I'm anxious to watch all your plants grow!

  5. Beautiful Lilacs. I think that is one of the prettiest flowers in spring.

  6. Love those raised garden boxes. When you wrote about Evalena and you, it made me smile at the fact that you always make so many friends on these walks. I think that's awesome :)
    Have a great weekend!

  7. hi Karen! I blogged for about two hours yesterday morning and then ran out of power / steam. Ooooooh, I slept great last night so I am trying to blog a bunch this morning. I love the grow boxes. My sis did those at her home for years. My hub just goes to the dirt and creates magic. He always plants tomatoes, squash, onions and bell peppers every year. Last year I got him to plant peas but a varmint got them so he didn't even attempt them this year. I love all of your photos! Thanks for the love toward those oxford heels. They are so comfortable even tho so pointy!

  8. I do love those raised garden beds. They are great. I also love lilacs but there are very few here in Arizona. Soft shelled tacos sound good - maybe a dinner idea here...Have a good weekend. My end-of-school graduation week has been so busy I haven't been able to visit and catch up with you every day, but I will see you tomorrow - or maybe later today!

  9. I can't wait to see the tomatoes growing!!


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