Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A snowy walk

Left an hour later this morning than usual.  It was 28 degrees and just starting to snow as I left the house with my 'ice walkers' on my shoes. Didn't really need them at first but soon the snow was coming down harder and covering up the icy spots, so I'm glad I had them on again.
I walked around town for the most part but also walked up Barn Sale Rd.
Up on the left some cows gather around the hay for breakfast.  They don't seem to mind the snow.
Walking back on the main road to town a snow plow goes by.
Now I'm coming into town again.
I turned left at the church which takes me to the couple of cemeteries and then down to the Drane house where my horse friends live at the farm down that way.  This one was on his way to the barn and when he saw me he turned around and came to say hi.  I talked to him and petted him for a bit.

I met one of the school bus drivers.  Walking up the road to the cemetery, I saw a woman up on top of the hood of the bus doing something to the windshield.  I called, "Good morning" to her and laughingly said, "I guess you have to get up there to clean the window somehow."  She climbed down and told me she was fixing the windshield wiper.  Her name is Janet and she is one of the bus drivers that waves to me.  We talked for a bit and then off she went off in her bus. 

I don't know why I ever thought I didn't like snow, but I sure like it now.  It's fun to walk in it.  Very peaceful and everything is so pretty.

I walked 6.1 miles - 12,311 steps.
Sunrise: 7:27
Sunset: 4:53
❤     ❤     ❤     ❤     ❤     ❤     ❤     ❤     ❤
Stayed around home today.  Looked out of the window a lot watching the snow come down.  It's been snowing all day but only another few inches.

I've been reading trying to get my book done for tomorrows book club.  I'll have no trouble finishing it.  It is an easy read and very good.  Hope it ends good too.

Now, I feel like doing a little cross stitch so off I go to do that before it's time to think about supper.

Hope your Tuesday is a happy one.
happyone : )
Jesus soon is coming,
and Christmas too,
Good reason for being happy.
~ Michelangelo Saez
Comment replies:
A few of you mentioned my ice walkers.  They came from Dicks Sporting Goods and at this LINK  you can see the ones that I have. 


Vee said...

We've had some weather for a couple of days. I'll be glad to see it end. Nice that you got to meet a bus driver who waves to you all the time. Interesting way to meet, too.

Happy@Home said...

Hi Karen,
I am so behind on keeping up with blog reading. I realized this even more when I got caught up on the posts I had missed here. Goodness, where does the time go?
We have been having rainy gray days and I am enjoying the glimpses of snow on yours and other blogs. How interesting that you are now enjoying the snow. Do you think it has to do with your new surroundings. It seems to be a bit more out in the country than your previous area.
We received a very special card this week. Brett smiled and commented on how nice that was of you to send it and I agree. Thank you.
Your tree looks so pretty and no doubt smells wonderful too. It made me wonder if Ken created one of his famous ornaments this year?

Suz said...


Nellie said...

Do you have snow pants, too? They might come in handy. I've never had any as our weather here doesn't justify them.

It looks like the snow plow has done its job on the road.

One of our daughters says that horses usually hope for something to eat.:-)

o2bhiking said...

That's a lot of walking in the snow. I like the snow and miss it sometimes, but I don't like commuting to work in it. Enjoy the day. Art

Beth said...

You meet the most interesting people and animals on your walks Karen!

Kim@stuffcould.... said...

your right, snow is pretty and peaceful looking but it would seem to me to be hard to walk in.
We dont get snow here much in GA

Deb J. in Utah said...

Karen - what a lovely walk. Snow can be beautiful indeed and the chilly weather is invigorating. We are still shoveling sunshine out here, but it has been chilly this week. When our highs are in the 60s out here, we are all sure we are freezing to death! Refresh my memory about the book you are reading...I am always looking for good reading suggestions. I haven't had much time for blogging this week...hoping to do a bit a catch up and maybe a blog post later. Have a good day!
P.S. Got your lovely Christmas Card. Thank you so much. I sure hope we get to meet in person one day too!

Ruta M. said...

Snow is lovely, especially if you have a nice warm home to return to. I think snow makes Christmas special. I enjoy walking through deep snow, which we hardly ever get. We've some gripper things that fit over boots too. Ours have little metal spikes that stick into any ice. Your ones look better because some of the spikes have fallen off mine. Enjoy the snow and stay safe.