Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

One last entry

It was a pretty morning and I walked 5 miles.
My car did need a battery and we bought a new one last night and put it in.
So today while Ken was up at Happy Trails I went to the
produce market.  

I had lunch and then walked up to Happy Trails which is 
about 3 miles.
It was a pretty walk and I walked along here.
 Just around the corner the cows were out.
 Stayed up at HT for about an hour and then rode home with Ken.
I've come to a decision today about blogging.  I have been writing about my walks and days for quite a few years now.   I am simply getting tired of writing about it and have said all there is to say.  So I have decided not to post here anymore.  I've loved having this blog and getting to know so many of you as friends. Thanks for all your comments and for following along with me on my morning walks and the days of my life.

I know I've tried to end this blog a few times before and I've always come back but this time I think it really is the end.  But who knows............

I am not leaving blogging altogether though and will still have my photo blog, 
Snapshots by Happyone and I hope you will visit me there.  I'll still be around reading your blogs too.

Thanks again for following along here. : )
 I wish you joy and happiness!!
happyone : )
If something cannot go on forever
it will stop.
~Herbert Stein


  1. Karen,
    I just sat down to read a few blogs after a day of babysitting my little grandson. He and I spent a good part of the day getting to know one another on the floor... him laying on that beautiful afghan you made for him. It made me think about the wonderful friends I've made through blogging (like you:). It also made me feel a bit sick at my recent decision to end my blog. I am feeling like I made a terrible mistake. It's very hard to close that door. Much, much harder than I thought it would be.
    Anyhow, when I saw your title my heart sank. I hoped and hoped this wasn't what you meant by "one last entry". I can't begin to tell you how much your posts have meant to me through the years. But, as you know, I understand about feeling like we have said all there is to say. Perhaps we do just need a break.
    I will visit you an Snapshots now and if you decide you'd like to come back here, I'll be back. I love to hear about your walks, your snacks, the books you're reading, etc.
    I am also hoping to meet you in person one day soon.

  2. I still enjoy your blog but I understand what you are talking about. Glad you have found a nice new home in such a beautiful area. Enjoy it!!

  3. I can understand how you feel, Karen... I get really tired of blogging sometimes also... I have enjoyed your blog --especially your move... I've enjoyed hearing about Happy Trails --and I hope you continue to post photos from there as you all continue to improve it.... I will switch over to your photo blog. I didn't even know you had another blog.


  4. I have loved reading about your walks...so ordinary but so welcomed
    this world is so screwed up so I guess I just like popping over and seeing your joyful life
    but I too have taken a break from blogging.....

  5. You will be so missed, but I do understand. I don't have to like it, though.

  6. Ends are hard :-(
    I'm glad it's not our end. I'll be following along on your picture blog.

  7. That's a beautiful walking place. We walk each morning from our house to our barn and beyond, but it's nowhere near 5 miles.

  8. Well, you know that I will very much miss our morning walks together, Karen. But I understand the need to take a long and maybe permanent break from sharing your life with the world wide web. So, enjoy the day, and stay in touch. I've very much enjoyed your blog and your positive outlook on life. Art

  9. I really love hearing about your days!! And LOVE that you share the sights you see along your walk. Of course I will still see some of those at your photo blog - but I will miss this one!! I am hoping this will just be a long break for you .... but If it IS the end.....It's been a wonderful journey. Thanks for letting me travel it with you!

  10. I will miss your blogs, but will keep in touch some other way. Mary JO

  11. I will miss you. You bring me peace.

  12. I know the feeling and I have been having similar thoughts for my own blog ... And I haven't been blogging as long as you have. Still on the fence yet but I haven't blogged either.

    Since your blog was the one that got me started blogging ... And it is one I have enjoyed consistently ... You will be missed. But I totally understand. Do was keeps you happy.

    The best to you and your husband.

  13. I will definitely keep up with your photo blog. I too understand. Blogging is very time consuming! That 's why I only post occasionally. Your pictures are always so good and I enjoy seeing them since I 've never been to your part of our country. Enjoy your walks and new home.

  14. I have to be honest. I am really really going to miss your blog. I hope you change your mind but I know that's selfish of me. But if you do change your mind I am going to be very happy that you did. I will now pop over and follow your other blog :)

  15. Loving those pictures of the cows! They are such comical animals at times.

    I wish you well!

  16. I do understand how you feel and....who knows? Maybe after a few weeks, you will decide to start posting again. We all need to take breaks now and then. But I did want you to know....you have helped me on more than one occasion with your happy posts. You've helped to chase away the blues and put sad experiences into perspective for me. I thank you deeply for all that. I will miss you. I want you to know you have re-educated me on how to find joy in the simplest things and this time I've promised myself I won't lose that ability again. Bless you, Karen, for you are a genuine gift. Stay safe and stay well. Hugs and love,

  17. Hi Karen, I will really miss your blog too. Every day I read it, actually you were on my favorites, just click it on and read about your walk and day. I wish you all the best of luck and tons of sunny days ahead. Have fun walking in all the snow this winter,just be careful but enjoy! Take care
    From Karen in Pa

  18. Please don't go!!

  19. It has been great getting to know you karen. I will visit you on your snapshot blog. Stay safe!

  20. Catching up after a few posts, and enjoying y our posts as always. I always wonder what you'll end up doing at Happy Trails. Good luck as you move on; blogging daily is a big commitment! I'm sure you'll find oth

  21. Karen - I will totally miss your blog and your accounts of your beautiful walks. Your positive outlook on life has been a role model for me. Thanks for your blog and all the time you have put into your daily posts. I will look for your photos and continue to comment. I consider you a good online friend and your daily posts will certainly be missed. God bless you!

  22. I too will will miss your blog. I don't comment very often, but I read it about everyday. You are an inspiration and you keep me motivated to walk. I have been a little lazy this summer with my daily walk, but I have been up to my neck in repairs due to two major water leaks! I hope to get back in my routine soon. So, thanks for sharing all those beautiful mornings and beautiful places! I will miss you!!


  23. Just had to say you are having a gorgeous autumn! Ours has hardly even started yet. Your photos today are wonderful!

    I'm not going to comment about your quitting blogging because I've already commented about that on your newer post.

    Glad you changed your mind! :-)



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