Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quite a day

I had quite a walk this morning! : )  It was 65 degrees and foggy after more rain during the night.  A few sprinkles were still around early but they soon ended.  I started walking my farm route and then decided to pass up the first road I usually turn and continued walking to take the second road to just make the loop a little bigger.  Just before heading up the hill a man walked out to the end of his driveway to get the newspaper.  He stopped to talk and said that I had quite a hill ahead of me to walk up!!  Boy was he right!  I walked 1.5 miles up the mountain.  That hill is a lot steeper than it looks in the picture.
I kept thinking I would come to the road where I would make a left which would lead me back. 
Got a kick out of this sign which wasn't any where near a highway.
When I got here it looked like a clearing up ahead and maybe the road for me to turn on.
It wasn't but I did see these pretty flowers.
And passed a few farms. 

I finally got to the top of the mountain and got to walk down a nice long hill then came to the road to turn on which would take me back to the school and then home.  I turned there and walked and walked.  Up hills and down hills.
I thought the school would be much closer than it was.
I realized it was passed the time that I usually get home and thought that Ken might be worried so I tried to call to tell him that I was fine just walking a little longer than usual.  I couldn't get through to him.  I could dial but when Ken answered the phone it would shut off.  We tried calling each other a few times but could never get through.  So now I'm thinking Ken is probably worried and here I was just trying to tell him not to worry!  I was right.  He hopped in the truck and came looking for me.  He just happened to pick the route I was walking.  When I finally got through to him he was just coming up behind me and found me by the school relieved that I was safe and sound. I was between two mountains and that's why the signal was so weak.  I told him I'd like to continue walking home.  So off he went and a mile later I was home.
I ended up walking 7.2 miles which was 14,370 steps.
With all the hills it was equivalent to 938 stairs and I burned  884 calories.
Like I said it was quite a walk!! : )
Sunrise 6:25
Sunset 8:19
I made French toast for breakfast with the homemade bread I made yesterday.  Then we were off to do a few errands.

After lunch we headed up to Happy Trails.  We still had a large corner cabinet in the tractor barn and we brought that back home for Ken to put in his office.
We walked along the one trail I had made by our Babbling Brook.  Usually this time of year it would be bone dry but we have a nice little flow going.  I took this video. 
We sure had a lot of rain yesterday and today the rain gauge had 4 inches of water in it.

When we got back home it was quite a job getting that big piece of furniture in the house and then in his office.  Ken ended up taking some of it apart, some trim work off the doorway into the room and then the door itself down.  Finally we got it in the room!

Then we went outside to trim up a few overgrown bushes.  While trimming we came across this birds nest so we stopped trimming the bush.  Haven't seen any birds around there so don't know what kind they are. 
With such a busy day today I hit a new personal best with my Striiv.
 I'm looking forward to sitting in my chair, having some ice cream and watching a little television.

Hope your day was sunny and bright.
happyone  : )
There are people we meet in life 
that make everything seem magical.
Cherish them.
Comment replies:
Vee - No different cows.  These cows are my neighbors at Happy Trails.  I think the how the black is on their faces just make them look annoyed.  They really seem very friendly. : )
OE - I know they are supposed to be lucky facing up but to me all pennies are lucky so I never check. : )


  1. My, my! What an adventure! My knees would give out with the hills these days. You have certainly had a day full of activity. I'd think you are due some time in a chair. A good night of rest seems to be in order!

  2. Welcome to OUR world... Everything here is UP and DOWN steep hills. We really can get a workout when we walk/hike......

    Congrats on getting your personal best...

    Love your babbling brook.

  3. Lots of hills - but a great walk and lots of calories burned! :-) Sounds like you had a good and productive day! Enjoy the services at your new church home tomorrow!

  4. Wow. Now that was a little more of an adventure than I would have been able to handle. You did well; Ken did well. Last week when I was visiting a friend, her hubby was setting off to ride his bike. He told her that he'd be back at suppertime. I asked where he was going and he laughed and said that he really didn't know. I said, "Do you think that is safe?" He said, "I've never thought about it." I think he should think about it. Leaving a rough itinerary is probably a great idea. Ask Ken! Ha!

    But oh the extra calories you get to eat for all that wonderful exercise!

    Okay, I've just taken a good look at the header and I think you're correct. The facial markings are what is making them look angry to me.

  5. That sounds like quite an adventure to start off the day. Glad to hear Ken found you and all was well
    I think you earned an extra big scoop of ice cream.

  6. You are caretakers for more baby birds, how about that! Let us know what kind they are if you can.
    Your babbling brook is very soothing. It reminds me of the brooks we used to see in the mountains of NC.
    I can just see you walking, and walking, and walking; always optimistically believing that your road was just around the next bend or over the next hill. I'm glad Ken is the cautious type!
    You really had a full day. MJ

  7. That is not just a walk but an adventure as well. Art


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