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Psalm 118:24


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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mennonite Auction

No rain today - had a beautiful sunny walk.  It was 56 degrees. Walked here and there around town on no special route this morning.  Very quiet around town and didn't see any one else out except people going to work.  No animals either.

I cut my walk a little short today and only walked
5.3 miles - 10,333 steps.

Shortened my walk because right after breakfast we left for the Garrett County fair grounds which is just a few miles down the road from home.  Today they were having their 19th Annual Mennonite Fair and Auction and we spent the whole day there.  Before the auction started someone said a word of prayer and we though how nice that was.  Can't imagine that happening in a county public place from where we moved from!!  During the year the Mennonites make things just for this auction and their work is just beautiful.  There was furniture (for inside and out), quilts, gift items, toys, and even a play house with porch and swing.
My favorite quilt was The Tree of Life.  Can't remember exactly what this one went for but they all went for between $500 and the most expensive one went for $1,300.
 This presidents quilt I thought was amazing.  
We didn't bid on anything so expensive but we did come home with a couple of things.  I've always wanted a pie rack and this double one came complete with a pecan pie.
We also got a very nice piece of furniture for the trash.
The bottom pulls out which has a large trash can in it.  They drawer above is perfect for the box of trash bags.
Outside the main building where the auction was there were crafts to buy, food to buy and also food to eat while walking around.
We had a lovely day.  : )

Didn't get around to putting the bathroom back together with the new lights, TP holder, and towel racks but when we do, you can be sure there will be pictures posted. : )

I'm thinking for our snack tonight we will have a piece of that pecan pie.
Hope you had a fun Saturday.
happyone : )
Who, being loved,
is poor?
~ Oscar Wilde


  1. Any day that includes a Mennonite pecan pie is a very good one indeed! The furniture is great, too! I enjoyed taking a closer look at the quilts. The likeness of Clinton is very amusing.

  2. Oh how I remember the auctions in Virginia, we used to have so much fun (the only thing Rich and I ever had in common) :( Love ya, Pam

  3. Oh this Mennonite Auction sounded like such fun. I know I would really have enjoyed something like that, but nothing like that out here in the desert. I really like your trash bin and the pie rack. Bet that pecan pie was very good! Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks so much for your very sweet comment on my blog. :-)

  4. Oh how fun!! Sounds like you moved to a wonderful place!!

  5. Interesting day you had and such beautiful quilts and furniture pieces.

  6. Very nice trash cabinet. I enjoyed the quilts too. MJ

  7. Pecan pie is my absolute favorite dessert...now I will be craving that all day :)

  8. That pie has to be good! I love the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog and I made one of their recipes today. I made Platz with some peaches I had frozen recently. It's pretty yummy!
    Have a nice week!

  9. Looks like you got alot of great treasures at the auction. That trash container is PERFECT... Congrats...

    Bet that pecan pie is delicious also.


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