Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy with Sherri

Thunder storms last night but by this morning they were gone and I had a nice morning for walking.  It was 60 degrees and I went on my farm route.  I snapped this picture along the way.

I called my friend Cheryl after I took this picture and we talked while we walked.  She has become quite a walker too. : )  So nice catching up with her.  I didn't take any more pictures because I was too busy talking. 
I saw three deer munching away on some corn and when they saw me they quickly disappeared bouncing around the edge of the cornfield.

Walked around town a bit to make up the six miles.  Still have to tweek the route a bit once I get back to town.  Cheryl and I talked until I was back home.
I walked 6 miles and took 11,977 steps.
My hair appointment was for 9:30 so 9:25 I walked the half of block to the salon.  It's a small but busy little place and there were two people there already .  One woman  had color on her hair and another was sitting under the dryer.  I got seated in the chair and Sherri got my color ready and put it on my hair.  I was introduced to the women and we all had a nice time talking.  Sherri has been working at her salon for 30 years and did a great job on my hair.  I just had my bangs trimmed this time so she didn't charge me for a hair cut.  I was shocked at the low price of only $20!!!  If I had gotten my hair cut it would have been an additional $10.  I am so pleased to have found such a good hair stylist right away.

Oh and while I was there we got to talking about books and I was invited to join the women's book club that meets at the library one Wednesday a month.  It happens to be next Wednesday so I said I'd love to go and would be there.  It's a small group of 6 and I'll make it 7.  I look forward to going. : )

I thought it was about time to change my profile picture since the old one is of me sitting on the stoop at my old house.  Ken took some pictures of me on the porch this afternoon.   I narrowed it down to these two pictures from of the many Ken took and finally went with the one on the left.  With just having my hair done I thought it the perfect time to get a new picture and show you how my hair turned out.

We are having hamburgers for supper tonight and instead of just shaping them by hand I wanted something round to make them uniform.  I looked around the kitchen to find something to use and came up with the lid of a canning jar.  It worked perfectly.
The word is out!!  More birds stopped by for a bite to eat at the feeders today.  Male and female goldfinches, a cardinal, a couple of sparrows and a red head finch.  Now I just have to sit out there with my camera and get some pictures!!

We've had a little rain on and off today but all in all, it's been a fine day.
Hope your day is happy one.
happyone : )
A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation 
and doesn't always need togetherness.
As long a the relationship lives in the heart
true friends will never part.
~ Unknown


  1. Your hair looks great! How nice to find a good church, a good Mexican restaurant, a good hairdresser, a nice group of gals, and a new library group, plus a bunch of colorful birds at the feeder all in a couple of days! What's next? A knitting group?!

  2. Oh yes, I agree with Vee on all accounts. Your hair looks great and what a wonderful bonus to be invited to the book club.
    Hooray for the birds finding the feeder.

  3. Your hair really looks nice. How lucky to find a good stylist this quickly. The book club should be fun! Things seem to be falling in place for you, and that's great!

  4. Love your hair! That is so great that you found a good stylist that is close to home and very reasonably priced! That book club does sound like fun! Your new picture is great and those burgers will be delicious! What a happy day!

  5. A true friend is a true gift.

    Those are great pictures - nice doo!

    You are getting rapidly involved in the new community - that's great! Art

  6. Great photos and a terrific haircut, Karen...

    We've been hiking in the NC mountains in the RAIN (lots of it)... We are home tonight --but had a great week.


  7. I just LOVE where you now live...it is so beautiful there. I have visions in my mind of Truvy's beauty shop in Steel Magnolias (one of my favorite movies). Great haircut too!! I love it that your little corner of the world is not only beautiful but friendly too. Glad to know that places like this still exist. God Bless!!

  8. Looks like you have replaced everything but your knitting group! As a member of your old knitting group I would like to think that we would be hard to replace. :-) However, I know knitters very well, and you will find they are usually a friendly and welcoming group of people. I have no doubt that you will be part of a knitting group soon ... even if you have to start one yourself!!

  9. As far as a new profile pic - I love the one on the right!

  10. Your hair looks great but I'm with OE I like the one on the right with the flowers!

    It's great that everything is working out so well. The area you moved to is beautiful. No wonder you fell in love with it!

  11. Somehow I missed reading this blog until now. You are doing great making new friends; I knew you would. I do like your hair a lot. The burgers look good. We should share recipes for seasoning burgers. I use Worcestershire sauce. Yes, rotate profile pictures using both the one on the left and the one on the right. Oh, did you ask our opinion about that? MJ


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