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Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

There and back again

Up to a HT trails yesterday early in the morning so I didn't get to walk. 
We got the truck unloaded as soon as we got there and didn't do any other work. 
 Here's the truck load for this trip.
 It was nice to be there and just relax for the afternoon.

I went over to the inspect the birds nest and the three birds seem to be doing well.  Looks like they are starting to get some feathers!
The closing went very well with no problems so the house is now ours, even though we aren't living in it just yet.
Our stay in the trailer is even less time now!!!  The sellers are moving out July 13th instead of the end of the month so that means we get to move in then.  Also the closing for our town house has been moved back again.  This time to July 2, SO that means only 11 days in the trailer!!!  : )  That's a piece of cake!

We left this morning to come back home so I haven't walked again.  I'm thinking I might walk later this evening but I probably won't.  I'm sure other things will pop up for me to do.

Before we got home this morning our realtor met with the appraiser at the house. That was the last step for closing we were waiting for.  Our asking price was a little bit higher than the latest houses sold in our neighborhood so we are really hoping the house appraises for that amount. 

Ken is out to lunch with his former coworkers and I'm getting a bit hungry myself, so off I go to have eat something.

Hope you're enjoying your day.
happyone : )
The real voyage of discovery consists
not in seeking new landscapes,
but in having new eyes.
~ Marcel Proust
Comment relies:
Nellie - We didn't have an inspector for the new house.  Ken and Ken (the seller) walked around together and looked things over.  The house is very well maintained and Ken is pretty knowledgeable about houses so didn't feel it necessary.  We have become friends with Ken and Michele and they are doing so much for us.

Vee - no I  DO NOT like camping.  I like my comforts at the end of the day!! : ) 

Auntie - Yes, we are keeping all of our stuff in the tractor barn and also the shed that we just built!!

Kim  -  The buyers have already agreed that there is nothing wrong with the shower!! So that is one thing resolved easily.


  1. Glad that closing went well!! Hoping the next ones goes as smoothly!

  2. Fantastic packing job!

    Good news, on both ends of the move and time in trailer. :-)

  3. Wow---thngs are really falling into place for you two.. I'm so happy for you. 11 days in the trailer is not that bad...

    Glad the closing went well --and hope the townhouse closing goes well also.. Glad you got the problem with the shower worked out.


  4. I'm so glad the buyers agreed that nothing is wrong with your shower.
    That's one thing off your mind.
    Your time in the trailer keeps decreasing, that's good news.
    Hope to see you at church Sunday. MJ

  5. You keep getting your prayers answered this way and you won't have to spend even one night in the trailer. Ha! Love it...

  6. I am so glad that things are falling into place for you!

  7. I'm quite delayed reading your blog. It is so exciting to read about your progress! I hope this has been a good Friday for you!

  8. It will not be too long a time for you. It will pass quickly and be like a little adventure. Good luck with the closings. It sounds like things just fell into place about perfectly.


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