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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Sunday, June 30, 2013


We have settled in the trailer and each day brings us closer to living in our new house.  We didn't know what to do with our mattress so my idea was just to put in on top of the mattress we already had in the trailer.  Our mattress is pretty thick and now our bed is so high up that we have to climb up on it.  It's high like a bunk bed and we crack up laughing every time we climb up there. 

I went on my morning walk the last couple of days and walked into town going down the road along here. 
I just walked here and there around town.  Of course I walk past our house every day.

The other day we went to one of the little neighboring towns for their fair day and walked around.  The main event was the tractor pull and we enjoyed our time there.  We are treating this time in the trailer like a vacation and will be checking out the local areas.

I mentioned that we went to the library the other day and got our library cards already.  We came from Howard County which has some of the best libraries and schools in the nation.  The new library that was recently built that we went to was two stories and was HUGE.  It was a fantastic library and they had all the latest books.  Sometimes I had a book on hold and had hundreds of others ahead of me.  Computers were aplenty, DVD's, CD's and oh so many magazines to choose from.  It was very hard to get the current ones but they were all there sometimes years old.
You can check out your own books, or go to the counter and there is a big separate information desk.

Here's a picture of our the town library here.
It's just one level and you can see the whole library at one glance when you step inside.  It's like the old town library I went to when I was a kid.
The two women working at the front desk were friendly and helpful and actually seemed happy to be working there.  We got our cards and had to sign the back of them.  When we check our books out they still get stamped with the return date on them.   There are only about 1/3 of the magazines there as our old library, but all the current issues are there and you can check out the current one.  There are computers but you have to sign up to use them and can't use a laptop.  You can go online and set up your account and renew books and put them on hold which is nice.  If they don't have a book they will find it from somewhere else for you. 
The book that I checked out the other day was Silence in Hanover Close by Ann Perry.  At my old library I would have had to put it on hold.  Here it was on the shelf and I was amazed to see that the last person who read this book had to return it in September of 2011!
All that said I love my new little library and it's only 2 blocks from my house. : )  I think I'm going to like this small town living!!

Thank you all for all the comments, good wishes and happy thoughts that you have sent my way.  : ) 

A happy day to everyone of you.
happyone : ) 

Youth is a frame of mind.
If you get out there and enjoy it,
you can have it at any time of your life.
~Kenny Rogers grandfather 


  1. Hi Karen, I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks --but have read your blog (even though I didn't comment much)... Congrats on the 'easy' move --but I'm sure that you two are tired...It's not only physical to move--but it is also a little emotional. BUT--you have done great... Glad you are there --and in no time, you will be in your new home!!!!! Glad you have your library cards.. That makes it official... ha


  2. There's nothing like a small town library. They'll move heaven and earth to get a book for you and it won't take that long! Oh your story about the mattress makes me laugh. Did you set up a ladder of sorts?

  3. Everything I've seen so far of your new little town has been lovely....right out of a picture book. I love your new home...seems like you were meant to be there. May God Bless you both as well as your home and HT. Speaking of books....see if you can check out "Treadwell" by Dana Wyzard. She is my friend and the book is her first....its an absolutely terrific, edge-of-your-seat thriller. You will enjoy it for sure.

  4. I loved my small town library back home!

  5. I just love this, about your "new" small town Library. Just love it!!!

    Oh this is going to be so nice...

    And cool idea, to treat this trailer time, as a mini Vacation. Check out things, in the area.

    I am soooooo happpppy for you!!!

    "Let Freedom Ring"

  6. I like your idea of treating this time like a little vacation and learning about the area. Scout out some hikes for me! ;^) Have fun, enjoy the new library, and be careful getting in and out of bed. Art

  7. Glad your move went so well; I've enjoyed reading about it all.

  8. The high mattress story had me giggling. I can just see you two.

    The main difference I see in the scenes from your walks up there is
    the overhead electrical wires. Other than that, both places are beautiful.

    It sounds almost as if you have the library to yourselves.

    Your vacation mind-set is a great way to start your new life in western Maryland. MJ
    (I'm sending you an e-mail tonight.)

  9. It will be a different pace living in a small town. It sounds like the library ladies were eager to be helpful. I've not had to have books stamped with due dates in years and years!

  10. Hi Karen, been really busy with the kids, vacation and landscaping. I just finished 9 of your posts and caught up. I am so thrilled for you and Ken! I can hardly wait to see your new home! Much Love, Pam

  11. Sounds like such a nice little town! I know you will just love living there!

  12. Hooray for being one step closer to your new house.
    Your new little library looks very nice. How great that it is staffed by people who seem to enjoy their work. Somehow I imagine you may be taking some of your famous Chocolate Chippers to them one day.
    Glad you and Ken are enjoying your time in the trailer.

  13. Oops... above comment from Kim (Happy@Home)

  14. I wonder if the library will have a new volunteer named Karen? You never know! For now, can you do your blogging from the library instead of McDonald's? That would be nice. I love the idea of your double mattress. I wonder if you put a pea under it if you would feel it? Like the fairy tale, of course. This 'vacation' time would be a good time for Ken too catch up on his blog. Hint, hint.
    Have a happy day!


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