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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A few inside pictures

We left to come back to the townhouse this morning.  The weather was sunny and the ride went well.  We know every turn in the road and have loads of landmarks that we look for.  It makes the ride go by fast.

The only thing left here at the townhouse is two living room chairs and the television, our computers, a mattress upstairs to sleep on, some dishes and food and some cleaning supplies!!  We will be here until Wednesday and then head up to Happy Trails and stay in the trailer until we can move into the house.  That last trip Ken will take the last small load in the truck and this time, I'll drive my car up.  And that will be it.  The closing for the townhouse is Friday, June 28 (moved again from July 2) so we will have to come back down for that. 

We move into the new house a day earlier than expected on July 12!!!  : )

I took a few pictures of the house yesterday.
This first one is taken just as I walked in the front door.
To the right are three bedrooms and a bath.
This one of the living room and dining room looking left from the foyer hall.
And this one walking down the hall and turning left into the family 
room and to the kitchen.  
Ken and Ken talk while I walk around the house.
I can't wait to get our own things in there and make it ours.  Nothing really needs to be done but there are things that we will change eventually. 
Since there is not much do around the townhouse we went out for a awhile and looked around Lowe's getting ideas for house projects.  Then stopped at Carmax and walked around looking at cars.

I didn't have a morning walk for the last three days because of driving to and from HT.  I'm looking forward to getting settled in one place so I can get walking every morning again.  I also haven't done my exercise CD for a quite a while now and want to get back to that too.  It won't be long now until I will be able to get back into a routine.

That's it for today.
Hope your Saturday has been a good one.
happyone  : )
The best car safety device
is a rear-view mirror
with a cop in it.
~Dudley Moore


  1. How fun to see these inside shots.
    It looks like a home that was loved and well taken care of. They layout looks really nice. Can't wait to see how you make it your very own.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the inside pictures of the house. You have made amazing progress! That is the result of good planning!

  3. Your new place looks nice and very roomy. I know you can't wait to get settled in and back to your routine. I'm looking forward to reading about your new walking route.

  4. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of your house. I know you're getting anxious to get in there. The offer is still open if you need a place to stay one night. MJ

  5. Townhouse not condo...of course! Oh my...that home is so spacious and beautifully maintained. They actually seem to have similar tastes as your own, which buys you some time before you "have to" do anything. You must be getting excited now!

  6. What a beautiful home! I love the layout too. I know you will be very happy there. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  7. Whoo-hoooo... Inside pics. Yes, just as neat as out side. How lovely for you!!!

    And yes, I can hardly wait till you get your things arranged in it too. :-)

    Thank you so much, for taking/sharing these, with us.

  8. The place looks perfect for you and Ken. I can't wait to see the touches you do to make it your own - soon, very soon!


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