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Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Starting the roof and baby birds

I walked down a hill and then up a hill and into town this morning and had a nice walk around town.  I passed by our new house and imagined living there. : )
Ken picked me up in town and when we were back in the trailer he surprised me with these pastries and muffins for my birthday and a beautiful card that made me cry.  We ate the pastries for breakfast and will eat the muffins for breakfast tomorrow. 
We made good progress on the shed but didn't get as much done as we thought but we always do that.  Things always take longer then we think.
I had the job of putting these metal fasteners on all the trusses.  Tomorrow I will do the other side of the roof.
Here is Ken working on the roof.
We are doing a different kind of roof this time.  Instead of having to put up plywood,  tar paper and then singles, we are putting up a metal roof.   2 x 4's which are 16 feet (length of shed) are put front to back and then large metal panels are screwed into them with self tapping screws.  This type of roof goes up much faster and is easier.
In this picture two of the panels are up and that is where work ended for the day. 
We had another nice sunny day but a bit warmer with temperatures in the 80's.  Supposed to be another nice day tomorrow and we hope to finish the roof by the end of the day so we can put our stuff under cover.

Here's an update on the birds nest on the tractor tire.
I checked on it when I got back from my walk and one of the birds had just hatched and the second one was just starting.
A few hours later there were two.
I haven't checked since because I didn't want to disturb her again.  I'm sure the third one as hatched and tomorrow I'll take another look. 

So that's it for today. 
Sorry I haven't been around to visit but just don't have enough time.  I'll catch up when I'm back home.

A very happy day do you.
Happyone  : )


  1. The very happiest of birthday wishes to you, and may you have many decades more of them to celebrate and enjoy life! So did you decide for sure that the birds are robins? Art

  2. Karen,
    Happy Happy Birthday to you! I love the romantic surprise Ken gave to you. So sweet.
    I am so behind with reading and writing blogs. Trying to do a bit of catching up now on your last few posts. That cake at the Cheesecake Factory looked delish!!
    So exciting to see your baby birdies hatching!

  3. Oh, my! Happy Birthday to you! What a treat to have pastries and muffins waiting for you!

    Great progress on that shed! Hope the weather holds for you!

    How precious those baby birds are going to be!

  4. I know you can't wait 'til that new home is YOURS.... Won't be long.

    Hope you get your roof finished so that you can keep your stuff dry...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY... Nice gift from Ken....


  5. What a happy birthday! I love the pictures of the eggs and baby birds. Enjoy the weekend!

  6. So, the birds share your birthday.
    I'm glad everything is going well with your shed. You guys aren't afraid of hard work!
    Ken gets a blue ribbon for "Most Thoughtful Husband."! MJ

  7. Happy birthday!!! And how wonderful to catch the miracle of the hatching birds :)

  8. Sweet Birthday, all round!!!!!

    Good for the progress.

    Must be so much fun, to walk by your house, and imagine living in it!!!!!!

    Oh the nest! Oh my gracious!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to a lovely lady!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday my friend! Things have been quite hectic and I'm just getting around to visiting blogs.
    What a sweet surprise from Ken :)


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