Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, April 4, 2013


It was pretty cold out there this morning considering it is April now - only 19 degrees.  It was up to 24 when I got back home.  The sun came out and there was no wind.

I walked one of my connect the path routes but cut a part of it off so I still didn't walk my full 6 miles.

Very quiet this morning and only saw three other people out.
I saw four deer and managed to get some nice pictures of them.  Here is one of them.  I put the best picture on my photo blog and you can hop on over there if you want to take a look.
I've mentioned before that I haven't been able to get a good picture of any of the robins that I've been seeing all over the place.  Well, today one finally stood still long enough for me to get a picture.  I'm quite pleased with how this picture turned out. : )
I heard a woodpecker but couldn't spot him high up in the trees. 

Today I walked 5.1 miles.
Sunrise 6:47
Sunset 7:34
 The temperature warmed up to be in the 40's later on and I ended up hanging my wash out on the line so we will have great smelling sheets tonight!! : )

I took my friend Mary Jo out to lunch today.  It was her birthday last month on the 8th and we planned to go out March 7th the day before her birthday.   Things kept popping up to postpone our lunch out so it was nice to finally get to go.  We went to the Standford Inn, a place where we've never been before.  It was a nice place and the food was good but it was kind of pricey.  The table we sat at was right by the fire place and we were toasty warm as we ate and chatted away enjoying ourselves.  There were quite a lot of people there and most were working people dressed up.

While I was out Ken was at the commissary again.  I have yet to make a trip there on my own since he retired.  I guess next time it will be my turn.

I have been meaning to sew a button on one of Ken's shirts for weeks and I finally got around to sewing it on this afternoon.  It only took a couple of minutes.  Don't know why I put it off for so long!!!!

Not sure what we are doing for supper yet.  Don't know what I feel like eating.  The worst thing about cooking, I think, is deciding what to make.
I do know what I'm having for my snack tonight though - Ice cream - chocolate chip mint. : )

Hope you smiled often today.
Happyone : )
When we can't piece together the puzzle of our own lives,
remember the best view of a puzzle is from above.
Let Him help put you together.
~Terri Guillemets


  1. Sounds like you had (are having) a good day... Glad you and your friend finally got to go out and celebrate her birthday...

    great photo of the deer.... AND--don't we all love seeing Robins around here in Spring????? It is supposed to warm up next week. I HOPE.


  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL robin!! Look at how orange it's plumage is.

  3. Little robin is lovely! :). Lunch sounds good, fun, and cozy.

  4. Great pic of the robin and Deer.

  5. The robin and deer pictures are so clear! Thanks for showing us.
    Lunch with you today was so much fun. MJ

  6. Loved the pictures from your walk! It is good to hear that you are able to continue increasing your activity during the day.

    I'm the same way about sewing on buttons - or anything that requires sewing by hand - delaying it when it wouldn't take long at all to take care of it.

    Enjoy your ice cream!:-)

  7. Pretty deer, and nice robin photo. I smiled just now reading your post. Art

  8. Oh I did pop over to see the photo...a great one as these all are. Perhaps you've become the deer whisperer as well as the robin whisperer. With your new eating style, I'm sure that planning meals can be a little challenging.

  9. Great pictures! How neat that you get to see so much wildlife on your walks. When I walk, the only wildlife I see is some of the folks in the neighborhood ;-) I know what you mean about cooking...I am not real good at planning menus because even if I plan, that night, I may not feel like cooking or eating what I had planned! That lunch with your friend sounds so nice! You sure had a nice day! See you tomorrow!

  10. Robin pic... Perfection!

    Sounds like a lovely day out, with your friend for her Birthday. Something special. For both of you.

  11. Guess what??? Guess who is on Amoxacillin? 3 times a day for 10 days? Yes! Me!

    2 weeks ago, "Grand" Gabriel gave me his "little cold." I developed a sore throat, 3 days after he was here. Throat kind of got better...

    And it got WORSE again, and 2 weeks was long enough to 'fiddle.' Called doc this AM, and I got worked in. Doc says it is now a sinus infection, and that's what is making me cough, etc. etc..... Tra, laaaaa, tra, laaaaa, tra laaaa.

    Sooooo, I thought of you! You were much, much, much sicker than I. I'm not equating my sinus/sore throat, with you being in hospital! But I knew, you would *appreciate* my having to take a &*&^%$$%&*&** Antibiotic, for 10 days!!!!!

    Luckily, it's been ages since I had to take one, so this will work, I certainly hope. I hate to take them, but they are necessary at times. So.................. :-)



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