Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oven mystery and books

Looked like I was going to be walking in a light drizzle this morning but by the time I got dressed and out the door it was just cloudy.  Not long after, the sun was shining.  The temperature was 39 degrees when I started and the same when I got back home.
 My walk this morning was a random one.  I had a planned random walk in mind but then even that changed as I started walking.  Walked along paths, roads, and through parking lots.  Saw people every so often wherever I went.  Two people even stopped at the crosswalk to let me cross the street.
The only wildlife I saw about today were birds.  They were chattering away.  I think they are anticipating spring and were just happy.  All along the paths green grass is starting to appear.  I still haven't seen any daffodils breaking ground yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.

A couple of blocks from home I walk up on the curb and it always makes me feel like a little kid when I do that and try to balance walking on it.  Today I was thinking how easy it is to keep my balance when low to the ground but how hard it would be if I was up high off the ground. : )

Today I took 12,404 steps on my walk.
Sunrise 6:41
Sunset 5:59
First thing this morning I got a load of clothes washed and hung up outside.

My oven has been needing a cleaning for a while now so I got that going early too.  I have a self-cleaning oven so just have to turn it on to the cleaning mode and I don't have to do a thing.  The reason I put it off is because it takes 4 hours and 20 minutes and I hate the smell it makes.  I could go out while its cleaning but I just feel like I should stay home just in case something goes wrong.  I don't know what could go wrong but I just feel better if I'm home.
The last time the oven was cleaned, not long after I noticed that something had spilled over on the bottom of the oven, but I just could not remember what it could have been. It wasn't a little something either and I couldn't remember making anything that would spill over like that.  I can't imagine that I wouldn't have noticed it when it happened and I started to think that the oven itself leaked something.  Don't ask me what but I'm going to keep check after it's cleaned this time to see if it comes back again. 

This afternoon was library time!!  We went first to the library closest to our house and I found three books on my list there.  I really wanted to get the book, Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell and they didn't have it there so we went to the library in Savage and they had it there.  Also picked up another book so have 5 altogether. : )
Faceless Killers is the first Kurt Wallander mystery in the series.  We have been watching the Masterpiece Mystery TV series Wallander from Netflix and I have discovered that it is based on the books written by Henning Mankell.  I'd never heard of him before but really like the show so thought I'd check out the books.  He has written a lot of books so now I have even more books on my to read list!

I bet you can guess what I'll be doing later!!

I've enjoyed my day and hope you've had a good one too.
Till next time........
 Happyone : )
What deep wounds ever closed without a scar?
~George Gordon, Lord Byron
Comment replies:
Nellie - Yes, I've been getting your replies - and thanks for taking the time to do that. : )
Goosey - Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls are very popular here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Ann and Andy

It rained all night but had pretty much stopped by the time I started walking.  Just a very fine mist and that soon stopped and it was just cloudy.  There was no breeze and it was a warm 40 degrees out.  By the time I got home the clouds were breaking up and there was even some blue sky starting to show through.

I walked around the lake and it was pretty quiet there.  Just a few regulars were around.  Didn't see much wildlife today either, but the geese were there as usual coming and going.  My geese seem to be always on the move.

My friend Lin is in town and called and we talked and walked for about 2 miles together. I said good-bye to her when I came up to the road where I had to cross the street.

I took 12,347 steps on my walk this morning.
Sunrise 6:43
Sunset 5:58
Planned on doing some cleaning but just never got around to it - it will keep till tomorrow!

Ken and I went out for lunch.  We went to the Cheesecake Factory which is in by Live! Casino.  You can see it to the right in the picture.  They built this huge place in the parking lot of the mall over by Burlington Coat Factory.
After a light lunch Ken handed me $10 in quarters and we went into the casino to take a look around.  He also had $10 in quarters.  We are not gamblers but thought it would be fun to play a few slot machines.  Things sure have changed since I've played the slots.  You don't put the quarters in the machines anymore. Paper money goes in a slot and you don't even get to pull the level - just hit a button.  And when you win you don't get to hear the coins come down.  You just get a credit.  They took all the fun out of it.  We each only played $5. 
We enjoyed walking around and watching others play but I don't see us going back there again.  I noticed that no one was smiling or seemed happy.  They were all intent on what they were doing. 

Yesterday it seems a lot of you got a kick out of seeing the Raggedy Ann and Andy that I saw on my walk yesterday like I did.
Today I'm posting a picture of the Raggedy Ann and Andy that sit with me in my office.  These are the ones my two kids, Debbi and David played with when they were kids.  David's Andy looks a bit more used than Debbi's Ann. : )
We ended up having a beautiful sunny day in the 50's but now as I write this it has clouded up again.
I'm hoping to finish up the book I'm reading so I can return it to the library when we go there tomorrow.

That's it for today.
Till next time.........
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
Sometimes it's necessary to go a long distance out of the way
in order to come back a short distance correctly.
~Edward Albee

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Raggedy Ann and Andy

It was cloudy, 25 degrees, and no wind this morning when I went on my walk.  I was headed over to the lake and then decided to go for a random walk along the paths instead.

I spotted a Red Tailed hawk high up in the trees.  There were a lot of deer around and I stopped counting after I saw a dozen.

There were quite a lot of people out along the paths as well.  Maybe everyone was out getting their walk in the morning because of the rain that was expected for later in the day.

At one point I looked off the path and saw Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy having a rest on a wall.  I walked over to them and took their picture. : )  They were made out of stone and I wondered who put them there.
I walked through a couple of parking lots looking for some coins but didn't find any.
Steps for my walk today were 12,983.
Drove over to the mill for the Tuesday morning knitting group.  I missed last week so it was nice to see my knitting friends again.  I made weave-it squares again and finished 5 of them.  I've been making them there because they are easy to make and talk at the same time.  There were 12 of us around the table today.  
The rain started just as I was walking to my car to go home.

I'm going to read some more of my book.  A rainy afternoon seems the perfect time for that. : )

A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
You can discover more about a person in an hour of play
than in a year of conversation.

Comment replies:
Vee -  The white bubble on the other side of the lake is a big tent over a concrete slab.  Bands play there in the summer and different organizations rent it for their events.  As I looked at the picture after I posted it, I had a feeling you were going to ask what that was! : )

Monday, February 25, 2013

Fresh smelling

24 degrees this morning, with just the slightest breeze but the sun came out to warm things up pretty quickly. I walked around the lake. The water level is down low yet but so far no work has been started anywhere that I could see.
I saw a deer on the path to the lake and the only reason I saw him was that he moved. The deer blend so well into the trees.  Heard a tap tapping up in the trees, looked up and spotted a downy woodpecker. 
A couple of geese at the edge of the water in the sun.
 It being Monday it was a very quiet morning around the lake.  Saw my friends Carol and Barb and just a couple other regulars whose names I don't know.
Looking through the trees I saw a fisherman down by the water.  Zoomed in on him a bit.
Great to be out walking around my lake.
Steps for my walk this morning were 12,465.
All went well with the closing of the Savage house on Friday afternoon and we are very pleased!!

I finished reading The Forgotten Affairs of Youth by Alexander McCall Smith.  It is one of the Isabel Dalhousie novels and I have the latest one to read next.  Nice to read about the old familiar characters from the previous books.

Home today getting started on this weeks cleaning.  A nice sunny day and I have the laundry outside on the lines blowing in the breeze.  I look forward to smelling that fresh outside smell on the sheets tonight! : )

I was taking a break downstairs and reading a bit when Ken came down out of his office and made me a cup of tea. : )  It's been almost a month now since Ken has retired and we have settled into our new routines which can change at a moments notice if one of us an idea to do something.  It is working out great and nice to have my best friend around more often.

We are thinking about going to the diner not too far from our house tonight for supper and having a club sandwich.  I've been in the mood for one of them for the past few days.

I had a few days blog break and it's nice to be back again.  Seems longer than just three days.

A happy day to you my friends.
Happyone : )
We should not be too surprised 
by the kindness of strangers,
as it is always there.

~Said by Isabel in
The Forgotten Affairs of Youth
by Alexander McCall Smith

Comment reply:
Pam - What a nice thing to say. : )  How kind you are!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Empty and lived in

20 degrees this morning, sunny with a slight breeze.  I walked around the lake once again.
Very few people out and not much wildlife either but it was beautiful out by the lake.
Here some mallards swim away from me as I walked down by the water to take their picture.
As I was leaving the lake I turned around to get one last look at the lake and snapped this picture.  I take a lot of pictures of this tree but I just love how it looks along the path and seeing the lake up ahead.  It's one of my favorite scenes.
Today on my walk I took 12,899 steps.
After eating breakfast and doing a few chores around the house, Ken and I left to do some errands.  It still felt a bit strange doing errands with him during the day in the middle of the week.  : )  While we were out we stopped at McDonald's and had a bite to eat.  We ate in the truck and the French fries that we didn't eat we threw out the window for the sea gulls to eat.  Seconds later there were so many around that we were afraid to open the windows again for fear they would fly right in the truck!  Never without my camera I took a few picture of them.

The closing on the sale of the Savage house is tomorrow afternoon and everything is set and all should go smoothly. 
Ken took a picture of the empty house yesterday.  When he got home he found another picture from when we lived there taken from just about the same spot. 
Now someone else will fill it with their things and no longer will it be our house.  I'm not sad.  To me it is just a building and my home is wherever I'm living at the time.  I probably feel that way because we have moved so many times.  I've loved all our homes and have been happy in all of them while I lived there. : )

I hope to finish the book I'm reading this afternoon and knit a little more on the blue scarf.
Till next time......
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
Life is great.
Don't let circumstances and society fool you
into believing it's not.
~Terri Guillemets

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

An old project

A windy, sunny  morning with a temperature of 28 degrees.  I walked around the lake.  The water level is lower than usual.  They must be going to do some work somewhere so they've drained some water off.  Last time they worked on the boat ramp.  We shall just have to wait and see.

A few others out early this morning, but not many.  I stopped and had a chat with Barb.  A man I see most days but don't know his name said I should get a pair of gloves to wear.  I told him I tuck my hands up inside my coat and they stay toasty warm.  Today in fact my hands were sweating!  Gloves actually make my hands cold.
Another man Sharoz (don't know the right spelling) asked if I was wearing enough clothes to keep warm.  I told yes that I had 5 layers on and was nice and warm.  Funny that two different people asked about be being warm enough!

I saw a couple of deer and some blue birds on the path behind the church.  It is hard for me to get a picture of the blue birds because they flit about so much but I snapped this one, though it is blurry.
I found a dime and a penny.
Steps for my walk today were 12,860.
Thanks for all your concern for my health.  I'm feeling quite good today but still have that cough and I'm sure it will hang around for a while.  

My box of shredding stuff was getting pretty full so I did some shredding today.  From now on I'm going to leave the shredder out in my office and just run things through it when something needs to get shredded.  Why save the stuff up.  Now that I have an office I can leave it out.

I was going to start a new knitting project yesterday but came across a blue cable scarf that I started knitting quite a while ago and thought I'd finish that before starting on something else.  I looked it up on my made by happyone blog and see that it has been just about 2 years ago that I started it.  IT IS time I finished it.  To see a picture of it click HERE.

I think I'll read for a bit and then do some more knitting before it's time to cook supper.

Till next time......
A happy day to you.
Happyone :)
I believe in pink.
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day and
I believe in miracles.
~Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Not tip top

It was 32 degrees this morning for my walk.  I took this picture from the back parking lot of the Giant across the street from my house.  I really like the purple clouds.  Don't remember ever seeing purple ones!  It was beautiful - the picture just doesn't do it justice.
The sun is coming up earlier now and I don't have to start walking in the dark anymore. 
I saw a little bit of blue sky but then the clouds took over and the rest of the walk was cloudy and then the wind picked up.  I was starting to get a little bit warm so the wind felt good.  Temperature was on the rise too and it was 40 degrees when I got home.  

I walked the connect the path route with the trail behind the school.
I counted 8 deer along one of the paths.  Heard a few woodpeckers but just couldn't find them.
A few people were scattered here and there along my walk - all people I've seen before.

My walk today was 12,280 steps.
My scratchy throat from yesterday has turned into a dry annoying cough and I can tell I'm not in tip top shape because after my walk today I was a bit tired and my walk usually gives me more energy.  

By the time I was to leave for knitting it had started raining with some snow mixed in and I just didn't feel like going out.   I just wanted to sit in the chair by the window in the living room and read my book.  So that's what I did. 

I did get up from time to time to get a few chores done, but only the things that I had to do. 

We had a nice time eating out with our friends last night who we hadn't seen since May!!!  Jackie has had to make some changes to her diet which now has to be gluten free.  I right away thought of you Auntie and mentioned that I had a blogger friend who couldn't have gluten either.  The pizza place we went to had gluten free pizza and Jackie said it was the best she's had yet.  Not as good as the real thing but not bad.  I took a picture of her pizza.
The rest of us had the regular pizza.  I had a little taste of the gluten free crust and it wasn't bad.

The rest of the afternoon I plan to just take it easy.  Maybe I'll start a knitting project.  Give me a break from making weave-it squares.

Till next time........
A happy day to you my friends.
Happyone : )
Few of us write great novels;
all of us live them.
~Mignon McLaughlin

Monday, February 18, 2013

Zoom Pictures

I got up a bit late today at 7:00 and didn't start walking until quarter after.  By then the sun was up and out in a bright blue sky so even though it was only 16 degrees it didn't seem that cold.  I headed on over to the lake and walked around it.  A good number of people about enjoying the nice sunny morning.  There were even two fishermen!

I saw quite a few birds by the lake and I used the zoom on my camera to take a few pictures.  They turned out pretty good - so much better than my old camera would have.  I'm really liking this new camera of mine. : )
Cardinal high up in the tree.
Red Winged Black Bird
Heron resting in the sun.
It was great being out in the sunshine.
Steps on my walk today were 12,123.
I have a bit of a scratchy throat which started yesterday and hope it doesn't develop into a cold!!
When I got back from walking I made myself some nice hot cream of wheat and added syrup and raisins to it.  It was nice and soothing on my scratchy throat.

I've been looking for a little metal toad to put outside in the front garden by the shoe toad house and found one the other day at Hobby Lobby.  Here he is about to check out his new house.
Did the usual around the house chores this morning.  Ken and I met in the kitchen for a late lunch.

I'm up in my office now and will be here for a while.  Then it's downstairs for a little reading.  We are meeting our friends Jackie and Kerry for supper this evening.  They didn't make the retirement happy hour and want to take us out for a celebration. : )

That's about it for today.
Hope your day is sunny and bright which is what we are having today even though it is COLD.
Till next time.....
A happy day to you.
Happpyone : )
I find that it is not the circumstances in which we are placed,
but the spirit in which we face them,
that constitutes our comfort.
~Elizabeth T King

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Pharisee and the Publican

21 degrees this morning, breezy and sunny.  Didn't see anyone else out.  Had a shorter walk because it's Sunday and not enough time for a full walk before church.  I walk to church so get a little more steps then. : )
My steps on this walk were 8,955.
I found 2 pennies.
 This Sunday I thought I'd post one of the parables.  We are studying the parables in Sunday school. 

Luke 18:9-14

And He also told this parable to certain ones who trusted in themselves that they were righteous and viewed others with contempt:

Two men went up into the temple to pray, one a Pharisee, and the other a tax -gatherer.

The Pharisee stood and was praying thus to himself.  God, I thank Thee that I am not like other people: swindlers unjust adulterers, or even like this tax-gatherer.

I fast twice a week; I pay tithes of all that I get.

But the tax-gatherer, standing some distance away was even unwilling to lift up his eyes to heaven, but was beating his breast, saying, God, be merciful to me, the sinner.

I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other, for everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, but he who humbles himself shall be exalted.

May you have a blessed Sunday.
Happyone : )

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Battery Exhausted

Right at 32 degrees this morning.  It rained last night and this morning when I looked out of the window it looked like it had stopped but on a closer look there was a slight mist coming down.  So I put on my rain pants and my yellow slicker, headed out the door and kept a lookout for icy patches.
I didn't walk any of my routes and just walked here and there. On this path here I stayed to the right which is the main path.  The one off to the left leads up to the end of a dead end road which then leads to the main road.
I saw a lot of people out walking dogs this morning and old Asian man I see when I walk this path. We usually just exchange a good morning but this morning he stopped to tell me that his great grandson and wife were visiting him for the weekend.  I think that he was so happy they were visiting that he had to tell someone. : )  He also told me that he was 89 years old!!  I've come across quite a few olden people who are out walking every morning.  So nice to see seniors who are still in good shape and enjoying life. 

I spotted a couple of deer and a fox again.

The mist stopped for a while and then frozen rain started falling - tiny little white balls and I liked the sound they made hitting my rain slicker.  Still later large snow flakes started falling.  I tried to capture them in this picture but they didn't show up very good.  Nothing stuck on the ground.
I had planned on cutting my walk a little short because of the weather, but once I got out walking that plan evaporated! : )

Steps for this walk were 13,169.
When the battery in my camera went dead this morning while I was walking it made me smile.  Not that it went dead but the words it used to tell me.  It said Battery Exhausted. It was just tired of taking pictures and needed a rest. 

We've been having quiet day at home. I've done a bit more housework - trying to just do a little each day.  This is working better for me now than spending a whole day cleaning.  I find myself doing a better job of cleaning this way because I don't get sick of it.

I really enjoyed the Jan Karon book I finished yesterday, Home to Holly Springs.  Its about a priest who has not been back to his hometown in 38 years.  He gets a note with two words on it that says 'come home.'  So back he goes to Holly Springs to find out what it is all about.  He relives his boyhood, meets some long lost friends and finds out a few things and has a decision to make.

I started another Jan Karon book and plan to read some more of it in just a little while.

Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday.
Till next time......
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
Let go of people who have hurt you.
Wish them the best, and move on.
Don't let their wrongdoing keep you stuck.
~Mandy Hale

Friday, February 15, 2013

A pleasant day : )

A chilly 28 degrees this morning but no breeze and the sun came out.  I walked around the lake.  A few icy patches here and there and I treated everything that looked wet as if it were ice!
I didn't see many people around the first half of the lake, but the second half there quite a few.
I took this picture of an early morning fisherman. 
There were a few deer off in the woods and I saw a couple of blue birds again.  A woodpecker was high up in a tree and I saw a cardinal sitting on the very tippy top of a tree.
What a great morning to be out there walking.
Steps on my walk today were 12,493.
We had strawberries so I made pancakes for breakfast just so we could put strawberries on them.

It was a nice sunny day and it warmed up and was in the 50's.  So after a little cleaning for me and a some computer work for Ken we headed out and went for a ride.  Stopped in a huge used book store and roamed around in there for a while.  You will be very surprised to hear that I left without buying a one!!

We stopped and had a bite to eat along the way. 

 I put an old school desk I have in the corner of the kitchen a couple of days ago.  I like it there out of the way and I put a big notebook of recipes that I've collected that doesn't fit where my other cookbooks are and put it in the bottom of the desk.  On the desk I am keeping my shopping list.  I like putting the pen in the groove for pens on the desk top.  Silly I know but I like it there. : )

I'm almost done with my book and will finish it later today.  I'm reading Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon.

In just a bit I'll be making supper.  I'm going to fry an onion, some garlic, zucchini, and red pepper in some olive oil.  Add some tomatoes.  Cook some pasta and add it to the pan.  A simple but tasty supper. 

Hope your enjoying your Friday.
It has seemed like a Saturday to me.

Till next time......
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
There is more to the truth
than just the facts.
~Author Unknown

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A perfect afternoon

It was 28 degrees this morning when I looked at the thermometer.  Last evening we had some rain which turned to snow and so this morning there was ice and snow and I decided NOT to walk first thing this morning. 

So while waiting for the sun to come up and warm things up so the ice could melt I did a few thing around the house.
Did some cleaning upstairs and had a break and ate breakfast with Ken.  At 9:30 it was still only 31 but the sun was out and things were starting to melt so I went back to cleaning for a while.

Then after lunch the temperature had risen to 41 and the sun was shining brightly and it seemed the perfect time to go for a walk.

I didn't walk any particular route but stayed mostly on the paths.

Walked down a road or two also.
Not a cloud in the sky as I looked up through the trees.
I saw a woodpecker but don't know what kind it was.  A little one with just a touch of red on the underside of his neck.
I heard an owl but couldn't find him in the trees.

There were quite a few people out along the paths enjoying this beautiful afternoon.  As you know I like walking best in the morning but wow this day was just perfect.  Maybe it was God telling me not to forget how beautiful the rest of the day is too. : )

My steps on this walk were 12,896.

This evening we are going to have supper at an Italian place that we've just been too once before.  We are going to try their brick oven pizza tonight.

Ken's retirement Happy Hour at Ram's Head yesterday was so nice.  He thought that maybe 15 people would show up but there were 28 people there and they came on a snowy evening.  All had such nice things to say about Ken.  I'm so glad that his coworkers really do appreciate all the work he has done and has contributed to making their work easier and a happy place to work.  He will be missed.  I am so proud of him.

A happy day to one and all.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Happyone : )
Anyone can catch your eye,
but it takes someone special
to catch your heart.
~Author Unknown

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Company at the commissary

Three geese swimming away from me.
A cloudy morning with some patches of blue sky.  It was 24 degrees and calm.
I walked around the lake once again. There were a lot of park workers driving around on the path in trucks and ATV's which is very unusual. When I saw Barb we commented on it and wondered why.  I thought maybe they were looking for someone or a lost animal but thought it odd they didn't stop and ask us.
When I saw Barb the second time (we walk in opposite directions) she told me what all the activity was about.  Someone had called and said there was a fire someplace at the park and they were looking for it.  Seemed a bit odd to us.  Anyway there was no fire and everything is fine.

There were the average amount of people scattered around the lake.
Only wildlife I saw were birds and the geese.  The geese were very busy today, talking, swimming and coming and going. 

Steps on my walk today were 12,195.
Going to the commissary is something that I enjoy doing.  Today I took Ken along with me. He couldn't remember the last time he was in the store.  When we go out Ken is the one who drives but today I drove him in my car.
He did quite well shopping and only added a few extra things not on the list. : )  It was nice having him along for company and his help was appreciated when he carried all the bags in the house and up the stairs.  He left me alone to unpack and put everything away which is something else I enjoy doing.
As nice as it was having him along I really prefer to do the shopping on my own and next week I'll be going alone again.

Later on we will be going to the mill at Ram's Head for Happy Hour.  Ken has invited  his former coworkers there for a little retirement party.  I've invited a couple people too and we are not sure how many people will show up but it should be fun.

Just hanging around the house till it's time to go.

Hope all is sunny and happy for you this Wednesday.
Happyone : )
 May you have the courage and discipline today
to do what is needed instead of simply what is convenient.
~ Thema Davis
Comment replies:
Vee - Those little structures in the background in yesterday's picture are picnic pavilions which you can rent.  There are quite a few of them scattered around and are different sizes.  Ken has had his company picnic there a couple of times in years past.
Here is a picture close up of the ones in the picture yesterday.  Took the picture as I walked by this morning.  I'm on the path and the lake is directly behind me.
You all just have to read the post that Ken wrote about our trip to the commissary.  It had me laughing right out loud.
Read his post HERE.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A sunny day

A mild 40 degrees this morning when I walked and so nice to see the sun rise and have the sun stay out and not hide behind the clouds.

I walked around the lake.  On the way to the lake along the path behind the church I heard some chattering up in a tree.  Looked up and saw three young raccoons sitting in a crook of a tree.  That is a first for me!  Too dark to get a good picture.
Stopped on the red foot bridge to take this picture.
A few people here and there around the lake.  I stopped for a little chat with Barb.

Found a dime.
Steps for my walk today were 12,436.
It's Tuesday which means it is knitting day with the 'girls' and I left soon after breakfast.  I brought the latest finished baby blanket for show and tell. : )  Then started on the next one.  Only got three squares done but it is a start.  Didn't do a head count today but there must have been about 14 of us there.

I left right at 12 to pick up my friend Mary Jo and we went out for lunch at the Olive Garden.   We always enjoy our lunches together.  Talking at church on Sunday's is just not enough time for us. : )

Today the sun has been shining all day long and it just puts everyone in a happy mood.

Hope you have sunshine where you are too.
Happyone: )
I saw this on a church sign.

Be an organ donor.
Give your heart to Jesus.
 Comment replies:
SusieCraft -  I think Stoners would be a very good place to bring your glassware.  I have  bought many pieces there myself. : )

Monday, February 11, 2013

A drive to Stoners

That beautiful blue sky from yesterday is gone this morning.  It rained last night and this morning there was a light mist out when I started walking and the temperature was 35 degrees.  I wore my rain paints and instead of taking the umbrella I wore my yellow rain slicker.
I walked around the lake and about a quarter of the way around the mist stopped, but it was still cloudy.

I saw 5 people around the lake and knew 4 of them by name and the other I've seen quite often.  She always runs with her music in her ears and never says anything.

The geese were around making their usual morning noise and there seemed to be a lot of crows around.  On the path behind the church I saw a few deer wandering around in the woods.  Then later saw a couple of cardinals and three blue birds all in the same tree.  They looked like ornaments in the branches and I think the tree felt beautiful and hopeful for spring. : )

On the side of the path there was just a deer leg with half of it eaten to the bone, I guess by the turkey buzzards.  Took a picture but thought it was a bit gruesome to post.

Steps taken on my walk today were 12,245.
Last night we had a special treat on our ice cream.  We put a few marciano cherries on top and poured some of the juice over it.  I had chocolate ice cream and Ken had chocolate and vanilla.  : )
This morning Ken went to the Savage house and got the last few things out of the garage.  He put them in the truck along with a few things that we had here at the house.   I had planned on doing a bit of housework while he was gone but instead I went up in the loft and sewed some squares together on the baby blanket and also made a couple squares.  I just have 4 more to make.  I 'll have it done by tomorrow to show everyone at knitting.

After lunch we drove up to Stoner's Auction just over the border in PA with our stuff for them to auction off.  It's just an hour drive from home.  Dropped off our little bit of stuff and here it sits.  Our lot number for the auction is 1207. 
The guy said it would probably be in the auction a week from Saturday.  It will be fun going to the auction and watch people bid on our stuff.
We drove up the highway and came home back roads.  It was a nice retired day. : )

Hope you're having a good day and that you find lots to smile about.
Happyone : )
I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day.
When I think about romance,
the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler
coming at me with a weapon.
~Author Unknown

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Afternoon walk

No time for a walk this morning before church because I didn't get up until 7:00!! 
I missed not walking and it was such a beautiful sunshiny day that I decided to go for a late afternoon walk.  An uneventful walk but one that I enjoyed.  It was wonderful to be out walking in the sunshine with a temperature of 45 degrees.
A few pictures along my walk.

My walk was just over 11,000 steps.
Wasn't going to post a second time today but wanted to share the sunny photos.
I'll be back out there walking in the morning.

Almighty Father

A song we sang at church this morning.

Almighty Father
words by J Paul Williams
music by Benjamin Harlan

Almighty Father, You alone are holy.
You are my refuge, I will trust in You.
You are a tower, A mighty fortress.
You are my strength and shield, You are God.

Almighty Father, You alone are holy.
You guide my footsteps that I may not fall.
In joy or sorrow, I will exalt You.
You are my righteousness, You are God.

Almighty Father, You alone are holy.
You are Creator, You are all in all!
Yours is the power, Yours is the glory.
Yours is the majesty, You are God.

May your Sunday be a day of happiness.
Happyone : )

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Pink legs

26 degrees and very windy this morning when I walked.  The sun eventually came out and it was actually nice down along the water on the path.  I had a random path walk today and staying down along the path I was protected from the wind. At times I got quite warm.  It was one of those times when I could hear the wind blowing the trees every which way and they made groaning and creaking sounds.  If it was at night it would have been spooky. : )
I saw a few deer and here's a picture of a little one.  It was right beside the path.  Just a little way away was another little one and their mom. 
I spotted a fox off in the woods and tried the zoom on my new camera.  I was pretty far away when I took this.
There were a few people scattered along my walk.

Coming back home someone stopped at the cross walk to let me cross.  It's been quite a while since that has happened!!

Found a few coins - two nickels and a penny.
Steps on my walk were 12,465.
I painted the legs of the trestle table.  I like how it matches the walls in my loft.  I had a couple places on the wall that needed a little touch up so did that too while the paint was out.
 I had some help from Ken to put the table back together.  Now I have no excuse for not starting to sew.
Want to see what's on the table?  Click HERE.

We took a break from the house and went out to do a couple of errands.  Had to return a library book and a couple DVD's to the library.  We looked around and Ken got some CD's out and when he was done he came to find me.  I hadn't found any of the books on my list YET, but was glad I didn't see we left before I could find any.  I have 4 books from the library at home and they are all due at different times!

It's been chilly and windy here but the sun has been out all day and it's been so uplifting to see sunshine again. : )

If you're in the snow storm hope all is well and you see the sun again soon.
Till next time......
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
Be happy,
and a reason will come along.
~Robert Brault

Friday, February 08, 2013

Moving rugs

It was a rainy morning walk for me today.  It was a constant light rain and it was just above freezing so it was just a wet one.  Wore my rain pants and had my umbrella.  The only thing to get wet were my feet.  They were cold at first when they got wet but then I got warm walking and my feet warmed right up.

I stayed on the sidewalks and just had a random walk.

No wildlife today, but there were lots of people out.  You would think it was a sunny day.  Walkers, runners, dog walkers and a couple bike riders. 

I was walking down the sidewalk and a few houses away I saw a boy come out of his house and walk slowly down his driveway as if he's looking for someone.  Then he said to me, "Excuse me ma'am, do you know what time it is?"  I check my striiv and tell him it's 7:33.  Then he says, "Oh no, I must have just missed the bus."   He starts to tell me that his parents already left for work.  It is then that I remember hearing on the radio this morning that school as been delayed 2 hours and tell him that.  He then looks at me with a puzzled look and says, "It raining!!!"  I said, I know but that's what I heard."  He said he was going over to his friends house to check it out.  He thanked me and we went our separate ways. 
They close schools or delay for the flimsiest reasons - even the kids think so!! : )

I took a couple of pictures but didn't have the memory card in my camera so I lost the pictures.  Still getting used to my new camera!
Steps on my walk today were 13,059.
Sunrise 7:07
Sunset 5:37
We brought back a braided oval rug the other day from the Savage house and today Ken helped me put it under the kitchen table here at home.  I would have managed to to do it on my own but thought I'd take advantage of Ken being here now.
We moved the rug that was under the table into the living room.  I like it over the other rug.  I think it makes the room look cozier.
 Then we put the rug we brought from Savage under the table.  I think the color of this rug goes better with the wood and the rug is a bit smaller than the one that was here.
I finished reading State of Mind by John Katzenback.  It is a psychological thriller.  Professor Clayton teaches about abnormal psychology and his sister Susan works for a magazine making up puzzles for the readers to solve.  25 years ago their mother takes the kids and runs away from their tyrannical father and makes a new life.  He was later suspected of killing a girl and then killing himself.
But now Susan gets a cryptic message saying I have found you, at the same time a serial killer is out there.  Could this man be their father?

It was a page turner for me and I thought very good.  I liked the ending too.
Today is the first day that it seems like Ken is retired and I like it. : )

Hope those of you in the storms path in the northeast are safe and well.

Till next time.......
A happy day to you.
Anyone can hold a grudge,
but it takes a person with character to forgive.
When you forgive, you release yourself from a painful burden.
Forgiveness doesn't mean what happened was OK.
It just means that you have made peace with the pain
and are ready to let it go.
~Doe Zantamata
A note: Ken has been back to visit you who have left comments on his blog and has tried to make comments on yours but it doesn't seem to work.  He's still learning his way around.
Maybe he should have used blogger instead of word press!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Snow at Happy Trails

We left for Happy Trails first thing this morning so there was no time for a walk.  There is no snow left around by our house but as we traveled west we started seeing a little dusting of snow around and the farther we went the more show there was.  We got to Happy Trails and there was about a foot of snow.  Our truck tried its best but even in 4 wheel drive it just couldn't make it up the hill.  We got as far as you can see the tracks and then the truck slid back down.  I'm thankful Ken is a good driver and God was watching out for us and we didn't crash into a tree.  Believe me it is a lot steeper than it looks.
I put my boots on, got out of the truck and walked up to the trailer enjoying the beautiful scenery the snow made of Happy Trails. The deck covered in snow.
All was well with the trailer inside and out.  I tried to find Ken's boots to bring them back down the hill to him but couldn't find them.  I then went into the tractor barn looking for tarps and that is when Ken popped into the tractor barn wearing his trash bag boots. : )
We got the tarps and then walked back down the hill.  We had to leave the truck load of stuff down at the bottom of the hill. I helped Ken spread out the tarps and by that time my toes were freezing.  Ken unloaded the truck and put all the stuff on the tarps and covered it all the best he could.  Here Ken stands in his trash bag boots.
We couldn't do anything because of the snow so we just came back home.  We stopped along the side of the road going through the Cumberland Gap so I could get a picture of the ice on the mountain.  It is most impressive in person.
We also stopped in Hancock at a shop that supposedly has the best home made pies.  Every time we pass by we say we should stop in and this time we did.  Didn't buy and pies but did get a jar of rhubarb strawberry jam which I am looking forward to having on toast.
I also got a little purse that is just big enough for my camera and cell phone which I can take with me on my morning walks. : ) 
It was nice taking a little break and walking around the shop. 
We were home a few minutes after 4:00.

Since I didn't get very much exercise sitting in the truck for 6 hours I went for a shortened walk when we got back home.  Just walked about 4 miles but it was better than nothing and I just felt better having walked.  I got home just as it was starting to get dark.

Walking along a path I spotted two deer but when they took off running in the woods I could see about 10 others start running.  Didn't see them at all until they started moving, they were so well hidden among the trees.

The pictures on this post are the first I've taken with my new camera which I got a couple of days ago.  I got a Nikon L610.  Its another point and shoot but it's a nice camera.  It seems all my electronic stuff had to be replaced.  First the cell phone, then the computer and now the camera.  I should be set for a few years now!!!

That's been my day.
Hope you enjoyed yours.
Till next time.....
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
Just remember, there's a right way and a wrong way to do everything
and the wrong way is to keep trying to make
everybody else do it the right way.
~Colonel Potter from Mash