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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, October 26, 2012

Work at Happy Trails

A mild morning up here at Happy Trails.  55 degrees as I walked into town.  It was cloudy at first but the sun was shining not long afterwards.  Passed by a dead skunk in the road that a car ran over.  I smelled it before I saw it!

I passed by this big old bull taking a rest.  I walked up to him to take his picture and he didn't move a muscle.
On the main street in town I've walked passed this bakery many times and it always smells so good.  It was open this morning and I stepped inside to take a look around.  I met the owner who has the odd name of Bird, who was very nice and friendly. : )  We talked for a bit and I told her I'd be back later with some money!
I walked down a side street in town that I hadn't been on before and saw these chickens in a back yard.
Ken picked me up in town this morning after I'd walked 6 miles.  We did go back to the bakery and bought an apple fritter for me and Ken got an apple pastry.  We ate them for breakfast!! 
While I was walking Ken got started putting up some siding on the side of the tractor barn.
After breakfast he went back to work and I did the usual cleaning up of the trailer and then went outside to help with the siding.
We worked pretty much all day on the siding and got the two sides of the second floor done and the front by the garage door.
Right Side
Left side and front

We had perfect working weather.  Sunny all day with a few clouds and temperatures in the low 70's.  It was a delightful day.

We did take a little time out and went walking around Happy Trails.  Most all of the leaves have fallen now.

Tomorrow rain is expected so we might not get much work done.  Will work until it rains and then pack up and go back home.

We had supper at Uno's which is practically right across the street from MacDonalds where we are now sitting in the parking lot so I can write this blog post.

Hope your Friday was a good one.
Happyone : )


  1. It certainly sounds like you have accomplished a lot on YOUR Friday! I hope the rain will not cause much problem tomorrow.

    We used to eat at UNO in a nearby town, but they have closed.:( We really enjoyed it.

  2. The siding looks so nice...both John and I are looking. John notices that you have a little Christmas tree there in the corner of the last photo. I'm surprised to see the season as far by there as it is here...maybe even further by. Interesting. How nice to find a bakery. I have missed ours now that it has closed.

  3. very nice....and the neighborhood looks really nice too....
    hope you have good weather all weekend

  4. Wow--you all have done alot of work at Happy Trails... Your little tractor barn is looking GREAT...

    Cannot believe that the trees are mostly bare. Our leaves are only about 1/2 (or less) down....

    Have a good weekend --and a safe drive home.

  5. The little bakery in town was what interested me most about this post. I think I would be a regular customer there...you walk off all the calories in advance, then enjoy a donut! Heard that lots of rain and wind from the hurricane is headed your way so stay safe and dry!

  6. Every time I see the name of your place, I cannot help but smile. It is perfect. You had another nice walk. The bull is pretty laid back. Where I used to live, there was a farm with a big sign that said: "Don't come over this fence unless you can cross the field in 9.9 seconds. The bull can cross it in 10.)

    My Friday was very good. I had the day off from work, and I went hiking!

  7. Glad you got so much done, before the storm...


  8. You are just about to finish the building. It looks great and so does the bakery. ;-)

  9. WOW - it really looks SUPER!!!! You both have done such a GREAT job!
    PS - that apple fritter sounds yummy!

  10. The tractor barn looks very nice. You two have done an excellent job. I'm so glad you found a bakery up that way. MJ

  11. The tractor barn is coming along nicely.
    It's interesting to see the sights on your new walking routes. The bakery scents sound nice, the skunk scents... not so much :).
    Glad you were able to get back to the bakery and sample the goods.


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