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Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Trails Update

I walked around the lake on this cool, delightful sunny morning.  Such a pretty morning and it was great being out to see the day start. : )  No walking pictures today but yesterday as I was walking a big bird swooped down along the path and up into a tree.  I was wondering what it could have been when I spotted it perched on a limb.  An Owl.  Picture not that great but I was happy to get it. : )
Since school started last week there are less people around the lake which makes it even nicer.  More traffic along the roads though.

More of the geese have come back but still not as many as there used to be.  There have always been too many around so it's nice now to have the numbers more reasonable.
Spotted lots of rabbits and six deer.
The whole week is supposed to be sunny and cool so I have some great weather for walking this week!!

I walked 6.5 miles.
Found 3 lucky pennies.
Sunrise 6:45
Sunset 7:23
We've been up at Happy Trails the last two weekends and progress on the tractor barn is coming along nicely.
One weekend ALL the shingles were completed all the way around and the side window got put in.  Ken has just finished it here and is on the way down the ladder.
This past weekend the barn floor got put in.  We put in a laminated wood floor because it was the cheapest floor and will be very easy to sweep and keep clean.
Half got done one day.  
The next day it was completed.
We've also been busy clearing the way for a couple of trails.  This one starts at the back of the tractor barn and that's where I'm standing taking this picture.
Farther along around the curve.
This is as far as we've gotten so far.
This trail here is coming off the driveway and just before the clearing for the barn and trailer.  At the end of this trail and to the left is where the trailer is.
This is the area we've been clearing near the trailer and is at the end of the trail in the preceding photo. The cleared trail is to the left here.
The next thing to happen on the tractor barn is for the siding to be put on.  In fact Kenny is going to Lowe's after work today to order it.  We really want to get that finished before winter and we hope we have enough time.
Today I've been busy around the house doing laundry, baking some bread and doing a bit of cleaning. 

Took a break from house work to go to the bank and post office.  Such a pretty day for a drive.

Now I'm in the middle of moving a couple of dressers around upstairs and moving my gramma's old oak desk into my bedroom.  I'm also going through the dressers and throwing some things out and reorganizing whats left.

Just thought I'd take another break from work and start blogging again.
It was nice having a break from blogging 
but its nice to be back again. : )
So off I go back upstairs to do more work.  I probably won't get it all done, but there is always tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Nearly all men can stand adversity,
but if you want to test a man's character,
give him power.
~ Abraham Lincoln


  1. Your tractor barn is almost finished. You have both done a great job.

  2. So glad you're back! Look at all that's been accomplished at Happy Trails. I have never seen such a fine barn floor! What a lot of nice trails you are making, too. It's going to be so nice there in autumn.

  3. That's one Spiffy tractor barn :)

  4. Welcome back, Karen. I have missed you, but know how important those blog breaks are.
    How fun to see that owl and take his picture too. The line of traffic I was in this morning stopped abruptly to let a group of geese cross the street.
    Happy Trails is moving right along. The floor of the tractor barn is beautiful.

  5. I wish I some day can photograph an owl too :)
    You and your hubby have done so much work with the tractor barn, it looks so nice, and the place outside looks very nice as well :)
    Welcome back ❤

  6. Magnificent owl picture, to celebrate your coming back to blogging with!!!

    Wonderful progress on Happy Trails. You will get all completed, which you plan on. You two are amazing!


  7. Glad to have you blogging again. Love the owl picture.
    "Happy Trails" building and paths are looking nice. So much accomplished.
    By the way, your photo of the butterfly and spider sharing the web would make a great note card.

  8. Wow, great progress on Happy Trails. As I suspected, you can live quite nicely in that "shed".

    Glad you are back. See you at knitting tomorrow, yes?

  9. I missed your blog posts. Was just thinking today that I hoped you would start blogging again soon. Some of my favorite bloggers have stopped posting, but I am glad you are back! Love what you are doing at your property. Looks so nice! Enjoy your week and keep posting!

  10. What a great looking barn and so much room for storage. How great to be able to mark your own trails through your land.

  11. I've missed your posts. Was thinking of asking for your phone number so I could get an update. lol. I think I could live in that barn. It looks really nice.

  12. I missed your postings. You have really made progress on the tractor barn. Looks so nice and spacious. There is so much storage space. I need a storage area like that. Glad you are back blogging.


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