Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Light show

Another one of those warm mornings and this time the sun came out too.  Temperature was 45 degrees.  Today i stayed walking on the sidewalks and walked down to the end of Gray Rock and then turned around and walked back home.  I walked on one side of the street on the way there then crossed over and walked on the other side back home.  I don't usually like to backtrack but if i walk on opposite sides of the street at least i'm walking on different sidewalks!
A lot of people keep their Christmas lights on all night and since it was dark for the first part of my walk, it was nice looking at all the lights.
Only a few other people were out walking but there were a lot more cars than usual.
Looks like a lot of airplanes flying around too.  Look at all the contrails up in the sky.
Looks like they made a tic tac toe game.  Now i'd like to see them put the x's and o's in it!!
I walked 6.4 miles.
Sunrise 7:24
Sunset 4:48
Yesterday afternoon when we went to the movies we saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.  It wasn't the best movie i've ever seen but it was good and entertaining.  Lots of action which was totally unbelievable!! Not the Sherlock Holmes that Conan Doyle had in mind though.  A cool thing i liked about the movie was that the camera shot around looking at all the details that Holmes saw and then seeing the options he thought of before taking the course of action he did.

We got out of the movie a little after 5 and then headed across the street and had dinner at Bertucci's.

Then it was time for a drive through the Symphony of Lights.  It cost $20 a car (doesn't matter how many people are in the car) and all the proceeds go to the Howard County General Hospital. The road winds around quite a lot of displays and some are pretty elaborate. Lots of them have movement in them so it was hard to get good pictures but here are some that i took.

It was a fun time and things like this always make me feel like a kid again.  We really enjoyed driving though it.  There were only a few other cars there.  But we saw plenty of cars when we left. Traffic was horrendous when we left, but that was to be expected since the mall is right across the street.
I'm staying home all day today.  All my Christmas stuff is done and i'm staying away from the crowds.

I finished reading Gulliver's Travels by Jonathon Swift.  The first half of the book was good and that is what i remember the movie being about.  I just remember from the movie that he was ship wrecked and spent some time with little people and then with giants.  The book continues with him spending time also with people who live on a floating island in the sky and a place where horses are like people and the people are uncivilized.  I can understand why the movie was just about the first part of the book because the second half of it is not very good at all.  At least i didn't think so!!!

Spent the morning doing the usual house stuff - nothing too exciting but getting things done that need to be.

I'm taking a break now to write a post, read some blogs and then either, knit, read, or sew squares or maybe a little bit of everything! 

Hope all is well with you on this Thursday, three days before Christmas!
A happy day to you.
Happyone : )
 Unless we make Christmas an occasion 
to share our blessing,
all the snow in Alaska
won't make it 'white'.
~ Bing Crosby


  1. Only three days? Ackkkk!!!

    Loved the tic-tac-toe game in the sky. Yup, I'd like to see the xs and os, too. Ha!

    Pretty show they put on and for a great cause!

    Did you read about the people who can never die? Now that part of Gulliver's Travels was freaky.

  2. It’s really hard to beat a pretty (and interesting) sky and beautiful Christmas lights! The Symphony of Lights looks like great fun. Thanks for sharing the holiday pictures!


  3. Hi Karen, Sounds like you two had a great day yesterday (movie, dinner and Christmas lights)..Sounds like my trip to Gatlinburg recently.. Your light pictures remind me alot of the ones we took while in that area... NEAT... Loved them!!!!!

    Merry Christmas.

  4. Oh Beautiful Light show and superb sharing..


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