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Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rain, rain, and more rain

I know i'm taking a break but just had show you where i walked this morning with all this flooding going on around me.  Many roads are closed and still the rain keeps coming.
My walk was haphazard because i had to turn around a few times because of flooding.
I'm just starting out here walking out of my garage.
 This first path i walked down wasn't bad and i was able to walk along it.
Then i headed out toward the lake.  This is the path i usually walk along on the way to the lake where the little stream flows by on my right.  Look at it now.
 I turned around and walked up the road farther to the other side of the stream and walked down the road.  These two pictures are along the road on the other side of the stream where the path is.

I had to turn around again once i got down to the other end of the road.  Just up ahead is where i usually cross the street from left to right onto the path that takes me to the lake.
Never made it to the lake today.  After turning around here i made my way back to the main road and just walked along the sidewalks. 

I walked 6 wet miles this morning. 
Happyone : )
Okay now i'm back to my break.


  1. Wow! Wish you could send some of that rain our way!
    Enjoy your break and we'll check back later,

  2. Well I thought it was just ME where "you can't get there from heah." My goodness. What an exercise in persistence your walk turned out to be.

    Enjoy your break. We all need them from time to time...

  3. What a trek you had today! We aren't close enough to the lake or the creek to have much flooding, and the river is about 5 miles from us. The ground though is just so saturated; it worries me a bit and the rain still is coming down. Wettest season I have ever seen!

  4. We had it bad here today, 3 inches and hour of rain, insane. I know you guys got hit badly yesterday and today. I am in awe of you out walking in this awful weather. One more day of rain I hear, ugh.

  5. Amazing pics, Karen!

    Enjoy your hiatus.

  6. My goodness, what a lot of rain and a challenging walk too! I hope your rain subsides soon.
    Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday. So appreciated.
    Enjoy your break.

  7. That is some rain you had. Hope the flooding will subside soon.

    Meta from W/T.

  8. Oh my .... that is a LOT of water! We finally got some rain here too - but we needed it badly.

    Hoping the Sun shines soon!!

  9. There is a path that runs from my house to Elkhorn Lake and several years ago after a big storm, my husbnd and I tried to walk down it.

    The fast running high water next to the path freeked me out. I was most uncomfortable being next to it because I wasn't sure it would over flow its banks or not ... Flash Flood!

    I had the same feeling looking at your pictures.

  10. brinkka2011 says: Informative post, Im now one of your feed followers

  11. boy you arent' kidding....it is a flood
    stay safe...

  12. You haven't been on for a few days, so trust all is well. Your paths were sure flooded here! Keep safe my dear friend!

  13. Oh...bit wet then! We have just caught the end of the hurricane from the USA but it was much weaker by the time it got here and just dried my washing nicely!

  14. Okay, Karen, you'd better be on a world tour. ;>

  15. ...and not a walking one either.

  16. Oh, October. Well, in that case...

  17. So much rain, here on the East Coast we are feeling it so bad...it's as if the lake came to meet the road. Yikes!


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