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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paper Towels

It was a super duper hot morning for walking today!!  The hottest so far.  It was trash day and I went out the garage way to put the trash can out.  By the time I put the trash can at the end of the driveway I was already hot.  We do not have a big drive way either, just long enough to park a car there.
The plan was to go on a short walk but once I got to walking I thought I'm already hot and sweaty what's a few miles so I just walked one of my connect the path routes.
I saw a handful of others out too along the paths.
A few rabbits scurried about and I heard the birds singing.

The picture below is where one of the paths comes out.  It's behind a school.  I walked along a path which goes to the right and around the field to a parking lot and pick up the path again straight ahead in the picture.  You can see what a hazy morning it is.
When I saw my house in view I kept thinking how nice and cool it would be and how good a nice big glass of water would taste so I didn't pass it up and walk around the block but went directly inside.  I have the thermostat set at 78 and it felt like I walked into a refrigerator.  Ah cool at last! : )
I walked 6 miles.
Sunrise 5:58
Sunset 8:29
When I clean the house I like to use paper towels.  They are great for mirrors, sinks, counter tops and kitchen appliances.  I have used Bounty for years and years.  Last week when I went to the commissary I decided to try an off brand that was only have the price.  I've been using them this week and they are just not the same.  I have used many many more paper towels than normal.  They are smaller and definitely not as soft or strong as Bounty.  I am glad I just bought one roll of the cheap brand to try.  It is back to Bounty for me!!  I think in the long run it is actually cheaper because I use less towels.  Hey, maybe they will want me to do a commercial for Bounty. : )

I was going to go to the library but decided not to go after all.  Though I have read books to return nothing is due and I still have some at home here to read.  Besides the FJ was parked in front of the garage where my car was and I was too lazy to move it out of the way.  They are also working down on the corner with the turn lanes and I didn't feel like driving through that mess.
So I stayed home in my nice cool house and didn't do much of anything.  Well, I did stuff just not work!  I have lots of fun stuff to do at home. : )

Hope your day was a good one and you too got to do some fun stuff.
A smile from me to you.
Happyone : )
Promise little and do much.
~ Hebrew Proverb


  1. Wow---I'm proud of you walking in this stuff... It's pretty miserable outside.. Lucky for us, we did get a little rain awhile ago--which cooled things off a tad... BUT--that only brought on more humidity... Oh Well!!!

    I use Bounty Towels also--and tried those cheaper ones many times... NOT the same!!!!!

    Have a nice, COOL day.

  2. My fun for today was vacumning with my new Dyson DC23 Animal! I don't think I enjoyed it as much as you did!! LOL! My arthritis has been acting up for the past few days and my joints and back are giving me a fit. I had just vacumned a few days ago with my Electrolux. I am amazed at how much stuff went in the cannister. I haven't tried all the attachments yet, but I think I'm am going to love that little machine.

    I'm a Viva paper towel girl.


  3. I did get out a wee bit, in the morning, and get back to attacking the weeds! But not long, it was way toooooo oppressive.

    Dare I say again, how much we are enjoying our wall A/C units? No, I 've said it enough but.... :-)))
    We do!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. More power to ya, getting out and walking.
    At 6:00 a.m. here it was 70 degrees, humid, humid, humid.
    I guess I'll just stay inside as much as possible till the heat wave's over.
    (Wimp: that is me)

  5. We finally got a little rain that cooled things off a little today. Hopefully you'll get some of that tomorrow. I'm very impressed that you continue to walk six miles in this heat.

  6. I'm a Bounty gal, too...select a size. I use far fewer towels and a roll lasts about a month. There are just some messes one wants to get gone. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter again. Are you going to bite the bullet and walk? Of course you are!

  7. I am an off brand girl. We use whatever is cheapest ... mostly because we use paper towels for picking up pet "mistakes"! So one brand is as good as the next when that it is what you are using them for.

    I have been doing a lot around the house. I can do heat, but I can't do bad air quality. I can't seem to get a deep breath and if I try to walk in it, it makes me nausea. Guess I am sensitive to the air quality. But I guess when you walk early in the morning the air quality is pretty good.

  8. I am always impressed by your walking, but especially so today. I have been using the heat as an excuse for too long, but last night I did go for a walk. It was hot, but felt good. Your blog inspires me when need a gentle nudge to get up and get walking. Thank you for that.

  9. Great Bounty commercial. Write them and tell them your story. I don't buy many paper towels. I have vinegar and water in a spray bottle. and just use a washcloth. Seems to save money . I also use bleach and water in the bathroom. So don't buy many cleaners. Sometimes I do buy Comet. It is so cheap and I like to put it in the toilets and on shower floor on real cleaning days.
    6 miles on a very hot day is great. Stay in and be cool.

  10. I find that paper towels leave a film on glass and so I've gone back to using cloth to do my windows.

    Do not blame you in the least for wanting to stay in your cool house!!


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