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Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stained glass

I find that Blogger has been changing things around again and this morning it took me a while to find out how to find things again.
Cloudy, hot and sticky this morning as I walked on my connect the paths route today.  I saw very few people out along the paths.  Workers were out trimming the over grown trees and weeds along the sidewalks down the main road near my house.  One of the workers said hi and that he recognized me from walking around the lake when he was working on the dock/pier there.
I saw a couple of Blue birds again.  Also a couple of birds that are black with brown heads.  I think they are called Cowbirds.  There were all the other usual birds too.  They sure like singing early in the morning and I enjoy their songs.

I was wishing for one of those summer morning showers to cool me off again, only this time I didn't get one.  BUT..... I then saw someone had turned on a sprinkler to water their lawn so I just stopped and stood there and let the sprinkler get me a few times.  It was just as good as a little rain shower. : )

A car stopped to let me cross the street in the crosswalk this morning. : )  A man again,  women don't stop (I know there are exceptions because I do.)  I wonder why that is.  Must be too much in a hurry with so much to do.

Here are some cone flowers along a path I walked.  A bench is just up ahead for people who would like to stop and take a rest.
 I walked 6.4 miles.
Ken has finished a stained glass project that he has been working on. He made it to put up by his cubical at work to close in the area a bit more.  This picture does not do it justice.  It needs to have light shining through to really see how pretty it is.
 The eagle head is his company logo and he really did a fantastic job of cutting the pieces of glass to make it.  The solid white piece is for leaving messages.  He brought it into work yesterday and it was quite a hit with everyone.  A few people have asked him to make them one but he has declined.  He said this one was fun to do, others would just be work. : )  I'm glad he was able to say no!!
I'm planning on spending the day at home just doing this and that.  Some work, some fun and enjoying my day.

The next two days (Thurs and Fri) Ken is using up two more vacation days and we plan to go on a little road trip.  Not far but it will be fun.  I'm bringing my laptop so I'll probably find some time to post a little something tomorrow.

Have a great day.
Happyone : )

Someone to tell it to 
is one of the fundamental needs of human beings.
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  1. I always think of "mounting up with wings of eagles" when I see a depiction of one.
    That's impressive work.

  2. I like the idea of your stopping by a sprinkler. Ha!

    Now you have me thinking about why women don't stop. Is it perhaps because they see other women as capable and not needing someone to stop? I hate it when people stop for me because I wish to wait until they've passed so I don't have to cross in front of them being the object of their scrutiny. Call me paranoid.

    Wow! Ken did an amazing job on the eagle project. I'm glad that he could say "no" as well UNLESS he charged really big bucks. Anyway, this way he has the only one and that's better all the way around.

  3. P.S.
    That picture of the sun through the trees--that looks to me like it'd be a contest winner!

  4. I find your observations very insightful. Along with seeing wildlife and enjoying the beauty of the area you are also learning about your fellow humans. My wife and I have learned much about other people when out walking too. Generally we find that it is the younger to middle age women who are not as friendly (simple wave or just saying hello/good morning) as their male counterparts. Also while driving to our walk area/favorite park, we find that men will move to the side of the road while many of the women (same ages as mentioned above) will not.

    Also, love the photo with the sun shining through and the stained glass is amazing!


  5. Love the stained glass! And I'm excited about your road trip. Have a good time!

  6. You simply must print out and frame that beautiful photo, at the top. Oh please do!!!!!

    Ken's stained glass project is fantastic! But good for him, for saying no. Not only would a few more, be work. His makes his place unique, and why would he want to take that away?

    What did Blogger change??????????

    I don't see any change!!!

    So now, it will sneak up on me!!!


    What, please tell us what????


  7. Have fun on your road-trip, Karen... I'm sure you both WILL.

    What a talented husband you have.. I love that project... How CREATIVE... Wow!!!!!

    I have not noticed what Blogger changed... What was it????

  8. I've had really full days and have only been reading, not commenting. I haven't forgotten everyone, though! Love the stained glass piece...so talented!

  9. A super photo showing the start of your day! I like Ken's stained glass. I run through sprinklers on a hot day if I can - but, here in the mountains, it's "sprinkling" on its own!

  10. Wow, Ken is very talented. Beautiful work.

  11. That is a beautiful photo from your walk. I love how the sun is shining through the trees.
    Ken did a great job on the stained glass piece. You are both so talented.
    Have fun on your road trip.

  12. Looks like Ken will have some retirement income or gifts when he retires. I certainly would buy one if he were selling. This humidity is unbearable, you're right it makes you sopping wet. Try to stay cool during your trip, it is fun to get away.

  13. I love the photo of the path in the sun. It is inviting me for a walk. However, my very sore foot in uninviting me. Art


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