Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This and that for Tuesday

It was a hot hazy morning out there today for my morning walk.  I walked around the lake and so did a LOT of other people.  Everybody trying to get in some early exercise before it gets too hot.  A couple of people were down by the boat ramp getting their boats in the water to get some fishing in for the day.
I saw the white egret standing at the edge of the water.  I spotted a few groundhogs munching on grass at the edge of the path as well as the rabbits.  Quite a few squirrels were scurrying around up at the playground and a couple were working on increasing the population a bit more.
An uneventful walk but I always enjoy it.  If I'm walking outside it is never boring to me and the time just seems to fly by.  The only time it seems like a long time is those mornings when I can't walk.  Then I can't believe I would be out there walking for all that time. : )  I also don't realize how far I walk until I'm in the car and see how far 6 miles is from home in a straight line.
I am just so thankful that I am healthy and able to walk as long and as far as I do every day. : )
This morning I walked 6.5 miles.
Have you ever met someone that you just didn't like? 
I'm pretty easy going and like and get along with most people.  But once in a while I come across someone that I just don't like.  I've tried to like this person, have been nice even when I didn't want to but I just don't like them.  I think the feeling is mutual.  When I see the person we are always in a group so it should be easy to stay clear of them.
 I did a few things around the house, had breakfast and then left for a morning of knitting with my knitting group.  I knitted on a white sampler square which was hard to do there because there was a lot of counting to be done.  I did manage to get a few rows knitted without having to rip it out. : )  I usually bring something easy to work on because with all the talking going on it is VERY easy to make mistakes.  There were quite a few of us there and we had to bring three tables together.  I didn't count us this week so don't know how many were there.  It was a little warm outside but we were in the shade and there was a nice breeze every once in a while.

I was thinking about washing my car this afternoon when I got home but knew I had Ken's shirts to iron so I had lunch and got started on the ironing.  The spray starch can was clogged once again and I had to unclog that before getting started.  I usually use Faultless Spray and never have a problem with it.  I bought Niagara this time and now I remember why I stopped buying it.  

With the shirts all ironed instead of doing something productive I got out this puzzle to start which Ken brought home from the work picnic he went to last week.  They had an auction with play money and this is one of two puzzles that he got.
Remember those wild flower seeds I planted out in the pot out back on the deck?   These spindly flowers is what grew from those seeds.  I think next year I'll just buy flowers to plant.
Ken should be home in a little while now and I haven't decided on a supper yet so I'd better go and figure what to have.

Hope today was a day that you made at least one happy memory.
Happyone : )
 I like her because she smiles at me
and means it.
~ Anonymous  


  1. It was a warm day at knitting and I think it got humid around 11:00 am. I was happy to leave knitting this week, I can do OK with heat, but I begin to wilt with humidity.

  2. I couldn't take the heat and humidity today, felt like you could cut it with a knife as they say. I did some exercise ball exercises. Went out twice to get recycleable can and then the mail, it was a killer 92 degrees and sticky. Kudos to you Happyone for battling this heat! I'm looking forward to a cool down the next two days. Interested to see what you next craft project will be.

  3. I was just wondering--what is your favorite season to walk in?
    Yes, I have the same frustration with certain brands of starch. It is so maddening to get ready to iron, you have a full can of starch that won't spray. If all goes smoothly with the starch, I actually love to iron! I find it relaxing!
    Cowgirl V

  4. Dear One, thank you for including the paragraph, starting with; "Have you ever met someone that you just didn't like?"

    I don't mean this to say, that it's nice to see something approaching a rant, here, now and then. 'Cause it isn't a rant. Not the way some of us can rant. -chuckle-

    But it does show that even into a life, which tries very hard to stay positive, some negative can invade. The so-called-good with the so-called-bad. Both sides of the coin. Etc. Etc. Life!

    As to that feeling, perhaps it's some deep-inside instinct, from pre-historic days. When there weren't all the neat *signs* which civilization tries to provide for us.... About who is going to mesh with us, and who is not.

    And it's interesting that you said that you feel that the feeling is mutual. I think that's very interesting. Too bad we can't take things like this, out of the general run of life, and put them "under a microscope" and find out the real reason....... Wouldn't that be interesting?

    Don't know how it could be done!!!! But I think the idea of such an experiment, is fascinating.

    OK! OK! All you who are shaking your heads and wondering what IN the WORLD, this woman is commenting... -giggles- That's just me, Folks. I wonder many things. ,-)))))))))))))))



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