Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Afternoon Tea

This early Saturday morning when I went for my walk the temperature was a nice 64 degrees and the sun was shining brightly - a beautiful morning for walking!  I didn't take any particular route today but just walked wherever my feet happened to take me.  In the picture the two people walking up ahead are my friends Petey and her husband John.  They are the older couple who walk every morning.  In two weeks John will be 89! I caught up with them and we walked for about a half mile together until we came to the end of the path.  They turned around and I went another way.  Very nice people and I'm happy to know them.  There were a lot of people out enjoying the morning.
I must have seen at least eight rabbits - three chasing each other around on one of the paths.
I made another pass past the liquor store and it paid off this morning - I found two quarters.
I walked 6.5 miles.
Sunrise 5:45
Sunset 8:25
We had quite a thunderstorm pass by in the evening yesterday.  It came through fast but it was something to watch.  Very very windy and the clouds were in layers and you could see them swirling around.  It looked like a funnel cloud would drop down.  Lots of lightening and thunder and then it all moved on.  We turned on the television and there was a warning for thunderstorms but no tornado.
I picked Mary Jo up this afternoon and we went to a mother/daughter tea at our church.
 All girls and women were invited and you didn't have to go with a daughter or mother.  We all were asked to bring tea cups and tell a little story about it.  This is the
tea cup I brought.
 It is called Memory Lane by Royal Albert.  I bought it in the mid 70's when we lived in Scotland.  I had all the dishes for a whole service for eight.  A few years ago I gave the whole service to my daughter Debbi who now lives in Denver.  She mailed me the cup and saucer from Denver so I could take it to the tea today.  Thanks Debbi! : )
This is the cup and saucer that Mary Jo brought.
We all had a lovely time drinking tea out of the tea cups we all brought with us.  There was a selection of goodies for us to eat and this delicious cake that one of the ladies made.
One woman with a beautiful voice sang a song, another gave a short devotional about worry and another read a story for the young girls about having tea with the queen.
I asked my friend Rochelle if I could take a picture of her and her daughter Monica.  I thought it was  so cute that they dressed alike.  Beautiful mom and adorable daughter.  They are both as nice as they look. : )
I really had a good time and so glad that I went.  It is such a blessing to be part of this group of women.

I hope you had an enjoyable Saturday as well.
Happyone : )
There is no trouble so great or grave
that it cannot be much diminished
by a nice cup of tea.
~ Bernard-Paul Heroux


  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us. I love your outlook on life and enjoyed following along with you to this special tea.
    When I was a kid I remember going to Mother/Daughter banquets with my mom, sister and grandma. That was a looong time ago, but fond memories.
    It seems that many different talents were brought to your tea and it was so nice to see your appreciation for them. Too often, I think, women compete with one another and tear each other down. It is so heartwarming to me to see how they can come together and share it in such a loving way.

  2. That cake look stupendous! I have just attended 2 teas with my Grandchildren. I had a lovely time, too.

  3. Beautiful mother and daughter pairing...I'm glad they gave their permission.

    What a great tea cup and that your daughter mailed it to you seems almost as if she were there with you to enjoy the Mother~Daughter Tea.

    That cake is some kind of lovely, too.

    Glad no funnel cloud dropped out of that mess. Yikes.

    I'm impressed by people who get out and exercise in their 80s. Amazing. I know that you want to be just like them when you grow up and I have a feeling you will be.

  4. Hi There, George's parents walked until they were WAY up in their 90's... Keeps one healthy!!!!!!

    The mother/daughter Tea sounds nice. Makes me wish I had a daughter...BUT--I do have 3 granddaughters.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

  5. Wow, 89 and still taking daily walks, I'm inspired again! The Mother/Daughter looked so good dressed alike, I'm glad you shared that. I've got tea cups handed down from my mother. Unfortunately, I don't know the history behind them. Wished I'd asked before she passed away. Hopefully, we're done with the nasty thunderstorms for the remainder of the weekend. Hope your weekend is great!

  6. I'm so glad you found this church to be involved with and that it's right around the corner.

    That was a crazy storm. We sat in the garage and watched the lightning display.

  7. mom, what a great day you had.
    i was up early too, and enjoyed a mild morning as i mowed the grass. like you, i came across a few rabbits, but the lawn mower had them beat feet.
    we sure do get alot of wild life right here in our back yard.
    i know that tea cup! how nice of deb to send it out for your event.
    kim and i had a great night out, that was long over due, and now it's time for bed. love ya

  8. That older couple are an inspiration! :-)

    Ohhhhh Mother-Daughter-Dresses! It's been soooooo long since I have seen these. Just sweet. And I'll bet the Mommy sews. :-)

    On this Memorial Day Weekend, please let me thank your husband, for his Service. And thank you also. The Warrior's family also Serves.

  9. Nice gathering of women. My niece did the tea cup thing for a shower; such a very good idea.

  10. Love the tea cups. I also have a tea cup and saucer collection - as well as a tea pot that matches the English china and a creamer and sugar in a tray. I love my set but they are packed away.


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