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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A long ago Brownie

Back to a cold morning for walking with a temperature of only 30 degrees but no wind and the sun came out.  A beautiful clear crisp morning.  I walked around the lake again today.  Lots of people out - walkers, runners, dog walkers, a few bikes and quite a few fisherman.
I spotted a couple of deer, the white egret again and someone said they saw an osprey. 
Now that it's spring they have opened up all four rest rooms so we can make pit stops again if necessary.
I took this picture near the end of my walk when I was walking through the little shopping mall that I live across the street from.  I thought the street looked pretty with the sun shining on all the flowering trees. 
A nice but uneventful walk.  It was just nice being outside early this morning.
I walked 6.1 miles.
Sunrise 6:45
Sunset 7:36
I hung out a load of laundry on the line, had some breakfast, and then finished up my shopping list for the commissary and then left. I enjoy food shopping and walking up and down all the aisles.  They have been doing renovations for months and months and close certain aisles and relocate things temporarily so I never know what it will be like when I get there.  Today the entrance was in a different place and all the aisles seemed to be moved around.  This bothers a lot of people but I like to think of it as more of an adventure.  I took my time and found everything I needed except for powdered milk which is an ingredient I need for the bread machine bread.  There were more than the usual amount of people for a Wednesday and I had a bit of a line to wait on.  I left home at 10:00 and didn't get back home until after 1:00. 
I wore my pedometer in the commissary because I was curious to see how far I walked while shopping.  It was 1.2 miles.
I bought these little cherry tomatoes and like how they look in this little container.  They taste as good as they look.

I ate the last of the Raisin Bread up for lunch and had a few of the tomatoes and an orange.

I still have the clothes to take off the line, fold them and iron a few shirts and then I hope to spend some time reading. 

Today's old photo is of me when I was a brownie.
 I loved being a brownie.  There were two girls in my glass who mothers were the two leaders.  I can't remember the girls names but they were best friends and so were their mothers. 
One of the first things we had to do was sell calendars for a fund raiser and we each got three calenders to sell for 25 cents each.  I came home with my three calenders to sell and my mom wasn't home.  So I went to three of my neighbors and sold all three of mine just like that.  When my mom came home I told her all about the calenders and told her I sold them already.  She asked me where the money was and I told her I put it in my bank and was saving it.  She then explained to me that it was a fund raiser and I didn't get to keep the money.  Silly little kid I was huh!?

Our troupe did lots of fun things and we went on a lot of field trips.  Once we went to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in New York and had front row seats.  Very exciting.  

For me though the best thing we did was go and see a show of Captain Kangaroo.  I loved that show as a kid.  It was so cool to see him and Mr. Greenjeans, Bunny Rabbit and the Grandfather Clock.
I stopped being a brownie when we moved to another town and I never did move on and become a Girl Scout.

It has turned out to be a nice sunny day though a bit on the windy side.
Hope your Wednesday was a sunny one too.
A smile from me to you.
Happyone : )
There is more to the truth than just the facts.
~Author Unknown


  1. Cute little Brownie you were! Funny story about saving the fundraising money. Ha! Oh, I loved Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, Grandfather Clock, Bunny Rabbit, all those ping-pong balls! Sigh. You just brought back a very fun memory. Thanks. (Oh, I'm one of those who hates it when they move things around in the stores, but John hates it even more. I'm going to suggest tonight that he considers it a great adventure instead. I'll let you know how that flies.)

  2. Wow - Brownies and Captain Kangaroo - that brings back memories!

  3. Our weather turned cold too this week, had some frost, that turned our lawn back to brown. Enjoyed the story of you being a brownie, I wanted to join when I was young, but for some reason,my parents didn't let me.
    Thanks for sharing your day.

  4. I love the pink trees, thanks for sharing your view. I looked at the tomatoes, it was $3.49 for what you have in your picture. They had a sign up about bad weather in Florida causing the cost of some fruit and vegatables to be higher than normal. I passed on the tomatoes. I was a Brownie and Girl Scout too, I loved it! Lots of memories there. I read your comment about my basket. You're right, the comissary is certainly a privilege that I miss. I hope we continue with this good weather, love it!

  5. Hi Happy One, Beautiful flowering tree picture... I love the fruit trees in spring. So gorgeous...

    I was a Brownie also ---a long time ago!!!!! I loved scouts!!!!


  6. Noofy, I paid $2.99 for the tomatoes!

  7. I was a Brownie for a short time; I remember we took a hike through the woods and collected moss for some project...I don't remember what we did with it! I used to love to hear Captain Kangaroo read about Mike Mulligan and Maryanne the steam shovel, even though I was older than his target audience at the time!!

  8. You are my Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have flowering trees!

    And you saw Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans!!!

    Oh my, I loved that program, but it was when my kids were little and watched it. Love it! Just loved it!

    My Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  9. I like that street, too, and you're right about the sun making it seem even more lovely.

    Loved Captain Kangaroo, too!


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