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Friday, March 25, 2011

New Bread Machine

A bit on the chilly side this morning as winter seems to have returned. The temperature was only 25 degrees and there was frost and a few icy patches around but it was nice and clear and dry.  It was great once the sun came up to feel it shining on my face.  It was actually a perfect morning for walking.  On the way to the lake on the path behind the church I saw a group of six deer.  They all stood perfectly still and blended in well with the trees.  A little farther up the path I saw two more in a back yard laying down.  Walking the path on the way back when it was light out I saw another deer and snapped this picture.
 Walking around the lake I saw the beaver again.  He was quite near the shore line but started swimming away when I went down to get a picture.  This picture isn't a very good picture but here it is anyway.
There were about a dozen or so people around the lake.  I saw one man running in just shorts and a tee-shirt.  It made me cold to look at him.  He was the topic of conversation around the lake today.
Walking past the Giant I smelled bread baking and it made me look forward to baking bread when I got home in my new bread machine. : )
Took the loop past the liquor store on the way home to see if there were any coins to be found.  I was in luck and found a dime.
I walked 6.7 miles.
Sunrise 7:03
Sunset 7:24
Last night we went out for pizza and after stopped at a few places to look at Bread Machines.  I found one I liked at WalMart.
So of course today I had to make bread. I baked the standard white bread to start with.  Very easy - just add all ingredients in the order they are listed.
Here is a picture through the top of the machine as the dough gets mixed, kneaded and then baked.
Out of the machine and ready for slicing.
The shape is a little odd looking,
but I'm sure it will taste good.

Last night we also stopped off at the library.  We both had things to drop off and I had another book to pick up which I had on hold for a while.  The book is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.  A few different people have recommended it to me and I'm finally getting around to reading it.  I will be starting it today.

It warmed up a bit later in the day so I decided to hang a couple loads of laundry outside to dry.  They are still out there drying.  Ken's shirts will need ironing and I'll get that done a little bit later.

A break from old pictures today. 
I've noticed a few more followers to my blog and want to welcome you.
Thanks to all of you who give up some of your time to read my blog and a special thank you to all who take the time to leave comments.  I appreciate it and it makes me happy.  : )

A happy Happyone : )
You can't have everything.......
Where would you put it?
~Steven Wright


  1. Oh and i can almost smell the fresh bread. Nothing like a good bread! And I have to tell you Karen, that book has been one hit among a few people i know... let me know what you feel about it. I need to read it as well... as for the quote- you got me there... it is indeed a good one. Makes me think!

    Happy weekend.

  2. You always find the best quotes. That one makes me laugh.

    Okay, John and I decided to go bread machine shopping. At $4 a loaf for the kind we like, it's going to pay for itself pretty quickly. I looked at this very model while at Wal*Mart...$59...and if Bed, Bath, and Beyond doesn't have a better deal or whatever, I'm going to get what you did. You'll have to let me know if the bread tastes good. Looks aren't so terribly important I guess.

    Great job with the deer pictures and the beaver shows up well when I enlarge the picture.

    Brrr...the guy in shorts...not that nice out yet here for sure.

  3. Hello :) I am glad to read the sun was shining on your face today and you were lucky to see all those beautiful animals.
    I hope you enjoy the bread machine, I have wanted to try one for a long time.
    Take care :)

  4. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! A new bread machine!

    Husband's loafs always come out a wee bit off, like that one, but they are fine! Well, even the recent really Offfffffffff one, tastes fine, according to him.

    It looks sooooooooooooo goooood! Have an extra slice, for (G/F) me. :-)

    ♥ Gentle hugs ♥

  5. I have had an Oster bread machine for years and love it, so hope you love yours too. I was going to say it has really held up, but then remembered nothing holds up to dropping ;-DD. I read Water for Elephants quite awhile ago and it is really good. Am just finishing the latest Jan Karon, set in Ireland, so that is my recommendation to you! Have a good weekend!

  6. I accidentally threw away the paddle to my old bread machine in the heal of a loaf of bread. I don't know why I didn't take it out of the bread when it came out of the machine. I tried to find a replacement but the effort was fruitless. I ended up buying a little Zojirushi. For some reason, I just haven't been able to get back in the habit of making bread as frequently in the new machine. I loved my old one. Maybe I will eventually love my new one! I hope you like your new one!


  7. I like your early-morning photos. The beaver swimming is perfect! It didn't take long to replace your bread machine. Every time you bake bread, I think about baking some, too. (However,my machine is in Breck, and I'm in Denver!)

  8. I knew you would catch up with that beaver. I bet you sneek up on him and get even closer one of these days. What is the matter with this weather? Are you ready for the snow? This weather is just crazy. Glad you are staying warm on your walks since the temps dipped. What a beautiful picture of the deer, almost like it was posing. I'm excited for you that you got a new bread maker. I'm looking forward to all the new things this one will do, which this one seems to be an odd shape. Bet the taste is delicious, it sure looks like it.

  9. Hi HO, Awe Shucks---you mean I can't have EVERYTHING????? Geesshh---I was making room!!!!!! ha ha ha

    That's OUR Breadmaker... We've had ours (got it at Walmart) for about a year --and love it... I think you will love yours also.

    Great walk --and that photo of the deer looks almost like a painting... Love it....

    Keep that walking up. It's SO good for you--but not in shorts yet!!!! ha

  10. I hope you like your new bread machine as much as we like ours. We got the same model at WalMart as well.
    I like your pictures of the deer and beaver.

  11. Your photos that you take on your walks are always beautiful.
    I am glad you got your new machine today,

  12. Think I'll bake some bread this weekend and peaps put on a pot of soup. Storms are predicted for tonight and tomorrow so the smell of bread baking and soup bubbling on the stove sounds pretty good since summer will soon arrive and I won't be making soup so often.
    So, let us know--how did the bread taste?

  13. Glad you were able to replace your bread machine and have already put it to the test. I've had some loaves come out strange looking, but they usually taste fine.
    I read that book a few years ago when I was in a book club. I enjoyed it.
    Have a happy weekend.

  14. Great shot of the beaver swimming across the lake!

    I bake bread a lot, but have never used a machine. I'm glad you found one that you like.


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