Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, January 14, 2011

An afternoon of knitting

Yesterday was the first time I have received an unkind comment.  I have two things to say to the person who left it.  If you feel that way, don't read my blog, and You must be an unhappy person, so I wish a Happy Day for you. :-)
This morning I left about ten minutes before sunrise.  It was light enough for me to see the icy spots and there are still some of them around.  The path leading to the lake was finally cleared.  Only a few people out walking again so I had the lake practically to myself.  Me and the geese that is.  I saw one deer also.  It was a very quiet peaceful morning. 
I walked 6.6 miles.
Sunrise 7:26
Sunset 5:07
I had cream of wheat again for my breakfast.  On these cold winter mornings it really hits the spot.
I rushed through my house cleaning in the morning so I could knit this afternoon.  I just finished the current Ripple Afghan I've been working on, and posted it on my other blog.  Click HERE to see it.

That's my day up to now.
I'm not sure what I'm making for supper.  Now I wish I had cooked yesterday so we could go out for pizza tonight!

I hope your Friday was a good one.
Till next time......
Happyone :-)
It took me years and years of trial efforts to work out
that there is absolutely no knitting triumph I can achieve
that my husband will think is worth being woken up for.
~Stephanie Pearl-McPhee


  1. Karen -- I had to go back and the the crappy comment for myself. Pay no mind -- this coward had to hide behind 'anonymous'. I enjoy reading about what you do. I don't accept anonymous comments -- did you know that you can do that?

    That afghan is GORGEOUS! I think your friend will be thrilled.

    How is Ken's inside train village doing? Finished?

  2. I hope the "secret admirer" and "anonymous" aren't one and the same! That colorful afghan will cause Mary Jo to have a rainbow in her heart!

  3. Cream of wheat is the best! It really sticks to your ribs that stuff does.
    Throw in a couple of raisins, maybe a lil syrup! Mmmm.

  4. I had to go read the comment too...and like Barb hope anonymous and secret admirer aren't the same. Everyone loves your writing. Pay that person no mind.

    And you know, there's nothing wrong with pizza two nights in a row :)

  5. I was a bit stunned by the comment. I think you are right. They probably are unhappy. I love your blog and it inspired me to start my own.

  6. I'm sorry about the comment you received. Someone obviously was having a bad day.
    I can't think of anything better than cream of wheat after an early morning walk.

  7. What is cream of wheat? I don't think we have it in the UK. But you've made me think of porridge, and in fact I'm going off now to make some for my breakfast! We don't have your nice sunny morning here today, so something warm and comforting will be good.

    Re your commenter of yesterday - I wish I could do your daily walk.

  8. Hi Happy!!
    Thanks for your wishes!
    I´m having wonderful holidays!
    The days are beautiful, the sea is warm and you can see through the water your foot and small fishes... I sunbathed, I knit early in the mornings and I read.
    When coming home I´ll post pictures.
    Bye my friend

  9. What a beautiful sunrise my friend! I am very sorry about what the Anon commenter wrote. I know that coming to your blog inspires me to be a happier person .... and inspires me to walk more. Please know that you have touched many lives with your blog ... in a VERY Positive Way!

  10. Anonymous says it all my friend. It equals cowardness. I think some people are so unhappy that it is jealousy because you have such a wonderful life. I love you. Pamie G.

  11. Have enjoyed reading your post, this one and the previous ones. I started back on my walking program this week, and have enjoyed it so much.
    Thank you for the motivation ! So sorry for the negative comment you had too.

  12. You got a zinger comment, from that *BRAVE* person called Anonymous! Ahhhhh yes, the bravery of such commenters. It's pretty amazing, isn't it? Hehhhhhhhhhh...

    I never allow Anonymous comments. You can set your Settings-Comments, that way. Which I'm sure you know but... You might consider it.


  13. I'm sorry to hear about your negative comment. I think you addressed it in a perfect manner. I would tend to think that this person isn't too happy right now or they wouldn't feel the need to be so unkind. At any rate, I hope you have been able to put it out of your mind.
    I know Mary Jo will be thrilled to receive the beautiful afghan you made for her. I have been using mine regularly on these cold days.
    Have a HAPPY weekend!!

  14. My mama always said..."If you can't say anything nice than don't say anything at all". Obviously, Anonymous didn't have a mama who taught them manners!!!

  15. The negative comment was so uncalled for. I loved walking and walked between 3 and 4 mles everyother day. It was certainly NOT boring. (I hope to be back walking soon.) A life well lived is never boring. "Some people have to blow out a beautiful candle to make their light shine brighter in their own eyes." Quote comes from a lady who was my friend when I lived in the mountains. I hope it traslates well.

  16. Well, this anonymous commenter doesn't think your life is boring! You stay way too busy to be bored! When I was working I could easily walk a couple of miles during my lunch hour. Don't understand why 6 would be so unbelievable to anyone. I've been trying to get motivated to start walking everyday again, but it's been so cold. I really admire your dedication!


  17. Yep I really think Anon and Secret Admirer are the same. We shall pray for them! :) Pamie G.


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