Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Last night after supper we went out to spend the gift card we got for Christmas at Barnes and Nobles. I got a calender journal and a daily devotional book by Joyce Meyer called Ending the Day Right.  This past year I've been reading her book Starting the Day Right.  I've passed that one down to Ken to read this year.
This morning the temperature was up to 27 degrees with no wind at all. :-)  Made for a very pleasant walk.  Stayed away from the lake and walked one of my connect the path routes. Very quiet and I only saw a couple other people out walking.  Not much traffic around either because there is no school this week and I think a lot of people have stayed home from work. 
Not much wildlife around either. I saw a few buzzards flying around and a hawk of some kind and that's it.
I walked 6.1 miles.
Sunrise 7:27
Sunset 4:53
The refrigerator and cabinets getting low on food again so I made up a shopping list and went to the commissary.  It was a pretty good day as far as crowds.  No lines to wait on but there were a lot of kids out shopping with their moms running all over the place getting in the way.  There were a few who were well behaved!

I like ladybugs and Ken got me these ladybugs for Christmas.  Its' a place to hold the brillo and measuring spoons.  I just love them! :-)

Here is the white cabinet that we moved up from the basement on Christmas day.  I have my milk bottle collection on top and put some of my Fiestaware in it.   
I took some Fiesta off the hutch because I needed a change from having it all on the hutch.  The white cabinet will look better once we paint the walls blue.  I'm hoping we will be able to paint in the next few weeks.  Ken has loaned out our ladders and we are awaiting the return of them.

The temperature has gone up to the mid 40's with lots of sunshine today.  It sure is pretty outside. :-)
I have a few chores  I have to get done and I still haven't done my exercise tape so off I go to do that.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.
A happy day to you.
Happyone :-)
True simplicity begins 
when you learn to enjoy 
the amazing abundance 
of what is already yours.
~ Thomas Kinkade


Barb said...

Cute Ladybugs! Those should put a smile on your face whenever you see them. Our temp in Denver is mild today, too, but a storm is brewing to the west.

Jeanne said...

I received a Barnes & Noble gift card also. I need to decide what I'd like to read next.
I love your white cabinet. My mother has one similar but it needs to be refinished. It does look good holding your Fiesta dishes and with a blue wall it will really stand out.
Happy New Year!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Oh those cute lady bugs! Must send a link to this post, to another of my Dear Readers. She has "lady bug" in her blog name even. :-)

And I love seeing peeks of blogger's homes. Love it. :-)

Gentle New Year's hugs...

Happy@Home said...

Your new lady bugs are adorable. I love the measuring spoons. Just think how much fun it will be to bake with them.
I also love your white cabinet. What a darling piece to store your Fiesta ware and vintage milk bottles. Blue walls?? I like the sound of that already. Oh, and I also think your curtains are so pretty.

Suz said...

I love those ladybugs...I thought you were going totell us you found one while walking!
your room looks just beautiful love all the white and blue

Unknown said...

You are just such a doll. The people who have you in their lives are lucky. Don't ever change.

Deb said...

Aunt Amelia sent me by....I'm the ladybug from Texas...love your ladybugs...

Retired Knitter said...

I agree,

I am lucky to have Happy One in my life. I have been out of action during the month of December due to a family member's illness, but hope to get back to seeing my friends (especially this friend) again in January.

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Hi! Great Blog! I really like the Ladybug items. New blog on the Hx. of the Ladybug http://historyoftheladybug.blogspot.com/

KathyA said...

You just reminded me that I need to find a vendor for both lady bugs and preying mantis!

The weather for the rest of the week should be nice for your walks.

ale said...

Oh!! The ladybugs are so cute. And I love your white and pink kitchen?? pantry?? It´s lovely.
You made me remember Barnes and Noble in New York and the wondeerful books I bought there.
Ah!! I have my library card and I took 3 books for reading during holidays...by the sea in Brazil!!
Dont exercise every day, I feel totally guilty of no doing my gym every time I read your post!!

Rathi said...

Aw.. The ladybugs are too cute and bright. It has been drizzling here for the past two days and i miss the sun suddenly. I have been reading Eleanor by Rhoda Lerman and this book is amazing Karen.... I feel Eleanor was such a hero... although, i have read anything about her... this book is just beyond words, i would say. I am also reading While I was Gone... nothing much otherwise with me... One last day of this year... :-)

Red Roof Farm said...

Very cute!!!

Kerri Farley said...

Oh I LOVE those Ladybugs!!!!!