Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself;
I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.
I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet.
I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Monday, November 29, 2010

The tree and lights are up

It was a cold one out there this morning, the coldest so far this year at 27 degrees.  There was no wind and the sun came up so it wasn't bad at all.  I've walked in colder weather and will again.  I walked around the lake and saw only a few people.  A nice quiet walk.  Lots and lots of geese out on the water and on land and for a change they were all quiet.  I stopped on the bridge down at the narrow end of the lake to watch the ducks and saw the heron fly from one side of the lake to the other.  I had taken this picture earlier at about the middle of the lake.  Can you spot the heron at the waters edge?
 I was walking home  on the path away from the lake when I saw this.  At first glance I thought that it was a dead heron that had been there for a while.
A closer look and I saw that it was just some black building fencing material and some sticks that looked like the heron's legs.
 On this cold but beautiful morning I walked 6.5 miles
 Giving Thanks Day Number 29
I am thankful for the Police, Fire and Rescue people.
It is good to know that with a phone call
they will be on their way to help us.
I thank all of you!!
Ken had a good day at the train show yesterday.  Did better than he expected for a Sunday afternoon.  He is happy and planning on going to the next one at Timomuim in February.

Yesterday afternoon I put the tree up, untangled the red and white lights, strung them  on the tree and put the angel on top.  Our tree is a small artificial one.  No more real ones for us.  I miss the smell but oh well......  The tree is in the front window and looks so pretty all lit up from outside as well as inside.  I put up some greenery with lights on the banister and hung more lights around the house.  I like lots of little lights all around.
I don't usually decorate this early but I am in the Christmas mood early this year.  Last year I felt like we missed the holiday because we were on the cruise.

Today I got out the ornaments and hung them on the tree.  I still have to put the tinsel on and will do that another day.  Was thinking about not putting any on but the tree to me it just doesn't seem complete without it.

This afternoon I started knitting a Christmas stocking and listened to the rest of the audio book.  It was The Colorado Kid by Stephen King read by Jeffrey DeMunn.  The book was okay but I didn't like the end at all. I find that a lot with Stephen King books.
I also finished reading another book, The Rage Against God by Peter Hitchens.  Peter is the brother of prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens. The leaf of the book describes the book,  "Hitchens chronicles his personal journey through disbelief into a committed Christian faith."  I thought it would be more personal and it was more of a debate so I was a bit disappointed in it.  It was okay.
These last two books are number 44 and 45 for the year.  With a month to go and a goal of 75, looks like it ain't gonna happen.  I wonder how close I can get!?

I was knitting at 2:30 and heard a little toot of a horn.  Ken usually does that as he passes the front of the house going to the back.  I thought that couldn't be him so early, but it was.  A very early day for him.  A late day tomorrow so he decided to come home early today.  We put some red and blue Christmas lights up outside on the front railing on both sides of the steps and a wreath on the door. 

We went out to do a few errands and came home in the dark and it was nice to see the lights on and the tree in the window.
Last night we finished up the last of the pumpkin pie.  We've eaten one piece every day.  Since we are out of pie, we stopped at Weiss to get some ice cream.  I'm going to have some Chocolate Fudge Swirl for my snack and Ken is going to have some Cherry Vanilla as we watch some TV.  
That is later, right now I'm going to start another book.

 Hope your Monday was a good one for you.
A smile from me to you.
Happyone :-)
People are so worried about what they eat 
between Christmas and the New Year,
but they really should be worried about what they eat 
between the New Year and Christmas.
~ Author Unknown


  1. I'm glad you told us about the heron in that first frosty and misty photo - I enlarged and think it's a great shot! It's in the teens here, and we're having another snow storm. Its also windy and cold in Denver tonight.

  2. I had to enlarge the photo, but was able to see the heron after doing that.
    I am reading a long book now that I think is just mediocre. I was going to keep reading it, but have decided to move on to something else.
    It must feel good to have your tree and lights up. Now you'll have lots of time to enjoy them.

  3. Yes, I found the heron. I think. I can see how you were tricked by that bit of fence and sticks. Glad that Ken had a good Sunday afternoon. The house is always cozier when decorated for Christmas. We need the light and the cheer on these light-deprived days. We have one piece of pumpkin left, but I think it's getting the boot!

  4. I am so glad I moved this blog of yours to the front of my blog page..so I won't miss a posting!
    You are a dear soul....thanks for the looks into a happy life...
    I have such a life but find others sorry to say do not
    and I sometimes feel like I should hold back
    but I dive into your blog...so full of goodness
    I dragged the Christmas stuf up this morning...I feel the urge to put Christmas everywhere...thanks for leading the way

  5. Well you've been busy! Will you post pictures of the tree and the lights outside??

  6. Kathy, yes there will be pictures one day soon. :-)

  7. I did spot the heron in your beautiful picture. If your weather is anything like ours, you'll have cold walks for a few mornings now.

  8. Love to see a Christmas Tree, in a front window. :-)

    Another couple, with a small artificial tree. Yessssss! :-)

    Oh my, untangling and putting lights on. That's the main reason we got one, which was artificial. Back when we got our first. Came with lights and never had to untangle/string them.

    Could you get one with white lights attached? And then just have to add some red ones, for the effect you like? :-)


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