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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Friday, July 16, 2010

In the kitchen

Another hot humid morning and this time my 6 mile walk was along my connect the path route. Today I walked the route in the opposite direction I usually go. Not far down along the path I came across two baby deer. They were so cute but didn't stick around to have their picture taken. I didn't see mom anywhere around.
Here I'm coming out of one of the paths to walk along the road for a bit.This is a side yard I pass along my route which I always find so pretty and peaceful.A few people out riding bikes this morning and also a couple of walkers. Odd I didn't see anyone walking their dogs!
There is a school I pass by and they have been making additions to it for over a year now and still aren't done. Today the workers were knocking out door openings with a sledge hammer on a brick wall. It looked like fun and I wanted to ask if I could have a turn with the sledge hammer, but I just didn't think that would be a very good idea!! :-)
By the time I got home I could wring out my wet clothes.
A good day for getting clothes dried out on the line, so I did three loads of laundry and hung them all outside. I have enough room to hang two loads out at a time, but they dried fast and by the time the third load was done washing the first load was already dry.

I ended up NOT making the enchiladas or the zucchini because Ken was in the mood for ribs last night so we went to Longhorns instead!! :-)
Tonight we will have the zucchini. You can check out the recipe HERE if you are so inclined. There is no picture there now but I will take a picture tonight when I make it and get the picture up then. Sometimes it take MealsMatter a day to post a picture. It has to be approved first.
I made French bread in the bread machine and will eat that with the zucchini.

I cooked up the chicken for enchiladas and I'll make them for supper in the next day or two. If I decide not to make it, I'll just put the chicken in the freezer for when I need it.

I have a very good recipe for chili that I got from my friend Sue many years ago and it has been my favorite chili all this time. UNTIL NOW. We go to a Mexican restaurant which has chili and we both think it is better! Ken didn't want to say it was better than mine until I said it first. Then he agreed and we both laughed as he said he didn't want to be the one to say it.! :-) It has shredded beef in it instead of chopped beef so I am going to change my recipe around a bit and see if I can improve on it. So today I have cut up a roast, browned it on the stove and now it is cooking for the day in the slow cooker. After cooking it all day I am going to shred the beef and then add most of the ingredients from my recipe and cook it all in the slow cooker for another day. I'll let you know how it turns out.

After lunch I cleaned the upstairs and here I am now writing this. In just a bit I'll start making the Zucchini. While that is baking I'll will read until Ken comes home from work.

I hope your Friday was a good one.
Happyone :-)
Life is about using the whole box of crayons.


  1. Your day sounds like it's been a good one. The yard you saw on your walk is so lush and pretty. Your zucchini recipe sounds yummy. If I ever get any zucchini in my garden, I'm going to try it. I know everybody says when you plant zucchini you have it coming out your ears. Well, not the case here :-).
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Yummy to the shredded beef chili! I can't believe you made bread on such a hot day - but - it does make me think I should rescue my bread machine from the floor of the pantry. There is nothing quite like homemade bread. Keep walking - did you know that changing the direction of your walk is a very right brain thing to do?

  3. Glad to see and read that everything is going well in your little corner of the world. Post your chili recipe when you perfect it. I'm always on the look-out for good chili that's not too spicy. I agree with you....that one yard is very peaceful and lush....easy on the eyes. LOL. Be well, dear friend.

  4. When you have your recipe "perfected" I hope that you'll share. My chili recipe is older than dirt and tastes about the same. No, that's just ridiculous. I'm being silly.

    Say, are you joining the Ice Cream Social? I don't know if you get involved with such "events," but if ever there was a gal who loves ice cream... Just sayin'!

  5. What a lovely place to walk! Our heat index was 114 degrees yesterday here in central Arkansas! Way too hot for me to venture out--I'd probably suffer a heat stroke I am so out of shape! The zucchini recipe sounds wonderful! How bout sharing your French Bread recipe? I'd love to use my machine more!

  6. I loved your original chili recipe. It's great that you like to experiment. Today sounded good. You keep so busy. You get the most out of every day. I was glad to be inside at work all day. I did a lot of talking :)

  7. Like always such a sweet post... You are right about the second picture Karen... it is peaceful.... and the restaurant episode was so funny... LOL.....

  8. You really seem to be able to fill your days!!! I'm a real slacker compared to you.
    Haven't really felt like cooking lately -- but today I'll make gazpacho and some focaccia.


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