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Monday, January 25, 2010

Some painting gets done

Sunday was a busy day. My walk was cut a little bit short yesterday because I didn't leave myself enough time before I had to leave for church.
While I was at church Ken finished taping off the living room and when I got home he had finished it all. After some lunch we started right in on the painting. We worked well together. At times he would use the roller and I the brush, then we would switch. Since we started in the afternoon we didn't plan on doing the whole room, but we got the hard parts done. We painted the front wall, around the front door, one side wall and the wall by the stairs. I am very pleased with the colors and how it turned out! Here's a picture by the stairs so you can see the colors. This morning I had fun pulling all the tape off. :-) The living room is not back to order quite yet but I'll post more pictures when it is. We want to get some different switch and outlet covers. Just don't like the white plastic. I think we'll go out after supper tonight to see what we can find.
Hopefully next weekend we will get the other two walls painted. Should go quickly with just straight walls to paint. The hardest part will be moving the book cases.
As we were busy painting we still haven't set up the Wii. One day soon though we'll get that done.

I didn't walk first thing this morning because I had to stay home and wait for a plumber to arrive. No plumbing problems yet, but a couple of weeks ago a couple of people had a problem with a faulty water valve and they are just checking all the others out and replacing them if need be. They guy was here at 9 and found that ours wasn't tightened properly and it could have caused problems in the future. Just took a couple of minutes to tightened it up and all is well.

Once he left I could go for my walk. It rained all night and into part of the morning and by the time I went for my walk it had stopped. No need to wear layers this morning. It was very mild with a temperature near 60!! I was on the way to the lake and I found out that the rain wasn't gone after all. It poured for a while and I got pretty wet. I didn't turn around for home though because it was warm and I figured I was already wet. The rain only lasted a couple of miles. It was windy too and by the time I got home I was just damp. I saw maybe a half dozen people out and they too thought the rain had stopped. We ALL were wet! :-)
I found a lucky penny!
I never did have time to eat breakfast so I had breakfast for lunch and didn't eat that until 1:00.

This afternoon I put some of the pictures and things back up on the walls. Then I watched a couple of episodes of Home & Garden while I knitted. Did a few chores around the house and now I'm here at the computer. After I post this I'll go catch up on some blog reading.

I hope you're having a happy Monday.
Happyone :-)
Wherever you go, no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine.
~Anthony J. D'Angelo


Vee said...

The painting looks good...you guys both have a steady hand. It's a lot more fun to have two for these jobs and especially more fun if working well together.

Sixty sounds very nice; it's about forty here with heavy rain. Ohhhh, what a mess!

karen said...

Find a penny pick up
give it away
and have luck
all though the day.

Something like that.

George said...

I like your stairway. The colors are really nice.

Linda said...

Love the colors. Everything looks so nice. I never even noticed the chair rail in your pictures when the walls were all white. It really shows up nicely.

We got 2 1/2 inches of rain here today. There was quite a bit of flooding, but we were all dry.

Kerri Farley said...

Fabulous colors!!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh Karen I absolutely LOVE the colors....it just makes such a difference! Can't wait to see what the whole room is going to look like when you're finished. I know its going to look great...because all your decorating is so warm and inviting. Have a great evening!

Cheryl said...

The painting does look great! I always paint my outlet covers with the wall color. The ones that get a lot of use I spray paint with clear varnish afterward. What a difference your painting makes!

Happy@Home said...

That looks fabulous. I like how the barn pictures go so well with the colors you chose.

Jenny said...

I like the paint color with the carpet color! Not sure how I got here blog-hopping but I am totally impressed with your paint job!

Raya said...

HI Karen,
The painting looks really good. I liked those colours a lot and besides it is the result what you get when we do something with our loved one....

Jamie said...

That stair way is beautiful! I love the colors. Want to come and help me with mine? It looks like you are a real pro...

Anonymous said...

The walls look very nice - and nice color - I look forwaed to see the rest, great that you work so well together :)

Dick said...

It looks great, I did look at your kitchen post also, you have a very nice house.

happyone said...

Thanks for all the compliments on the paint.

Kim, the barn pictures are Needlepoint pictures that I did quite a few years ago.