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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lots of Layers

Another cold morning walk around the lake. Only saw a couple of people out again this morning. At least today I knew where all the icy spots were! I saw about 10 minutes of snow flurries but they just floated around in the air and nothing stuck on the ground and it was actually quite nice walking in the quiet with snow falling around me. Part of the lake is frozen, but there is enough water around yet to make the ducks and the geese happy. :-)I saw a group of 8 deer and they all stopped eating and watched me walk by. When I said good morning to them, they all scattered.

Many of you ask how I can walk in the cold weather and stay warm. The answer is that I dress in layers. It takes me about 10 minutes to put all my clothes on.
I put all the clothes out on the table and took a picture to show you.Top layers
2 long sleeve turtle necks shirts
1 short sleeve shirt
Hooded sweat shirt
Coat with hood
I also wear a very thick head band over my ears.

Bottom Layers
Long underwear
Trouser socks

All these layers really do keep me warm down to the teens. I don't walk the rare mornings when it is single digits.
I don't wear gloves or mittens because I find my hands stay toasty warm if I just cover them up with my long sleeve shirts and then tuck them up in the sleeves of my coat.
I took my car out for the first time since I've been back and it was nice to drive her again after two weeks. Filled her up with gas and went over to the library. Dropped a couple of books off. I tried to read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown but I just couldn't seem to get into it. I read the first 80 some pages. I really liked the first two books of the series and was surprised that I didn't like the third. Too many books to read to spend time reading one I'm not that crazy about.
I picked up three more library books.

Since I still haven't gone to the commissary yet we went out to eat again. I have made out my shopping list though and will be going there tomorrow. I'm looking forward to having some food in the house and to cook again.

After we ate we stopped in at the book store Barnes & Noble. My mom and dad gave us a gift card for Christmas and we stopped to spend it. I bought these three things with my half.Ken got a couple of computer books.
Thanks Mom & Dad. :-)

We will be watching an episode of Castle from Netflix later and I will be having some chocolate chip ice cream for my snack.

I hope your Tuesday was a happy one one.
Happyone :-)
Happiness is the inner joy that can be sought or caught, but never taught or bought.
- Unknown


  1. Whatta woman! all I can say is brrrrrr. Hand me the hot chocolate and let me sit by the fire.

  2. Aha! This settles it...now I know exactly why I don't go on long winter walks. Wearing all those clothes would make it impossible to waddle out the door. I mean, I'd have to put them on in the driveway and I'm not about to do that! :D

    No gloves, no mittens? What, God forbid, you should fall. Okay, I'm not your mama...

    If you find a scrumptious cookie recipe in there, I do hope that you'll share.

  3. Heck, you have a workout before you even start your walk! I have a tough time getting ONE turtleneck on over my long underwear shirt. I can imagine trying to put more over that! =) When I fully "suit up," I'm like a little kid in the snow suit...gotta go to the bathroom! LOL!

    I love going to B&N when I have a gift card, but it's always so difficult to decide; too many neat things. Looking forward to hearing about new cookie recipes and seeing the results. ;9

  4. You are quite a motivated lady to walk in the cold. I LOVE crosswords!! And I bet you will be making some awesome cookies out of that new book!

  5. Funny to see all the layers of clothes you put on, but it`s not a good walk if you to get cold. Today I wish I didn`t have to walk my dogs: we have -21 Celcius!

  6. Hey Dear Karen,

    I think i should like that too to go for my morning walks. Good advice. Thanks. Will try that

  7. Wow...that is a lot of clothing to get into. I'm walking on my treadmill these days...while most of the neighbours are still in bed.

    I just read all your cruise posts! It looks like you had a fine time in the Caribbean. We have sailed the Caribbean a number of times, but the only port of call that looked familiar to me was St. John's...where we snorkeled. It's a fine place for a winter getaway!

  8. I'm afraid your temperature's might be down in the single digits over the weekend. We're being threatened with those temperatures, so I imagine you'll get them too. I'm impressed with all your layers, but I think I would need gloves.

  9. What more could we ask for than cookies and crossword puzzles??? And thank you for not showing us your underwear! (I'm assuming you wear underwear!) :)

  10. You're a champion walker, Karen--that's for sure. Do take photographs if you bake cookies from your new book. Even the cover looks delicious! So glad you're home!

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