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Friday, April 3, 2009

Lowe's and the fence

The story of Lowe's and the fence.

We get a call saying the section of fence we ordered is now there for pick up.
So off we go to Lowe's to pick up one section of plastic fence and two posts.
After looking our order up they bring us the two posts which are wrapped in cardboard like they are something fragile.
They then tell us that the section of fence is in the store on a "way up high shelf on a pallet."
Okay, get a forklift and take it down, what's the problem.
The two guys wonder how on earth we are going to get this section of fence home.
We tell them no problem - we will tie it down on the roof rack of our FJ Cruiser.
They don't think so.
We tell them - just bring us the fence and we will take care of it.
After waiting 1/2 hour they finally bring us the section of fence and we meet them out by the loading zone. It is between two huge wooden pallets and all wrapped up in plastic wrap and they don't want us to take the fence out from between them because the fence might break taking it home.
This is laughable - we are talking about a PLASTIC section of FENCE!!
After some words we finally get them to take it out from between the two wooden pallets.
We had to sign a release form saying they will not be responsible for any damage that happens to the fence on the way home.
Ken goes to get the FJ and the two guys tell me that since this is a special order they have to be extra careful about nothing happening to the fence because if we bring it back they won't be able to sell it again.
It's not like they made this fence section for us special anyway - they just didn't have any in stock and had to order it.
Anyway the both of them went on and on about how we were going to get this on the roof of the FJ. I finally told them I don't want to talk to you any more - we don't need your help. They walk away shaking their heads.
By this time Ken pulls up with the FJ - we put the section of fence on the roof rack, tie it down and then put the two posts on top of that and tie them down and off we go. No problem at all getting it home.

Here is the fence and posts loaded up nice and
secure on top of the FJ.


  1. You told them that you didn't want to talk to them anymore? LOL! I love that. They must have been two very worried guys. Hahahaha...glad that you got that fence home all safe and sound.

  2. It does not look difficult to bring it safe home. Don`t understand why they made it so difficult....?

  3. That's FUNNY! - I can't picture you ever saying something like that but if you did I know it must have been bad. Sounds like those two had been to one too many 'management' meetings.

    I really like the new blog layout!

  4. Good for you! I hate having excuses about why something simple won't work.

    On another note: James checked out his sunflower seeds today. He was counting them and planning where all the plants will be planted. He has a location at my house and a whole section of yard at his house "staked out" The Sunflower Lady continues to live in the Sunflower Experiment. I have to say thanks again.

  5. Sheeesh, it looks perfectly fine and GOOD FOR YOU! These folks needed to be put in their place!


  6. "I don't want to talk to you anymore"? That is priceless! You go, Karen!

  7. My goodness, what a lot of "rigamarole" just to get your piece of fence home. You must be glad that is over and now you can do as you please with your new fence.

    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  8. That was really funny. Can't wait to see the headboard.


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