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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Colors

Last night we went to the Weis nearest our house to get in a new supply of ice cream.
As we were walking to the store I spotted an Art and Frame store a couple of stores away and we stopped in to look around. We have been looking for a print of some kind to hang in the living room and found one in this store. We picked a print called Spring Colors by the artist Viktor Shaviako. I have seen his work before but didn't know his name. I love everything he does. Lots a great colors in his work. The owner of the little shop was great and helped us pick out two different color mattes and a frame that is just perfect for the picture. Our picture should be ready for us to pick up on March 20.
Here is a picture of the print.I'll post our picture hanging up on the wall once we have it.

A cold start to the morning (15 degrees) but warmed nicely and was in the 50's.
I made up my shopping list and headed out to the commissary. Nice getting the car out and driving on a nice sunny day. A good trip to the commissary - no lines. I had a nice little ego booster while shopping. A woman stopped me and said "I hope you don't mind me saying, but your hair is beautiful. Your gray hair looks so good on you."
How nice is that to hear!!?

After shopping I stopped in at the exchange to look around and see if they had any of the Polish Pottery that I started collecting. They had some pottery that said made in Poland but it wasn't the same. The colors weren't quite right.

On the way home I stopped at the old house and picked up the mail. While there I ran into one of my neighbors and stayed and talked with her for a while. Then home to unload the groceries and had a late lunch of cottage cheese with raisins and strawberries.

In the evening we stopped in at Mr Tire to see about getting some new tires for my car. The two guys there had trouble finding the tires we wanted and will call back tomorrow.

Well off I go to have some ice cream and watch a little TV. Remember Night Gallery? I got that on Netflix to watch tonight. I remember liking it but it will probably be really corny and I won't want to watch it after all.

Hope your Thursday was a HappyOne. :-)


  1. I do remember Night Gallery and will be interested to hear how it held up for you.

    Nice print...how serendipitous to find the shop that way.

    Oh yes! Your hair is really cute on you and I love that cut! I call my gray hair my highlights. But now that I've known you this long, you've probably heard me say that at least a dozen times. Ha!

  2. Hello, Karen. I'm behind and trying to catch up with my blogging friends. I just had to take a minute to tell you how much I like the print you selected for your living room. It's really lovely.

    I was glad to read that you are taking care to avoid snow and ice. It's dangerous - as you well know.

    My best to you, my blogging friend

  3. Love the print you chose for your living room...Can't wait to see it framed and hanging on your wall....

    Happy Weekend...


  4. I hope you enjoyed Night Gallery. It sounds as if you had a great day. I look forward to seeing how the print looks on your wall.

  5. I am sure the nice picture/art will look great on your wall.
    How nice of that woman to tell you she liked your hair, be proud.
    I am thinking we all should be better with telling people we meet things like that, sometimes some few words or a smile can make another person very happy.
    I wish you a wonderful weekend :)

  6. What a BEAUTIFUL print!! I'm sure it will look wonderful hanging on your wall!

    I would love to hear how you liked Night Gallery.

  7. Always nice to get a compliment!
    I like the print...Do you know what the name of the restaurant in the print is? It says, "The Dog that Smokes"!
    Went to Ram's Head last night for dinner (fish tacos, of course!). I thought of you as we drove through the neighborhood.

  8. I like that print!

    I can't keep a supply of ice cream in my house. I love the stuff so much, I have no control. So I only buy one pint every Saturday.

  9. That was a nice compliment about your hair!
    Love the painting and would like to see it hanging on your wall.

  10. Good Morning, I've just had a long catch up with your news over a leisurely breakfast. I'm glad that you've been able to do some walking again. Loved the snow pictures, (all green here now,) especially the 2 of the deer. I treated myself to some reading time recently (procrastinating instead of sorting my emigration paperwork), and I went back to a favourite author, Marcia Willet. Hyou read any of her books? They're very easy reading and I especially like them because they are set in real places that I can relate to and describe Devon well. Children's Hour is set less than 10 miles away and I enjoyed following the characters visit familiar places. I took another book out of the library, obviously by a local author but although it was set in Devon every single place had been changed and I found that unsettling, and it wasn't as well written.Re tv, if you have fast enough broadband the BBC i-player site shows the best of the previous week's tv. I watched the opening of the Olympics at least 4 times as I showed it to various family members. Happy reading !


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