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~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pizza Again!?

Yesterday morning while I was walking Ken went over to the old house and put my new tires on my car. I was going to take a picture but my car is dirty. When the weather warms up and the sun comes out I'll wash her and then post a picture. :-)

This morning Ken dropped me off at the old house on his way to work and I gave the bathroom a second coat of paint. It still needs one more, but I didn't feel like hanging around waiting for the paint to dry so I'll go back again for the third and final coat.
Then I drove my car home and put her in the garage here again. I missed driving her and it was good to be behind the wheel once again. I took some back roads and highway to get home and she handles great with the new tires.

Guess what we had for supper again last night?
If you guessed PIZZA your right!!
This one we ate at home though. I had the easy part of making the dough in the bread machine and Kenny made the pizza. It tastes as good as it looks!!Three days in a row for pizza is enough though and tonight I'm making Chicken Enchiladas. I've already cooked the chicken and cut up the red peppers so it won't take long to finish making them later on for supper.

Since I was painting this morning I went for my walk at 9:30 when I got back home. I went around the lake today and got this picture of the goose having a bite to eat. It wasn't afraid and just let me get right up close and take a picture.
I've done a some chores around the house and when I get done here, I'm going to sit and read. I've started another book and it's very good so far - hard to put down and I'm anxious to get back to reading it.

I hope you're having a great Monday!!


  1. That pizza looks good, there is nothing like a home-made pizza! Your new walking area seems very good and it must be nice to walk in a different area too.

  2. I drove by the new shops at Parole in Annapolis and see that pizza restaurant you ate at is opening there. I wanna go!

    I'm having a happy Monday. Glad you are too.

  3. When my boys were little they all wanted different toppings on their pizzas so I always made my own pizzas including the dough by hand, and it was so much cheaper. I'll still make a big batch of pizzas when the house is full of youngsters as everyone likes them and they're so easy to do. I haven't been succesful in making a stuffed crust pizza, probably the bought pizzas are full of extra fats and goo and really bad for you.

  4. Yum Yum! Pizza is my favorite!!

    That goose looks like he's enjoying his snack too.
    Great shot of him!!

  5. We had the leftover pizza from Sazzio tonight!

  6. I've made pizza crust with my food processor before, but not with my bread machine. I'm going to have to remember to try that as it looks delicious.

  7. Your Pizzas look so yummm...I can't remember when I ate one last. That was my treat with my son when he was in school...Now that he's grown and I hardly see him, I miss having the Pizza..Enjoy your ride with your new tires and this Spring Weather we're having..!!

  8. Ever thought of opening a pizzeria? Ha!

    What a nice photo of the goose...

    You are so busy between both homes. I know that you'll be glad when the former home is safely sold to a new family who'll love it.

  9. I love that your pizza dish looks like it's been put to good use. You can see the pizza cutter lines from many pizza feasts!

  10. I'll let you make pizza for me any day! It looks yummy. I hope you soon have some beautiful Spring weather in which to enjoy your car!


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