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I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.
~Groucho Marx

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

Bernice is my life long friend and today is her birthday. I am an only child and she is the sister I never had. The year we turned 50 (a few years ago now) I wrote this letter to her. I thought I would post it here today on her birthday. You can get an idea of what she means to me.

Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Bernice
Today you are 50 years old. When I look at you I don't see a 50 year old woman. I see a little girl who I've grown up with and have known my whole life.
We first knew each other in church when we were only babies. Third grade I moved to Waldwick and we ended up in the same class. I walked into the room and you shot up your hand and said "That's Karen, she's in my Sunday school class."
In those young years we knew each other from church, then as teenagers at the age of 15 we became very dear friends. Where one was the other one was. We called each others parents mom and dad, spent many nights over each other's houses, roller skated every Saturday night (some great times we had there) and many times liked the same boys.
We've done so much together that it would take a book to write it all down. And through it all we told each other everything. No secrets between us and we grew up knowing we would always be there for each other no matter what.
Going through the teenage years is sometimes hard and whatever happened I knew you would always be there for me to help me through it. I don't think I would have made it through with out you. We had so many good times together and have spent many hours laughing and have shed a few tears too.
We got older, married, moved away from each other, had babies but have always kept in touch. Sometimes years went by without seeing each other, but once together again no time had seemed to pass. We were kids once again.
I treasure our friendship and I know I am so lucky to have you for my friend then, now, and forever. So when I see you now on your 50th birthday I don't see a 50 year old woman, I see that same little girl, that same teenager, that same grown woman who is my dearest friend. I love you Bernice.
Love your forever friend,
Karen :-)

And so today on my friend Bernice's birthday, I want to wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is one in a million!! :-)


Today it's cold and windy but the sun is shinning so I decided to get in my car and go out and pick up a few things for the downstairs bathroom. Made a stop at Michael's and got pink and white paint and some pink silk flowers. Then to Target for towels, but not a pink one to be found. So my next stop was at Kohl's where I got two pink hand towels on sale for the bath downstairs.
I also stopped at the library to pick up a couple of books that I had put on hold.

I made this little blue shelf some years back.
This afternoon I painted it pink,
hung it up in the bathroom and
put some old bottles on it.

The pink flowers I put in this green bottle
and hung up the pink towels.

A few other pictures taken of the half bathroom downstairs. It's kind of hard to take pictures in such a small room.
A little chest of drawers
This picture of the curtains is a bit dark and I couldn't
back up far enough to get all of the window in.
This is the color green I've chosen for the walls.
The whole bathroom has a pink glow when from the curtains.

It's another late working day for Kenny. Just having some left over Potato Soup and dill bread for supper which will keep so I'll wait and eat with him when gets home. In the meantime I still have to do my exercise tape and then I'll do some needlepoint or maybe read.

Hope your Tuesday so far was a good one. Enjoy the rest of the day.


  1. What a gift old (and new, too) friends are!

  2. Friendship is a beautiful thing. How fortunate you both are to share this wonderful gift. My best wishes to your dear friend Bernice on her birthday, and to you as well. Best wishes, Art

  3. Happy Birthday to your dear friend Bernice. I bet that you two have wonderful stories to tell.

    Your bathroom is looking so fresh and beautiful. I really like the curtains.

  4. I love your work. Looks soo fresh.

  5. You are so lucky to have a friend from your childhood. Wish Bernice a Happy Birthday from me.

    Just love how you decorated the half bath. Looks so pink now and when you paint the walls it will have a whole new look. Love the wall color. I find that Kohl's is always a great place to shop for items for the home. My one bathroom is a light aqua and brown and I had a hard time finding aqua towels, but I found them at Kohls.

    Happy decorating!!!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your friendship. It's good to put it in words and share.

    I'll have to check out your bathroom. You're so industrious!

  7. happy birthday to your friend Bernice! I'm glad you have a sister. It's important for all of us to have at least one of those connections, don't you think?

    The decor in you bathroom is just darling! The pink really makes the room pop and it's amazing the difference your wall shelf made when turned pink. You're giving me a decorating bug.

    Hows the weather today? Still windy?

  8. Happy birthday to your friend Bernice. It's wonderful that the two of you have stayed close through the years.
    I must admit that I envy your artistic touch when it comes to decorating your house.

  9. What a beautiful letter you wrote to your friend, I got tears in my eyes. My best friend turns 50 this year too.
    Love to see the photos from your bathroom.

  10. What a great letter/gift to your freind. I don't think I truly appreicated my childhood friends untill I got past my 30's. I guess you start to be a bit more reflective with time.

  11. Friendships that last that long are rare.
    I love your pink bathroom! Everything looks nice and fresh and the little chest of drawers is so cute. I like all the bottles too.


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