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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Little Giant Ladder

Today we went to Upper Marlboro which is only about 40 minutes from our house to the Home Show. Lots of good ideas and things to buy for improving your home. While walking around looking at stuff I even got a couple of compliments on my silver hair. :-) I'm sure they just thought it would be a good way for them to get us to stop at their booths, but it was nice to hear anyway. We saw some really cool ways for fixing up the garage with shelving, tool boxes and work tops which we might use in the new garage. Things could all be arranged neatly and easy to find something when you need it. We also looked at some motorized awnings for the deck when we move. They are really nice and come in lots of colors to choose from. They even wind themselves up if it gets windy. How cool is that!? I took a picture of these kitchen cabinets just because I like them. Too bad these weren't available for the town house. At the last home show we went to we came very close to buying one of the Little Giant Ladders so at this show we bought one. They are really cool and it is a whole bunch of ladders rolled up into one. Since we ordered one at the show we got a really GOOD discount. This ladder will come in very handy when I have to reach those sky lights in the bedroom in the town house. Great for all the painting we will have to do too. It's also very light and I can carry it up the stairs by myself. We also got a few accessories. A telescoping plank, a leg leveler, work platform, a wall standoff, and a project tray. Everything will be mailed to us in 4 weeks at no extra cost.
Here is Ken ordering our new Little Giant Ladder.
We were at the show at opening and when left it was just after lunch time so we stopped and had a bite to eat on the way home. No new pictures of the town house. We drove by and no more work has been done. But all the dirt is back filled and things have been tidied up. Looks like they are all ready for the framing to begin next week. No work today because of the rain. I knitted a couple of dish cloths with the cotton yarn - one yesterday and one today so far. I'll probably finish another one later. I'll post a picture of them when I have a few more done. I'm going to give some to neighbors for Christmas gifts along with some baked goodies. That's my day so far and it's been a good one. Hope your day has been a good one too! :-)


Vee said...

Okay, now I am officially jealous. I have wanted one of those things ever since first seeing the infomercial years ago. You know the one with Richard Karn and that gal who used to be on Hometime. Now I'll have an inside scoop if it's really as good as I think it will be. Good for you!

Cheryl said...

I've seen the ladder on and infomercial too. I'm sure you'll love it and will get good use in your new house.

Sounds like a good day!

Dick said...

The ladder will be very usefull. I have seen them too but they are not cheap and I don't need it that much!!!!!!!!!!!

wengreen said...

Thanks for posting this. We hope you love your new Little Giant Revolution XE and all its new features. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call - 800.453.1192 Thanks - The Little Giant Ladder System Team

Christie said...

Be careful if you plan on using this ladder to get on and off your roof or you could end up getting seriously injured or worse.
Check out this video.
Good luck.