Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rainy but still a nice day : )

Well the rain and wind are still here but this morning the rain stopped for me so I could take my walk. : )  It was 44 degrees and here at the cemetery I could see the rain coming my way but I made it home before it actually got to me.
 I stayed around town again so I could hurry home once the rain came.  I noticed this gravestone in a back yard on one of the side streets in town.  Never noticed that it was a gravestone before.  Last summer it was amongst lots of flowers and I thought it was a stone decoration in the middle of them.  At first I thought maybe it was a dogs grave but doubt whether it would have a full name.  Must be a child only 12 years old.  Sad.
I didn't see anyone else out again.  It was a dreary morning but sure glad I was able to have a nice walk.

I walked 6.2 miles.
Found a dime. : )
That makes 11 cents this month.
☂     ☂     ☂     ☂
After lunch we went to do a little food shopping at Walmart and the Shop and Save.  Nice to get out of the house for a little while.  The rain stopped this afternoon but it's been a cloudy dreary day and more rain is on the way.

I baked some chocolate chippers this afternoon to take to Cherry Hill tomorrow. 
Continued reading my book this afternoon and also did a little knitting.

Hope your day was one that made you smile.
happyone : )
How beautiful a day can be
when kindness touches it.
~ George Elliston
Three Happy Things
  1. Finding a lucky dime
  2. Baking cookies
  3. Seeing the look on Ken's face eating a chocolate chipper

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yard visitors

Wow what a windy walk this morning.  It was also raining and 40 degrees.  I put on my rain pants, rubbers, and took along my umbrella and headed out the door at 6:30.  I decided to stay around town and just walked up and down some of the streets.  I walked one of the cemetery loops and also the loop around the ball park. 

No one else was out but I did see two rabbits running around in the cemetery.

I fought the wind the whole time I was walking.  My umbrella kept turning itself inside out and finally I just took it down altogether.  This was not a very pleasant walk with the wind so I ended up cutting my walk short.  Wind I can handle, rain I can handle but when they both gang up together its a bit too much.

The good news is that my rubbers kept my feet nice and dry.  : )

I walked only 4.2 miles.
☂     ☂     ☂     ☂
Last night's supper of pasta with zucchini and tomatoes turned out great and I'm sure we will be eating it many times again.  Here's a picture of it

and the recipe is HERE.
We ate it warm but I think it would be good cold too.
☂     ☂     ☂     ☂
We've been home today staying warm and dry inside the house while the wind howls and the rain hits the windows.

I did a few house chores and then read my book and finished it.  The book was one by Stephen King called Joyland.  It was nothing like his usual books.  It wasn't a huge book and it was about Devon Jones, who takes a summer job at a carnival called Joyland .  It was really very good and I enjoyed it a lot.  I even shed a tear or two at the end.

During a bit of a break from the rain, a whole bunch of Goldfinches came to the feeder.  They are not new to the feeder but this many at one time are.  There must have been about 20 of them all over the place.  At the feeder, on the ground and in the trees.  Couldn't get a very good picture of all them together because I took the picture out of the back window and zoomed in but still you can get the idea.  I watched them till the all took off.
Plan on staying home the rest of the day too.  I'll probably start reading the next book on my book stack.
Hope you're having the kind of day that makes you smile.
happyone : )
The end of childhood is when things cease to astonish us.
When the world seems familiar,
when one has got used to existence,
one has become an adult.
~ Eugene Ionesco
Three Happy Things
  1. Coming home to a warm dry house
  2. A good book
  3. The Goldfinch visitors

Monday, April 28, 2014

Another nice day

Monday morning again already and I had a nice walk around the farm loop. I walked the opposite way again and I think I like this way better so it has become my usual way now.

It was 44 degrees, sunny and windy.

The farm loop is 4.3 miles from the end of my driveway to back home again.  But I also walk around town to get in my 6 miles.  I don't have a usual route once I get back to town and just walk wherever my feet happen to take me.  I stopped to talk to a lady who was out in her yard.  I also saw two men out walking but they were up on the other street.

Another great morning to enjoy a morning walk.
I walked 6.2 miles.
Yesterday I found a penny.  The first coin this month.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
We decided we were in the mood for pancakes this morning so I made some and we had a banana with them too.
We went to Grantsville to the Rite Aid there and right next door is a Good Will which we've never been in before.  Popped in there to have a look around but didn't find anything to buy.  Came home the long way so we had a nice little ride too.

I've finished another weave-it baby blanket and if you'd care to take a look at it, I've posted it HERE

Did a little reading this afternoon and soon it will be time to get supper started.  Ken and I are making something together today with pasta, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella balls. 

Hope your Monday has been a happy one.
happyone : )
We are each gifted in a unique and important way.
It is our privilege and our adventure 
to discover our own special light.
~Evelyn Dunbar
Three Happy Things
  1. Pancake breakfast
  2. Time to read
  3. Help in the kitchen with supper

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Memory Verse

I've mentioned before that every month at church 
we all learn a memory verse 
and say it together at the morning and evening services.
This month the verse is 

Isaiah 1:18
Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord:
though your sins be as scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow;
though they be red like crimson,
they shall be as wool.

A blessed day you you
and enjoy this beautiful day.
happyone : )

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Home today

A nice morning for walking again.  46 degrees, no wind and the sun came up.  Walked around town this morning.  Birds were singing and I saw some with nesting material in their beaks already hard at working making nests.  The daffodils are blooming all over the place now as well as the hyacinths.  A beautiful spring morning.

Quite a few people around the town pond fishing already.  I took this picture walking down from one of the cemeteries.  If you click on the picture to make it bigger you will see people around the lake.  My shadow is in the picture again today.  I'm still tall and skinny or else on stilts. : )
I walked 6 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
Ken was off this morning right after I got back from walking for a church activity and I've been home doing a bit of this around the house.

After lunch I went outside to do some weeding.
The temperature got up to 60 but a breeze has kicked up.  It's been a nice day around the house.

Hope your day was a happy one.
happyone : )
Give me odorous at sunrise a garden of beautiful flowers
where I can walk undisturbed.
~Walt Whitman
Three Happy Things
  1. A walk in the sunshine
  2.  Watching the robins find worms
  3. Relaxing on my swing outside

Friday, April 25, 2014


Did you ever notice that when I can't think of a title, I just put the day of the week it is?  

I didn't expect such a response for my Cherry Hill post.  I'm not really doing such a big thing here, just visiting some folks.  I seem to get along with the older generation and I really like hearing their stories. Even though they are old, there is still a young person inside there.   Besides they all think of me as a kid.  : )
 ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
It warmed up again and this morning. 45 degrees and it was windy but the sun was out too.

I walked the Farm Loop the opposite way (I'm doing that more often lately).
But when I got to Spear Road I turned left and walked up there (and it was up) for about a mile.  Look how tall and skinny I look here.
Then turned around and then got to walk down hill on Spear to the Farm Loop road and then home.  Since I walked up Spear I didn't walk around town. 
It was such a peaceful walk and I enjoyed this walk more than usual.  Didn't see any people and only a couple of cars passed me.  Once I got back to the main road there were cars.

I walked 6.4 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
After breakfast I put a roast with some potatoes in the slow cooker and got supper going.  It will cook all day and I don't have to think about it.

This morning we went to, I think it's called Sun Valley Farms and walked around looking at all the different kinds of plants. 

While we were driving there I was talking non stop to Ken about how much I enjoyed my walk this morning and all the things I could see from high up on the road.  When I stopped talking Ken looked at me, smiled and said, "You act like you're seeing the world for the very first time and are excited about it."  I thought that was such a nice thing for him to say to me.

I came home with this pretty plant and will plant it outside up by the shed in the back yard.
I also got some petunia seeds and will plant them in a couple of planters which I'm sure once they are flowering will end up on a blog post.

I took a picture going past one of the ski slopes and you can see there is still just a little bit of snow on it yet.  There are a couple more down the road that have about the same amount of snow.  
While we were out we stopped at Subway and had lunch. 
On the way home it clouded up, got dark and then came the rain.  Good thing we planned on visiting the nursery in the morning.

I've been sewing some more of those weave-it squares together and will be finished probably by tomorrow.

Home the rest of the day and I plan on getting some reading done and oh yes, eating that pot roast that smells awfully good right about now.

Hope you're having some happy times on this Friday.
happyone : )
People from a planet without flowers
would think we must be mad with joy the whole time
to have such things about us.
~ Iris Murdoch
Three Happy Things
  1. My especially nice walk this morning
  2. Ken, who always makes me feel special
  3. A pretty new plant 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cherry Hill

It was pretty chilly this morning but we are getting back to normal temperatures tomorrow.  It was 26 degrees and there was a light frost and I saw a couple of people scraping their windshields early this morning before the sun was up.  I'm starting down the farm loop road here and you can see the frost on the grass.  There was no wind at all and the sun did come out so it was actually very nice out.
I saw the usual robins and one just stood at the side of the road as I passed by so took his picture.
I'm coming down the other side of the farm loop here and you can see how the sun has come out now.  The school is off to the left and you can see town up ahead to the right.
Once I got back to town, I walked around one of the cemeteries and around the loop behind the ball park before going back home.

I walked 6 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
I've been reading in the church bulletin for some weeks now that on Thursday mornings there is a Nursing Home Ministry at Cherry Hill.  I feel my heart is telling me that I should get involved in this so I asked Pastor about it.  He told me to speak with Pastor Grant, the youth pastor.  It turns out he goes there with his guitar and sings some hymns and has a short message for the residents who want to participate.

He is the only one who goes there from church and now it will be the two of us.  : )  I got there early and some of the residents were already starting to gather in the lounge area.  I told  one of the workers there who I was and that I was supposed to meet Pastor Grant.  Some people where in wheel chairs others were arriving with their walkers and some were already sitting in chairs.  I helped getting some of them settled and then sat down on the couch and started visiting with them.  There were about a dozen people.

11:30 is the time that Pastor arrives and today when he came in the door, one of the ladies said to him, "You're late today."  He laughed and said, "Yes, by 12 seconds."  I guess she was really looking forward to him coming. : )

I just sat with the residents and sang the hymns with Pastor.  Now, I can not sing at all but no one seemed to mind and I really enjoyed it.  Some of them joined in the singing too and it was really a nice time.  I don't know how this will evolve for me but I plan on going there every Thursday.

Cherry Hill is only about about 4 miles from my house and is off a road on the farm loop where I walk.  If you're wondering if I walked there, no I didn't.  There and back would have been a bit too much for a second walk of the day and  2 1/2 miles of it is straight up a mountain.

This is not the nursing home that Harry is in - he is 20 miles from where I live. Though I will still stop in to see Harry every so often I don't feel like I'm needed there as much as here.  Harry is by no means alone and sad.  He has many visitors and is loved by everyone.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
I've been working on sewing more squares together this afternoon.

After supper we are going to Walmart to do some food shopping and also stopping at the Shop and Save.  This week Hagan ice cream is on sale so we are going to stock up again.  4 for $10 sounds like a good deal to me. : )

Hope your day is going along smoothly and that you are enjoying it.
happyone : )
We grow neither better or worse as we get old,
but more like ourselves.
~ May L Becker
Three Happy Things
  1. Warm weather is coming back
  2. Listening to my heart and discovering Cherry Hill
  3. Looking forward to that new supply of ice cream

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A ride to Morgantown

A little bit chilly this morning but not as cold as was forecast.  It was 38 degrees, cloudy, and windy which made it seem colder.  But it was a nice walk around town and it didn't rain or snow. : )

Just stayed around town because of the wind and thought it might rain.  Didn't see anyone else walking around town.
There were a couple of rabbits down by the little pond in town and a few geese out on the pond as well.
 A couple more pictures of my walk. 

I walked 6.1 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡   
A little after breakfast we went to Morgantown, WV which is I think about 40 miles or so away from home.  Ken was there last Saturday and remembered seeing a Ross store there and I've found dresses at Ross down where we used to live so thought I'd might have some luck at this one.  There is also a lot of other stores in Morgantown too so we made a day of it.

Well, that Ross store that Ken saw, wasn't a Ross after all but Ross medical so I didn't find any dresses there. : ) Went in a few other stores too but didn't find anything that I even wanted to try on.  I've quit looking now and will just get something whenever I just happen to see something.  I'll just make do with the few dresses that I have. 
♡     ♡    ♡    ♡
I've been working on some weave-it squares and now have enough for another baby blanket and when we got back home I set them all out in a pattern and have started sewing them together.

It will be supper time soon so I'd better end this and think about what to have.

Hope your day is a happy one.
happyone : )
A family is a bunch of people 
who keep confusing you with someone you were as a kid.
~ Robert Brault
Three Happy Things
  1. I don't live in Morgantown - sorry if anyone reading lives there
  2. Coming home
  3. Arranging the weave-it squares into a pattern for the blanket and starting to sew them together

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Inside today

A cloudy morning but the temperature was 52 degrees with a slight breeze.  I walked straight through town and continued walking down the main road out toward Happy Trails but passed up the turn and continued walking down the hill
for about about another mile and then turned left and walked down the here.  The bridge up ahead is the main road I left.  There is a river that runs along the road on the right and it was nice to listen to it as I walked along.
Turned around up ahead just past the buildings and walked back the same way.
Then I had to walk the 2 miles or so back up the hill. 
I didn't see any other people out.
No wildlife either.
Just cars, trucks and buses every once in a while.
About a mile from home I started feeling drops of rain but not enough to make me even damp.  It waited again until I got home.

I walked 6.2 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
No outside work today with the rain.  Had a day of work inside.
After lunch during a break in the rain showers I walked on over to the library.  Saw Lisa there, the woman who gets her hair done just before me.  I returned a book and got out two more.

Hope your day is scattered with happy things.
happyone : )
If you have good thoughts
they will shine out of your face like sunbeams
and you will always look lovely.
~ Roald Dahl

Three Happy Things
  1. Always, my morning walk
  2. A break in the rain so I could walk to the library
  3. Blogging friends

Monday, April 21, 2014

An outside day

It's been a beautiful sunny day and I've spent most of it outside.
Went for my morning walk as usual. Walked up the hill to the end of my street and then walked the farm loop.  Then walked around town. It was 40 degrees, sunny with just the slightest breeze. 

I thought there was no school today but it must be a snow make up day because the buses were all out this morning.

I couldn't help but notice this messy shed on one of the side streets in town and thought it made for an interesting photo.  Is NOT mine. : ) 
An uneventful walk but a pretty one and so nice to be out and walking.
I walked 6 miles.
Haven't posted the sunrise and sunset times for a while.
Sunrise:  6:31
Sunset:  8:01
⚑     ⚑     ⚑     ⚑
After doing my morning routine and hanging a load of laundry out on the line the temperature was already in the 60's and I went outside and planted some seeds.  Not in the ground yet but in a starter tray.  I planted Tomatoes, Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Dill, and Marigolds.  There were 72 little plastic holders and I have a bunch more seeds.  I'll probably just plant some more of them in the ground.  By the time the seeds are ready to plant outside Ken will have built some raised beds for me.

Walking around the yard I've noticed lots of flowers breaking up through the ground.  The Tulips are ready to bloom any day now and the cone flowers and daisies are showing too now. 

This little tree in the yard is looking so pretty.  Someone told me that it is some kind a magnolia tree but can't remember what kind.
I did a little weeding and since the grass is all green and growing it was time for me to get out that fun riding mower and mow the lawn.  Three other neighbors all had the same idea.  I tried to start the mower and the battery was dead.  The charger wasn't helping so we went out and bought a new battery.  Then the mower started right up and I was off mowing.  Just took me a minute to get the hang of it again.  Remember last year when I was learning how drive it?  : )

I sure didn't feel like cooking today so we went to Brenda's for a salad and a pizza.   
Tonight for my snack I'm having a cup of Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream.  I'm going from a cup and a half to only one cup.  I've gained a few pounds and need to get rid of them so I have to cut down a bit.

Haven't had time to do my exercise CD so I'd better go and do that now.  Plan on getting around to visiting some blogs later, but if I run out of time I'll be around tomorrow for sure.

Hope you've had a sunny day to and had a change to enjoy it.
happyone  : )
Never does the human soul appear so strong
as when it forgoes revenge,
and dares forgive an injury.
~ E H Chapin

Three Happy Things
  1. A happy peaceful walk
  2. Mowing the lawn on the riding mower
  3. Pizza at Brenda's

Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is Risen

The third day after Christ's death
the Bible says:
Matthew 28:2 through 6
And, behold there was a great earthquake:
for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven,
and came and rolled back the stone from the door,
and sat upon it.

His countenance was like lightning,
and his raiment white as snow:

And for fear of him the keepers did shake,
and became as dead men.
And the angel answered and said unto the women,
Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus,
which was crucified.

He is not here:  for He is risen, as he said.
Come, see the place where the Lord lay.
✝     ✝     ✝     ✝
 Luke 24:6
He is not here, but is risen:
remember how he spake unto you 
when He was yet in Galilee
 ✝     ✝     ✝     ✝
He is risen - With those words a new life of joy awaits all who believe.
Don't leave Jesus in the manager, or on the cross, or in the tomb.  He is ALIVE.  Seek Him out and He will be with you always.

Romans 10:9
That if thou shalt confess with they mouth,
the Lord Jesus, 
and shalt believe in thine heart that God
raised him from the dead,
thou shalt be saved.
and a blessed day to you all.
happyone : ) 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A busy day and a nap

35 degrees this morning, sunny and not even a breeze, a beautiful morning for walking.  Yesterday I retired another pair of walking shoes and wore a new pair today.  The old ones I'll wear around the yard.  Even though the new shoes are the exact same kind as the old ones, I always feel better after the first walk so I know they will be good walking shoes.  These latest pass the test.

I walked the Farm Loop in the opposite direction than usual.  A couple of pictures along the way.
I saw a couple of blue jays and a downy woodpecker.
No people around and very few cars.
Walked 6 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
I went to the library this morning but not the one in town.  I went to the one in Grantsville (15 miles or so from home) because the weather was so nice and thought it would be nice to take my car out for a  spin.
I checked out a Stephen King book that I've never heard of.  These other two books were on the give away shelf so I came home with them too.  They are books 4 and 5 in the series so now I'll have to get the other three from the library and read them first. : )
After lunch I went outside to get some work done in the yard.  I cut down 12 rose bushes and 3 big tree bush things.  Cut down 6 huge ornamental grasses and did some raking.  I was out for a few hours.  In the next few days I will have to mow the lawn.  I'm looking forward to having fun on the riding lawn mower again.  : )

After getting the clothes off the line and folding them I sat down to read.  Read a few pages and fell asleep. Woke up when Ken called to say he was on his way home.

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.
happyone : )
Let the resurrection joy lift us from
loneliness and weakness and despair to
strength and beauty and happiness.
~ Floyd W Tomkins

Three Happy Things Today
  1. Comfortable walking shoes
  2. Free books
  3. A sunny afternoon in the yard
Comment Replies:
Vee - I had Shrimp Scampi on a bed of spaghetti with a twice baked potato and green beans when we went out to eat. Too much food so I saved the spaghetti and had that as leftovers last night.  It was scampi flavored and delicious.

Karen - The little door on my camera that holds the batteries in broke and the duct tape is holding the door closed.

Edit:  Free books are number 8 and 9 of the series not 4 and 5 like I thought.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Puzzle

It was 35 degrees this morning, cloudy but no wind.  With my camera kind of working and all taped up with duct tape I left on my walk and I walked the farm loop. 
Farmer Bill told me a while ago that he was going to put up a green house and I see today that he has started it.
I saw a ground hog again and he disappeared in a flash down his home.  It is quite a big hole.  I went up the bank on the side of the road and took a picture of it and the ground hog was long gone.
Since there was no school today there was less traffic (not there ever is very much) than usual. 
I went home after walking the loop for a pit stop and then left again to finish my walk. Remembered my library book this time and dropped it down the slot at the library and then walked around town.  The loop is just over four miles so just had a couple of miles left to walk.
I walked 6.4 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
A little after breakfast we went to LaVale to Kohls.  We had a coupon for 30% off.  So with their sale and our coupon it was a good savings.  Only thing was we didn't find anything to buy.  I need some dresses for church and just couldn't find any I liked.  We then headed to the mall to Penny's and I didn't find anything there either.  I tried on seven dresses and none of them were right.
They just don't make dresses for woman in my age group. : )

Though we didn't get anything at least we had a nice ride and a day out.

I didn't do a thing when we got home but work on the puzzle.  Ken helped a little but I mostly did it on my own.  It was a fun puzzle to do.
I'm getting hungry about now so off I go to have some supper.  Having the left overs from yesterday's eating out supper.

Hope your day is a happy one and you smiled often.
happyone : )
The quickest way to know a woman 
is to go shopping with her.
~ Marcelene Cox
Three Happy Things
  1. My camera is working 
  2. Didn't buy anything but didn't spend anything either
  3. A afternoon spent doing a puzzle

Thursday, April 17, 2014

No pictures today

I am happy to say there was no snow this morning.  It was 30 degrees and sunny but windy.  Walked around town because of the wind.  It gets mighty windy along the open road by the farms.

I walked to the farm at the edge of town to see if Charlie was around but there was not a cow to be seen.  They must have all been up at another field that I can't see from the street.

I heard a woodpecker and this time I saw him too.  He didn't stay around long though once he spotted me.

I saw one of my walker friend walking his dog who I haven't see for quite a while and he said to me, "I see you have survived your first winter here."  : )

My camera is acting up so I couldn't take any pictures today. 
I walked 6.1 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
Walked down the street to Shear Delight and Sherry did my hair again.  I see the same two people there every time I go there.  I go every 6 weeks, Lisa goes every 3 weeks and another lady goes every week. 

I did a little bit of the jigsaw puzzle.  There are 600 pieces to it and the pieces are a lot bigger than usual.  It's nice working with the bigger pieces but they take up a lot more room on the table.

A happy day to you.
happyone : )
Wherever you go,
no matter the weather,
always bring your own sunshine.
~ Anthony J D'Angelo
Three Happy Things Today
  1. Spotting the woodpecker
  2. A sunny day
  3. Going out to eat for supper tonight

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Winter and Spring today

Winter came back for a little while.  Woke up to 22 degrees, wind, and snow.  Just didn't feel like walking in winter weather again after it's been so nice so I turned over and went back to sleep and didn't get up till 7:15.  By then the sun was up and out but still only 25 degrees so I decided to wait and take an afternoon walk.

It seemed like a good morning to make pancakes for breakfast so that's what we had.

Home in the morning doing this and that around the house.  After lunch it warmed up to 32, the sun was shining brightly and there was no wind so I decided to go for my walk then.

Ken was going up to Happy Trails to get a saw out of the shed to use here at the house so I went up in the truck with him and then I walked back to town.   It's just three miles back to the house so I walked around town a bit too.  It was 40 by the time I got home so it was really a nice weather walk and I'm glad I waited and walked then.

Here I'm walking down the driveway at HT.  It doesn't look much like a hill but I'm walking down hill.
Thought this looked pretty so snapped a picture.
A crow in a tree.
Here I am walking up the hill on the main road to town.
I saw a ground hog along the side of the road and when he saw me he dashed into his home on top of the bank at the edge of the road.

There were a couple of people out at one of the cemeteries in town when I walked around it.  Also saw Sherry, my hair dresser drive by in the car and she gave me a little toot.  I'll be seeing her tomorrow.

It was really a beautiful afternoon and nice to be outside.
I walked my usual 6 miles.

My daffodils had a rough time of it with the snow and cold temperatures but I guess they are pretty hardy because they perked up a bit this afternoon.

We had baked pork chops for supper tonight.  I put some spices in Italian bread crumbs and covered the pork chops with them and then baked them in the oven.  Very simple and easy and they came out tender and juicy.  A couple of baked potatoes and brussel sprouts rounded out the meal.  Oh, and a nice cold glass of milk too.

After supper Ken and I walked to the Dollar General to pick up a few things.  Sure is handy having that store a half mile up the road.  As we were coming down our driveway one of my walker friends Mike, was walking by.  I introduced him to Ken and we walked to the store with him.  Mike was out on his walk though so kept going when we got to the store.

Not sure yet what my snack will be tonight - ice cream or chocolate chip cookies.

Hope your day was sunny and bright and you smiled often.
happyone : )

Sometime we regret, more than any words spoken, a silence not broken. 
~ Robert Brault
Three Happy Things Today
  1. Even though the day started out winter, it ended with spring
  2. An afternoon walk
  3. Starting a new puzzle - Ken found the puzzle in the back of his car.  It was from Christmas and he forgot about it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Busy days

It's been a couple of busy days and no time for blogging.  It's only been two days but seems longer.

Sunday's are always busy days with church and I always enjoy it.  This week right after the morning service the teen group of the church had an auction.  The first annual one and we had a lot of fun.

The main part of the auction were the kids themselves.  They were auctioned off to the highest bidder for 8 hours of work.  The winner gets a teen for two, 4 hour work days.  They will do yard work, babysitting, and things like that.  Work and time worked out between the teen and the winning bidder.
They were trying to make money for activities and mission trips.
Ken bid on a teen named John to help take our back deck apart some time in the summer. 

There were donated items that were auctioned off too.  I made three dozen of those famous chocolate chip cookies and they went for $25.  Someone bought them for Pastor Leatherman. 

I also donated a baby blanket I made out of weave-it squares.  First time one of my blankets ever made money.  I was happy that the kids got $85 for it.  You can see the  blanket HERE.
 ♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
Yesterday morning we did some food shopping and other errands and went to Happy Trails in the afternoon.

Sunday and Monday were beautiful warm sunny mornings for walking and I walked my usual 6 miles.  The daffodils are now out around here and the grass us turned green almost over night.
Sunday Morning
First Daffodils of the season
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
This morning it was still warm out at 56 but was cloudy and looked like rain so I took along my umbrella.  Didn't bother with rain pants or my new rain shoes because chances were it wouldn't even rain. 

I went to the post office first and dropped my mail in the slot.  Then just walked around town.  Some light showers had me putting the umbrella up and down quite a few times.  Still wasn't getting wet feet, but then about a half mile from home,  it got very windy and started raining hard and my feet and my sweat pants up to my knees got pretty wet.  Still it wasn't cold so it didn't much matter. 

I saw a couple of rabbits and heard a woodpecker.  I noticed that Saber's dog run got moved way to the back of her yard which I saw on my loop around the ball park.
Didn't see any people out.

I walked 6 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
The temperature as been falling since this morning and it is now 38 degrees and supposed to go down in the 20's tonight.  Only one night though and we should get spring back again tomorrow afternoon.

Took this picture out the window.  The chipmunk enjoyed the seeds from the bird feeder. 
Just hanging around home today.  After I publish this post I'll be visiting blogs to catch up with you all.

A happy day to you.
happyone : )
Work and play are words
used to describe the same thing 
under different conditions.
~Mark Twain
 Happy Things From the past three days
  1. Blooming daffodils
  2. Warm morning walks
  3. Teen Auction
  4. Being at Happy Trails
  5. Church
  6. Pretty sunrises
  7. Emails from friends
  8. A wedding invitation
  9. Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lunch out

We left early this morning for a trip down to Howard County again.  This time Ken was going to the train show in Tomonium and he dropped me off at Mary Jo's house.  Her son and daughter were there too and we had a nice morning chatting and catching up.

I emailed Christina (Pastor's wife, my Sunday school teacher and friend) that I was coming down to see Mary Jo and that we were going to go to out to lunch and asked if she would like to come too.  Also to ask the other ladies from class if they would like to come join us because it would be nice to see them all again.  Not only did Christina ask them, but she put a sign up sheet out in the foyer of church.  I even made the bulletin with my picture in it.  : )  Wow!!
Christina ended up not being able to make it but 9 people signed up and we met at Applebee's and had a fun time talking, laughing and catching up.  It touched my heart that so many were willing to give up part of their Saturday to have lunch with me.  Nice to know they still think of me after being away all this time.

I went back to Mary Jo's house again after lunch and Ken picked me up later after he left the train show and we headed back home. 

It was a lovely day and a memory maker.

It was nice to get back home again where a traffic jam is 4 cars lined up. : )
I was having such a nice time that I forgot all about taking pictures.

Hope you enjoyed your day.
happyone : )
No matter what looms ahead,
if you can eat today,
enjoy today,
mix good cheer with friends today,
enjoy it and bless God for it.
~ Henry Ward Beecher
 Three Happy Things Today
  1. Spending the day with Mary Jo
  2. Eating lunch and enjoying time with friends
  3. Arriving back home safe and sound

Friday, April 11, 2014


A warm morning with a temperature of 54 degrees.  There was a little sun but it was mostly cloudy.  I got to wear my tights and shorts - no layering today.

Walked the farm loop.  The road on the left is where I leave the main road and start around the loop.
Walking past Farmer Bill's place I see that someone or something has crashed through part of his fence.  Just up ahead there on the left is the road that I take to continue around the loop.
It was a nice warm morning and listening to the birds singing their morning songs, makes me think the spring really has arrived for good now.

I saw a rabbit on the side of the road but it had been killed in an unusual way.  His body was all there and there was a clump of fur but his head was gone.  I was going to take a picture but it was just too creepy.   I wonder what happened to the poor thing.
Also so a live happy bunny too.

I walked around the two cemeteries too and then home.
I walked 6.2 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
I got home to an empty house after walking because Ken was down at the MVA starting the process for getting a bus drivers license.  It is quite a process but once he completes it,  he will then be able to drive the church bus.

No work outside today,  it started raining and ended up being a pretty dreary day.  But we need the rain for those spring flowers.

I started another book.  This is another in the Kate Burkholder series, Breaking Silence by Linda Castillo.  Number 3 of 4.  I've already read 1,2, and 4.  Very good murder mysteries but the crimes are gruesome and not for the faint of heart.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  It's gonna be a fun day. : )

Hope your day is filled with happy things.
happyone : )
If you want to be happy, be.
~ Leo Tolstoy
 Three Happy Things Today
  1. The smell of homemade bread baking
  2. Eating a piece of the homemade bread
  3. A warm spring morning walk
 Comment Replies:
Art - You're hiking right now so I'm too late to answer your question.
But, I would have left early and ate at MacDonald's.
I like their oatmeal and fruit. : )

Thursday, April 10, 2014


30 degrees on my walk this morning but there was no wind at all, and once the sun came out it warmed up.  When I got home it was 44.

Walked first to the post office and dropped the mail in the slot and then walked around the farm loop.  A beautiful morning and nice to be back home again with the farm animals. : )  The chicken and roosters were out this morning. 
Walked around town and one of the cemeteries.  Saw Lisa, the runner, a man walking his dog and a woman walking her dog and we were all in the cemetery.

Yesterday walking around the lake I realized those little hills around the lake that seemed steep at times were little bumps on the path compared to the mountain roads I walk up and down here.  : )

I walked 6.2 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
Right after breakfast Ken went up to Happy Trails for the day.  I decided to stay home because I had lots to do around the house.  The morning I spent inside getting some house chores done.

Such nice weather that I got to hang the two loads of laundry outside on the line.

After I had some lunch I went outside.  I dug up the rest of the plants and rose bushes and now it is ready for the herb garden.  We decided to make raised beds so that is the next step.

 Time to relax and read a bit before Ken gets back home.

A happy day to you.
happyone : )
Who is rich?
He who rejoices in his portion.
~ The Talmud
Three Happy Things Today
  1. Hanging the laundry outside in the sunshine
  2. Working outside in the garden
  3. A mini york peppermint patty

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A fun busy day

It's been a busy day today.  No morning walk because we left to go down to Howard County where we used to live.  Ken had an eye appointment (everything is fine with his eye)  and we did a few other things while we were down there.

Remember those cookies from yesterday they were for my friend Cheryl who is my former hair dresser.  Stopped in where she works to say hi and gave her the cookies.  I'm sure she shared the cookies with her coworkers. : )

When it was time for Ken's appointment he dropped my off at the beginning of the path that leads to the park where the lake is that I used to walk around.  The start of the path is at the bottom of the parking lot at my old church.  I stopped in at the church first to say hi to my former pastor but he had just left for lunch so I missed him.  I did see the Pastor Matthew though (assistant pastor and Pastor Simpson's son) and had a nice talk with him.

Then I head up the path to the lake.  A beautiful day for an afternoon walk.  Some sun, some clouds and a temperature in high 60's.
I looked forward to seeing this hill of daffodils every spring.
Here I am at the one end of the lake walking along the path.
This is at the other end of the lake.
So nice seeing my lake again and having a walk around it.  I saw my walking friend Barb, who I used to see almost every day and stopped to talk to her for a while.  So nice seeing her again. : )
There were a lot of people there but she was the only person I knew.  Walking at a different time of the day brings out different people.  Mostly mom's with strollers and little kids on bikes.

Being there made me realize that even though I really liked walking around there I don't like it any better than where I walk now.  Both places are great places to walk, just different.  I like the quietness where I am now and look forward to walking the farm loop tomorrow.

Ken picked me up at the lake and we headed back home.  Got home just in time to walk over to the library for my book club meeting.  I finished the book in the truck riding home!!  I also knitted a wash cloth.

When I got home from the book club, which was 6:40 we headed out to Brenda's for a salad and a pizza. 

Home now to relax after a happy full day.

Hope your day was a happy one.
happyone : )
Laughter is a smile that bursts.
~ Mary H Waldrip

Three Happy Things Today
  1. Ken's eye is fine 
  2. A walk around the lake
  3. Coming home

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A happy day

44 degrees this morning and very windy.  The sun came out and then some big black clouds came along and blotted the sun out altogether but before it did the sky was awesome.  Sun on one side, black sky on the other.  I took another picture after this one a few minutes later when I spotted a rainbow.  I put that picture on my photo blog which you can see HERE if you'd like too.

I walked all around town because I thought it would rain any minute but it never did.  About a block away from the Credit Union I found someones Debit card.  I walked by there later again when I knew the CU was to open and handed it to one of the tellers.   Someone is going to be happy.  : )

I saw a bunny rabbit and all the usual birds.

A pretty quiet morning in town.
I walked 6.1 miles.
♡     ♡     ♡     ♡
It was Ken's turn at the dentist this morning.  While he was there I made some chocolate chip cookies.  Tomorrow I'll tell you who they were for.

Ken put all the little hooks on my new blue plates and this afternoon I hung them up over the cabinets.  I'm thinking they look pretty nice.  Only need to find a few more now.

I've been doing some reading on the book for tomorrows book club but I still have about half the book to read.  I will be gone for the day tomorrow but I hope to make it back home before 5:30.

I made the sweet and sour chicken again for supper.  This it turning into something I make often.  It is high up on the list for favorite suppers.  I didn't feel like making it because it is a bit of a bother but I'm so glad I did because it was delicious.

The sun made it out again during the day and the temperature got to 60 again but it stayed windy. 

Hope your day has been a good one and that you smiled often.
A Happy Day to You.
happyone : )
When I was in grade school,
they told me to write down
what I wanted to be when I grew up.
I wrote down happy.
They told me I didn't understand the assignment,
I told them they didn't understand life.
~ unknown
Three Happy Things Today
  1. Seeing the blue plates hung above the cabinets
  2. Finding the debit card and thinking how happy the person will be to get it back
  3. Sweet and sour chicken supper
Comment replies:
Nellie - No, hasn't been wet enough yet for those rain shoes, but it will be one of these days and I'll be ready. : )

Monday, April 07, 2014

A Rainy Day

40 degrees this morning and just cloudy when I left on my walk.  It felt like rain and sure enough after awhile there were periods of light drizzle.  I didn't have my umbrella so stayed around town just in case it started raining hard.  I got a bit damp but not wet.
On the way back from one of the cemeteries I walked around the town pond.  No one there fishing today.  There are a lot of red winged black birds by the pond.
I saw Joe driving around in the town truck checking things out in town and he stopped to say hi.  Saw bus driver number 10 three different times coming and going out of town. 

It started raining a little harder by the time I was walking down the main street here in town and just walked home.  My house is up the road about 1/2 mile.
Walked 5.8 miles.
☂     ☂     ☂     ☂
Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful spring day.  I went for a little walk in the afternoon and then sat out in the yard on my swing for a little while.  I liked the tree branch shadows on the grass here.  Notice how the grass is turning green again.
☂     ☂     ☂     ☂
Stayed home today while it rained and did the daily chore routine and then just did some stuff around the house.  I'm basically a home body and enjoy these days at home.

Ken has been in the basement playing with his new train locomotive that he got Saturday.  It has sound and is really cool.  He's called me downstairs a couple of times for me to see it. : )

This week is Revival Week at church and after supper we will head to church.  Its a fun time at church but also makes you stop and take a good look at yourself and where you stand with God. 

The rain seems to have stopped now and it's just cloudy.
Hope all is well with you and your day is a happy one.
happyone : )
Never does the human soul appear so strong
as when it forgoes revenge,
and dares forgive an injury.
~ E H Capin
Three Happy Things Today
  1. Sitting inside in a dry house watching the rain
  2. That Ken is happy with his new toy
  3. Knowing that God loves and cares for me