Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Walking, food, and knitting

31 degrees this morning when I started out on my walk.  I walked one of my connect the path routes through the woods and neighborhoods.   Saw the sun come up and then it got cloudy and didn't see much of more of the sun until later in the day.
As I was walking I saw a deer in the woods and stopped to look.  As I stood there I could see more and more deer.  They were all standing so still it was hard at first to see them.  I counted 8.  They blend in so well with the woods.  It was like one of those pictures you see where you have to find the hidden images.  Farther along the way I saw John and Petey and they were stopped looking at deer too.  So I stopped there again to look at deer.  This time there were 4 of them.
A women driving in a car stopped to ask me if I had seen a dog running around because she has lost one of hers.  She was deaf but still managed to convey to me what she wanted.  Unfortunately I had to tell her I hadn't seen her dog.
There were others walking dogs, a few runners and a few bike riders as well.
Today I walked 6.5 miles.
Total miles of walking for this month is 168.6.
With missing a few days due to the ice I haven't kept up my average of 6 miles a day.
It has slipped to 5.4 miles. 
The coins I found this month add up to 95 cents - 3 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 5 pennies.
Sunrise 7:16
Sunset 5:26
The new recipe, Black Beans and Sweet Potatoes, I made last night for supper turned out very good.  Both Ken and I liked it a lot and it not only tasted good it's healthy too.
Garlic, peppers, onion,

Added beans, salsa and spices

all sitting on a split open sweet potato.
I've added the recipe to my online cookbook at MealsMatter and you can find the recipe HERE if you would like it.

I got the recipe on Anne's blog who is a friend from church which features delicious, quick, easy, cheap and healthy recipes.  Stop by her blog and check them out. 
After missing my knitting group the last two weeks it was nice to get back there again today.  I didn't take along the baby blanket I'm knitting because it is getting too big to bring there so instead I knitted on another dish cloth.  I'm making a blue and white one.   For a while there were only 10 of us there but later more people came and I counted around 16 people. 

I've just finished lunch and now I'll just putter around the house here until it's time to make supper.  Tonight I have a supper planned with eggplant.  I'll cut it up, dip it in egg, bread crumbs, and fry it up.  Then layer it with sauce, mozzarella, Parmesan in a dish and bake it.  We can either eat it like that or put it on a roll. 

That is it for today.
Till next time........

A smile from me to you.
There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged 
to find ways in which you yourself have altered.
~Nelson Mandela

Monday, January 30, 2012

A busy day

Didn't spend much time at home yesterday.  Started my day with a walk as usual but had to cut it short to 3.6 miles because I had to leave at 8:30 and just didn't have the time for a longer one.  As soon as I got back from walking, I got ready for church and was out the door at 8:30.  I have to leave a little early because I pick up one of the senior ladies and take her to church.  We got to church right at 9:00 just in time for Sunday School.  There is a half hour between Sunday School and the church service and there are coffee and donuts to eat as we all talk and visit with each other.  I usually pass on the donuts but I ate a chocolate one yesterday because I didn't have time for breakfast and didn't want to have a growling stomach during church! : )

Home, lunch, and then Ken and I went to the movies in the afternoon to see One For the Money, based on the Janet Evanovitch's book.  I've read all the books and really liked them and wanted to see the movie.  Of course the book was better as it almost always is but the movie was good and we enjoyed it.

Then back home for a short while and we were off again to eat dinner at Baldwin Station.  I've mentioned the place before which is an old railroad station turned into a very nice restaurant.  We go there once in while for special occasions.  We had reservations for 6:00 and had a delicious meal and enjoyed being there.  What special occasion you may be wondering were we celebrating - Our Anniversary - 40 years!  : )  The actual day is today, the 30th, but we celebrated a day early.
This morning I was back to a regular walk and walked around the lake.  Temperature was 25 degrees, but the sun came up, stayed out and there was no wind.  Very quite around the lake which is usual for a Monday. 
Some cardinals,  a couple of chickadees, some crows fighting over some food, and the usual ducks and geese were about.  
It was great to be outside walking and each day I get to walk is one that I am thankful for.  I am thankful that I am healthy enough to be able to get out and walk each day. 
I walked 6.8 miles.
Sunrise 7:17
Sunset 5:25
I'm posting early today for me but I just plan on staying at home the rest of the day.  I have some cleaning to do, I get to try out my new iron and then hopefully I can fit some time in for cross stitching and reading.
I have a new recipe that I will be trying for supper.  If it goes well I'll share it tomorrow.
Have a great day.  Enjoy it, be thankful and smile a lot.
No one remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself.
~Thomas Mann

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Iron

Wow, what a difference in temperature from yesterday!  Only 25 degrees, that's a difference of 35 degrees.  The wind has moved on and it was a nice crisp sunny morning, yet another great morning for walking. : )
I was up and out a little later than usual at 7:10 and walked along the sidewalk this morning to the end of Gray Rock and back again. 
Quite a few others were out walking too.  Every time I walk this way I see a women walking and we always say good morning.  Once in a while I see her walking with a friend and today they were walking together.  We stopped to have a little chat.  Lots of people were out walking dogs and I saw a few people out riding bikes as well.
With such changeable weather and warm weather it has confused the bulbs because look here, I think these are daffodils starting to pop up through the ground.  I'm pretty sure this is way too early for that to be happening.
I walked 6.2 miles.
Sunrise 7:18
Sunset 5:23
Didn't get a change to read yesterday after all, just ran out of time.  We went out to try to buy an iron.  Didn't see any that I liked. They all look strange like things from outer space.  My old iron was a Black and Decker which I liked and wanted to buy another.

I made us pancakes with strawberries for breakfast this morning and then we headed out to look for an iron again.  I really needed to have one because now there are six shirts hanging over the chair waiting to be ironed.  We had to stop in at BJ's and I looked there and what do you know.  There was a Black and Decker iron for me.  It is the most normal looking iron I could find.  One nice thing I like about this is that it has a retractable cord.  After I took the picture, posted it and saw it sitting here I realized that I have the Spanish side of the box showing.
So now that I have a new iron, I suppose I should go iron and check it out.  Well, on second thought I think I'll just wait until Monday.

Well, now that we are home I have a few chores to do around the house and then maybe I'll find some time to read today.  The cross stitch that I though I'd have done in a day or two will probably take more like 4 or 5 days.

Hope you're having a sunny day.
A smile from me to you.
Who being loved, is poor?
~Oscar Wilde

Friday, January 27, 2012

A rainy walk

A rainy morning walk for me today but it was very warm with a temperature of 60 degrees!!  Too warm even to wear my rain slicker and pants.  Just wore my tights and shorts with a sweat shirt to help keep me dry.   I had my big umbrella along but it didn't keep me all that dry because at times there were some gusty winds that just blew the rain on me and a couple of times my umbrella was almost blown right out of my hands.  If I sound like I'm complaining, I'm not.  It was a fun walk!  I love to hear the rain on the umbrella and it wasn't freezing rain and there was no ice and I was able to walk.  It was still a great morning for walking.
I didn't see any other people out along the paths.  Today though there were plenty of deer about.  I saw a group of a dozen all standing around together.  Then later on I saw two together and then a lone one.
No special walking route today, just walked here and there and all about.
This time when I walked passed the liquor store there was a quarter sitting right there in a puddle just waiting for me to find. : )
I walked 6.7 miles.
Sunrise 7:19
Sunset 5:22
I did meet Ken and his coworkers for happy hour last night and the hour turned into four hours.   There were 15 of us there and it was a good time.  Nice that I was invited too.  : )  It was at Ram's Head and I had a Turkey Reuben sandwich which I think is the best place to get one around here.

Yesterday in the middle of ironing my iron just quit working so I'll be out looking to buy a new one in the next couple of days.  I've had my iron for years and I'm sure even irons are completed things now a days with lots of options! : )  I have no idea the price of irons either so I am telling myself not to be shocked at the price of them either.

By late morning the sky was started to show some blue among the clouds and now it's sunny and the wind is still around.

I'm home today just doing this and that around the house.

Time for lunch now and then I'll do some cross stitch.  It's coming along nicely and I should be done in the next day or two.  I haven't read for a few days so I hoping to find some time for that too.

Enjoy your Friday.
A smile from me to you.
Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness,
and the word happy would lose its meaning
if it were not balanced by sadness.
~ Carl Jung

Thursday, January 26, 2012

John and Petey

I thought it was going to be raining when I got up this morning but it wasn't so I didn't have to walk in the rain.  It was cloudy, damp and felt like rain but it held off until later in the day.  It was a warm morning with a temperature of 39 degrees and very still out.  I started out walking over to the liquor store to see if I could find any coins in the parking lot, but no luck.  So I then walked along my connect the path route.  A couple of trees had fallen down along the path here, and as you can see they have been already been moved off the path.
The crossing guard was in a chatty mood today again so I stopped and talked with her for a bit.  Some days she likes to talk and other days she barely says hello, so some times we talk and some we don't depending on her mood.

I saw John and Petey along one of the paths and today I asked them if I could take their picture for my blog.  They both said, "Sure, go right ahead." which is what I thought they would say. : )  Here they are at 90 years old enjoying their walk together. They always have a smile and a happy word or two to say. They are an inspiration to me and I hope to be out there walking at their age too!!
A couple of other people were out along the paths walking dogs.
No deer around this morning, at least none that I could see.  I heard a woodpecker but couldn't find him. 
Three people stopped at the cross walks to let me cross the street.  Wow, that is some kind of record for one day.  As I mentioned a few times, people don't usually stop.  Maybe they are getting used to seeing me walking around and stop because they feel like they know me.  I've had people come up to me when I'm out NOT walking and say hello to me and say they see me every morning on their way to work.
It works both ways because I see a lot of the same cars driving around in the morning too.
It was good to be out walking and today I walked 6.9 miles.
Sunrise 7:20
Sunset 5:21
It's one of those dreary cloudy days and I've been home doing stuff around the house.  I've held off on doing cross stitch till later so I have actually gotten some things done today.
Not sure what's up for later or if I have to cook supper.  Ken and his coworkers might be going out for happy hour after work today.  I've been invited so if they decide to go I'll meet them. 

That's about it for today so far.
Hope where you are it is a sunny day.
 Circumstances and situations do color life
but you have been given the mind
to choose what the color shall be.
~ John Homer Miller

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


A great morning for walking.  It was 31 degrees, very still and quiet around the lake this morning as I watched the sun come up.
I practically had the lake to myself.  Only a few others out and didn't even see much wildlife - just the geese and a duck that I can't find the name of.  He has a rust colored head, with a black and white body and dives under the water and stays there for a while.
I took a picture of these animal prints but can't seem to find out which animal they are from.  I thought maybe a fox but no because they only have 4 toes as do dogs and the most other critters.  I'm thinking maybe a raccoon but I'm not sure.  Any ideas?
Yesterday I took a picture standing in one of the picnic pavilions looking down at the path I walk along.  Today I took a picture from the path looking up at the pavilion.
I started walking in the dark but when I got home the sun was up and shining giving us a beautiful sunny morning.
I walked 6.5 miles.
Sunrise 7:20
Sunset 5:19
No extra walking this morning because I wanted to get a relatively early start going to the commissary.
It was a nice sunny drive there, no lines to wait on in the commissary, and I got everything on my list.  There were a couple of Army guys walking through the aisles  with cameras taking pictures of a few cans here and and few cans there on the different shelves.  Maybe for advertising?  I could have asked but didn't want to be too nosy. 
Back home I unloaded the car, put everything away, had some lunch, did a few things around the house and then settled down to do a little counted cross stitching.
Taking a break now to post this and read some blogs.
We watched a movie last night from the library called Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.  The start of the movie was a bit of a shocker and certainly not what I expected!!!  I am surprised we watched the whole thing.  I thought it was depressing, disturbing and NOT good!

On a more pleasant note, last night we stopped in at Mars (grocery store) and picked up some more ice cream.  We got a brand called Greens and I picked out a flavor called Vanilla Brownie Blast, a flavor I've never had before.  It is described on the container as, Brownies and Thick Fudge Ribbons in Vanilla ice cream.  I thought it a great name and the ice cream was another new favorite for me.  I have so many favorites that I really don't have a favorite any more!!
And now back to some more cross stitch.
Hope your day was a good one.
A smile from me to you.
How far you do in life depends on 
your being tender with the young,
Compassionate with the aged,
sympathetic with the striving,
and tolerant of the weak and strong.
Because someday in your life
you will have been all of these.
~ George Washington Carver

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ah, walking once again

It stayed above freezing all night and this morning when I left for my walk the temperature was 41 degrees.  It was foggy and things were wet but there was no ice.  Only a little bit of melting slush on some of the bridges.
I can't tell you how good it felt to be outside walking again.  I sure did miss walking.
I walked around the lake, but not just around the lake.  I walked up all the different paths around the lake.  I took the path up to one of the park entrances which I rarely take.  There are tennis and basketball courts there as well as baseball fields.  There is also a picnic pavilion which I walked into and looked down at the path I had  walked on earlier and snapped this picture.
I walked half way around the lake before I started seeing people.  A few deer were around and the geese were very busy this morning.  Some leaving, some arriving, and some just swimming around on the water.  I love watching them come in for a landing  on the lake!  The heron was there too standing on the rocks at the waters edge.

It was one of those mornings when I didn't feel like going back home so I walked a little farther than usual.  Finally I had to tell myself to go home.  The sun had broken through the clouds by then and there was blue sky showing. : )
I am sure glad it is sunny today.  I was getting pretty tired of dreary days.
I walked 8.3 miles.
Sunrise 7:21
Sunset 5:18
On Tuesday and Wednesday the Body Electric workout I do is on PBS at 10:00 so if I'm home I do it then.  I recorded other episodes years ago when I first starting doing this and other days I just do one of the recorded ones.  It is nice having some others to watch on TV because I do get tired of doing the same ones over and over.  I like the exercises which include light weights and really feel like it is a good workout.

Nice sunny days must be good days for doing counted cross stitch too because today I found myself sitting in the sun in the living room doing that again.  Not enough of it done yet to get the picture of what it will be but here's what I've gotten done so far.  Doesn't look like much when you consider all the time I've been working on it!!
I stopped stitching for a while to look up some new recipes and make out a shopping list for tomorrow.  I decided to do that a day early so I don't have to do it just before I leave in the morning.

Hope your day was a good one and that you got to smile often.
A smile from me to you.
It is now how much we have,
but how much we enjoy,
that makes happiness.
~ Charles Spurgeon

Monday, January 23, 2012

A good day for cross stitching

I woke up this morning to 30 degrees and fog.  The temperature has gone up to 37 this afternoon, it is still rainy but things are melting.  Thought briefly about walking this morning but figured there would still be icy spots around and with the rain it would be hard to tell where the ice was.  Since I've already missed walking for these three days now and tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and warm, I'm just going to get back to walking tomorrow.  I'll just walk a little extra the rest of the week.  I did a couple of body electric workouts so got a little activity in.

I ended up knitting all afternoon yesterday while watching the football game.  Well I didn't really watch it because I don't care for football but Ken was watching and I just kept on knitting.

I've spent a lot of today doing counted cross stitch.  I'm sitting under the ott light which is very bright like sunlight.  It's the only way I'm going to get any sun today.  Any one who does needlework should have one of these lights.  Even on a dreary day like today I can see all the different shades of colors without a problem. 

Well, back to my cross stitch project again.  Maybe by tomorrow I'll have enough of it done to post a picture.
Hope the sun is shining where you are. 
Whoever is happy will make others happy too
~ Mark Twain

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Then God saw everything He had made,
and indeed it was very good.
So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

Thus the heavens and the earth,
and all the host of them, were finished.

And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, 
and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.
Genesis 1:31 - 2-:2
 I sorry to say that there was no walk again for me this morning.  Still icy like yesterday and it is still below freezing.  A warm up is predicted for tomorrow and a day of rain.  Maybe by afternoon I'll be able to get out there and walk.  Hope so.

Today was the first day of a new Sunday School class at church.  It is a ladies class and Christina the pastor's wife is teaching it.  We are starting right at the beginning in Genesis.  I very much enjoyed the first class and look forward to studying more in the weeks ahead.

After lunch Ken and I went over to the mall and walked around.  It wasn't much of a walk but at least I got to walk a little.  I wore my pedometer so knew we walked 2.5 miles.

Home the rest of the afternoon.  I might read, knit, do counted cross stitch or a little of each. : )
Homemade pizza is supper tonight!!

Have a restful Sunday.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

An icy day

It is as I suspected yesterday, ice and no walking for me.  We got an inch or so of snow and then a freezing drizzle.  Sidewalks too icy for walking.
Took the picture from my living room window.
We went to bed late last night and slept in until 8:00!!  That is LATE for me.
I made French toast for breakfast and we have been at home all day.  I read in the morning and after lunch we watched a movie.  It was an old movie from 1956 called The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit starring Gregory Peck.  I had always heard that it was a good movie but had never seen it.   A movie with lots of story lines going on it and they all come together in the end.  It was a long movie, 152 minutes but we both thought it was good.

Not much else going on around here.  Stayed below freezing all day so nothing is melting.
I don't think I'll be walking tomorrow either.

Hope all is well with you today.
A smile from me to you.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Home and cleaning

Quite a bit warmer than yesterday morning with a temperature of 31 degrees as I headed out the door for my walk.  There was also a bit of a breeze out.  I made my way over to the lake and walked around it. Not many people out but there were a few runners and I saw a few of the regulars.  Friendly Runner was out and we exchanged a few words as she ran past me.  I'll have to find out her name one of these days.  As I've mentioned before she is the friendliest runner I've come across.  She actually seems to enjoy running.
Very quite as to wild life, just the usual birds and geese.  I took this picture standing on the red footbridge.  The geese all started swimming away when I got to the bridge.  If you look closely you can a crescent moon too.  I think the clouds in the background look like mountains.
After walking around the lake and heading back home I passed up the street to home and walked down one of the paths a little ways.  It was nice walking and decided to walk a bit farther to make up for yesterday's shortened walk.  I doubt whether I'll be walking tomorrow because we are supposed to be getting freezing rain over night and icy conditions are times when I don't walk.
By the time I got back home this morning the temperature went down a few degrees to 27.
I walked 8.1 miles.
Sunrise 7:24
Sunset 5:14
Well today I had no excuse and had to get that housework done so that's how I spent a good part of the day.  Nothing exciting but still it makes me feel good knowing its done.

I still left time for some reading and counted cross stitching too which I'll be doing a little latter.  I've been knitting on the baby blanket watching television in the evenings.

Hope all is well in your part of the world and that you smiled often today.
A smile from me to you.
We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Thursday, January 19, 2012


12 degrees when I got up and was going to wait to walk a bit later when it warmed up some.  I waited till 7:15 but it only went up one degree to 13 and didn't feel like waiting longer so I bundled up in all my layers and went walking.  It was cold out there.  After walking a couple of miles my upper body was warm but I just couldn't generate enough heat to reach my legs and feet.  My toes were cold and my legs started to feel like blocks of wood so after just over three miles I wimped out and came home. 
I did a body electric workout when I first got home and that warmed me up and I didn't feel so bad about only doing half of my walk.
Sunrise 7:24
Sunset 5:12
Checked the mail and was surprised to find a package there for me from my friend Lin.  The friend who calls me in the morning and we "walk" together while we talk on the phone. The last time we talked I was telling her that I had used up my last box of tinsel this year on the Christmas tree and couldn't seem to find any more boxes of it.  What a happy surprise to open up the package and find four boxes of tinsel with a note. : ) 
I put one box a year on my tree, 
so now for the next four years when I put the tinsel on my tree I will think of Lin. 
Thank you my friend!!

 I had to put off that housecleaning today again for tomorrow because I had something better to do. : ) I picked up Mary Jo and brought her to my house where we watched Courageous, a movie I got from Netflix.  We almost went to the movies to see it when it first came out but never got around to it. 
After watching the movie we walked across the street and had lunch at the Chinese restaurant.  Afterwards we walked back home here, and I drove her home again.  It was a nice day, much better than cleaning!!
When I got back home I thought about going for a 3 mile walk to make up for this morning but decided not to after all.  There is always tomorrow.

So that's been my day.  Hope you enjoyed yours as well.
Till next time......
A smile from me to you.
If you want your life to be a magnificent story,
then begin by realizing that you are the author
and every day you have the opportunity to write a new page.
~ Mark Haulahan

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sarting two new little projects

Up and out walking first thing this morning as usual.  It was 38 degrees with a bit of a wind.  I walked my connect the path route and was protected a bit from the wind on the path in among the trees.
I saw four deer and the red fox.  The fox looked so pretty with his thick fur and his full lush tail.  He didn't hang around long though and was gone in a wink running back into the woods.
Saw quite a few people out along the paths too and stopped for a chat with a couple of them.  The crossing guard was in the mood to talk so I stopped for a short chat with her also.
One driver raced to get to the corner before I did so she didn't have to stop for me, went through the stop sign and almost got hit by a car coming down the street!
Then later a man in a van stopped at the cross walk to let me cross.  : )
I reached the 100 mile mark walking for the year and with today's walk of 6.4 miles I've walked 105.7 miles.  I'm keeping a running total of the miles I walk this year down at the bottom of my blog in case anyone is interested.
Sunrise 7:25
Sunset 5:11
Thanks for all the nice words and compliments on the completed counted cross stitch yesterday. : )

We watched the other movie we got from the library last night, Get Low.  We thought it was going to be a funny movie.  It wasn't funny but we both thought it was very good.  Its about a man who has been a hermit for 40 years and decides he wants to have his funeral while he's still alive.  There is a mystery surrounding the man and little bits of it is revealed throughout the movie.  The movie actually is a sad one and I cried a bit.  Good though and worth seeing.
Those gray roots of mine keep showing up again and again so off to the hairdressers I went today.  It is nice going though because I get to catch up with Cheryl.  I take some knitting along with me and do that while waiting.  I usually knit dish clothes because they are small and easy and don't require much thought.
Started a new one today and this is how much I got done.
 Came straight home from getting my hair dyed and had lunch.  I am going to start the next little counted cross stitch later on this afternoon.  I can't wait to get started on it. I'm putting off housework for another day.  : )  I'll have a busy day tomorrow!!
Hope your day is a good one and that you're doing something you enjoy.
A smile from me to you.
Some people, 
no matter how old they get,
never lose their beauty,
they merely move it from their faces to their hearts.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Counted Cross Stitch Finished

What a difference in temperature from yesterday morning when it was only 11 degrees.  This morning it was 40!!  It rained last night but had stopped this morning when I started walking.  It was cloudy but looked like it was about to clear up because I could see little breaks in the clouds.  I stayed on the sidewalks and just walked down to the end of Gray Rock, crossed the street, turned around and walked back home.
A very quiet walk.  Only saw two others out and they were both running.
I was about a mile and half from home and I started feeling a couple of rain drops here and there.  A mile from home the drops turned into a light drizzle and a half mile from home the drizzle turned into rain.  I was a bit wet by the time I got home, but at least I was on the way home and didn't have to stay wet for long.
I walked 6.4 miles.
Sunrise 7:25
Sunset 5:10
It's Tuesday and my knitting group morning, but I didn't go today. I just wasn't in the knitting mood.  I really wanted to get the cross stitch finished so I stayed home to work on that.  It took me a lot longer to finish than I thought it would but I did finish!  I hung it up in the kitchen near my computer. 
I have another small counted cross stitch to do and then I'll be working on a large one that I started a couple of years ago and never got very far with it.  It is one of my goals this year to finish it.

When I get off the computer I am going to do a little baking.  Chocolate Chippers I'll be baking to bring with me tomorrow when I go get my hair dyed.  I like to bring a little something for all the workers.

Hope all is well in your part of the world.
A happy day to you.
Happiness is like a butterfly which,
when pursued, 
is always beyond our grasp,
but, if you will sit down quietly,
may alight upon you.
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne

Monday, January 16, 2012

A chilly morning

It was only 11 degrees this morning when I got up.  That sounded a bit too cold so I decided to wait until the sun came up and it got a little warmer before walking.  So this morning I did my Body Electric first thing and then did a few things around the house.  By 8:30 it was sunny out and it had warmed up to 18 so I bundled up and headed over to the lake for a mid morning walk.
It seemed a lot of people had the same idea I did because there were quite a few people walking later.  Some I had never seen before but a good many of them were regulars who I see early when I walk.
I didn't see any deer.  Maybe because it was later and they had moved on to another place by then.  There were a lot of geese though sitting out on the water or standing on the thin coating of ice out there.
I walked a little way with a man I met on the path behind the church leading away from the lake on the way home. As you know I prefer to walk alone but every so often it is nice to walk a little ways and talk to someone.
I'm glad I waited and walked later when it was warmer and sunny.  It felt so good to be walking in the sun and to feel it on my face.  By the time I got home it was up to 24 degrees.
I walked 6.6 miles.
Sunrise 7:25
Sunset 5:09
Ken had the day off today for the holiday but he decided to go to work anyway.  With no on else there he says he can get a lot more done without interruptions.  He is working on something he says is fun and was looking forward to working on it. 

I am home for the day and have been working on the little church cross stitch.  I like sitting on the floor by the front windows because the light is so good there and I like sitting in the sun. 
 My eyes are not as good as they once were but I have some strong magnifying glasses that I wear just for counted cross stitch and needlepoint.  They are huge black things and I look funny wearing them but I can see perfectly fine with them for close up work.  They are so strong that I can't look up from what I'm doing or I get a headache.  They were my fathers glasses for doing close work too.  You can see the glasses there in the picture.

And that's about all I've been doing this afternoon.  Had to take a bit of a break but will be back to it in a little while.  I think I'll be able to finish it today but that may be a bit optimistic and will probably finish it tomorrow.  It always takes longer than I think.

Till next time......
A smile from me to you.
There is a privacy about it 
which no other season gives you.
In spring, summer and fall 
people sort of have a open season on each other;
Only in winter, in the country
can you have longer, quiet stretches
when you can savor belonging to yourself.
~Ruth Stout

Sunday, January 15, 2012


One of the hymns we sang in church today, 
 was a new one for me and one I really liked.

I'll Tell the World That I'm a Christian

I'll tell the world that I'm a Christian;
I'm not ashamed His name to bear.
I'll tell the world that I'm a Christian
I'll take Him with me anywhere.
I'll tell the world how Jesus saved me,
And how He gave me a life brand new;
And I know that if you trust Him 
That all He gave me
He'll give to you.
I'll tell the world that He's my savior,
No other one could love me so.
My life, my all is His forever,
And where He leads me I will go.

I'll tell the world that He is coming;
It may be near or far away,
But we must live as if His coming
would be tomorrow or today.
For when He comes and life is over,
For those who love Him
there's more to be;
Eyes have never seen the wonders
that He's preparing for you and me.
Oh tell the world
that you're a Christian;
Be not ashamed His name to bear.
O tell the world that you're a Christian,
And take Him with you everywhere.
~ Baynard L. Fox

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,
for it is the power of God to salvation
for everyone who believes.....

A cold morning walk with a temperature of 20 degrees.  The sun was out though and there was no wind.  No special route again.  Very few people out but I did see Petey and John.  
A few deer were out along one of the paths and a few chickadees too.  A cold morning but a clear, crisp beautiful day.
I walked 6.6 miles
Sunrise 7:26
Sunset 5:08
You were right Vee, I still feel the same way about the movie, Being John Malkovich, a weird strange movie and one of the worst I've ever seen!  Ken wasn't that crazy about it either.

Last night Ken made supper for us.  He made chili dogs and they were sooo good.   You just can't get a chili dog around here any where near as good.  For that you have to go to Falls View in NJ!  
Here's the one I ate.  
Not that healthy I know, but it sure tastes good.
A happy Sunday to you.
God loves you.
When we put our cares in HIS hands,
HE puts HIS peace in our hearts.
~ Author Unknown

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A new library

I went to bed an hour later than usual last night, got up an hour later this morning so started walking an hour later too. It was nice walking all in the sun for a change.  I was going to walk my connect the path route but when I walked out the door my feet took me in a different direction.  I walked over to the liquor store and found a quarter and a penny in the parking lot.

The wind died down from yesterday and the sun was out but it was still pretty cold with a temperature of 24 degrees, but I was still nice and warm with all my layers on.

I walked down some paths and roads and then walked down this trail behind the school.  New wood chips had just be added.  They made a crunching sound as I walked because they were slightly frozen. 
I saw five deer and a bright red cardinal but no people along the paths or trail.  As I cut through the school yard I came across people out with their dogs.  Every Saturday morning they meet here and let their dogs off their leads so they can run around and play.
It was a nice bright crisp morning and it felt good to be outside walking.
I walked 6.2 miles.
Sunrise 7:26
Sunset 5:07
This morning when I got back home I realized I had forgotten my key.  It was a good day to forget it because Ken was home to let me in. : )

I made us French toast for breakfast and then we went out and about doing some errands.  One stop was the library. One of the libraries near home was closed for a while so they could build a brand new one right next store to the old one which just opened last month. We stopped by there today to check it out.  It was huge, bright and warm with lots of brand new books and I just couldn't leave without checking a couple out. Here's the entrance to the library.  Another good thing about it is that there is plenty of parking!!!
I live within five miles of three libraries!!  This one is only 3.5 miles from home and the second closest.

Ken picked out a couple of old movies at the library and we'll probably watch one tonight.  Get Low with Bill Murray and Robert Duvall.  On the box it says, "Funny and Touching.  Watching Murray spar with Duvall is pure pleasure."  The other movie is  Being John Malkovich.  I saw this years ago and though I don't really remember much about it I remember thinking that it was one of the worst movies I'd ever seen.  I wonder if I'll still feel the same way.

That's it for today.  I'm going to go and do a little counted cross stitch now before supper.

Hope your Saturday has been good to you.
A smile from me to you.
There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country.
A fine landscape is like a piece of music;
it must be taken at the right tempo.
Even a bicycle goes too fast.
~ Paul Scott Mowrer

Friday, January 13, 2012

A counted cross stitch day

It sure was windy outside this morning!!  The temperature was 32 but the wind made it feel colder.  I was glad I wore all my layers.  I walked around the lake.  At times the wind gave me a push and at other times pushed me back a step or two depending on the direction I was walking.  I walked down by the water to take this picture.  No smooth like glass water today!!
The geese and ducks didn't have to do much paddling.  They could just sit there and have the wind take them across the lake.  A lot of deer around today.  I counted 15 of them and that I think must be a record number in one day for me.
Only a few people out though.
When I got home the temperature had fallen a few degrees to 28.
I walked 6.5 miles.
Sunrise 7:26 
Ah ha finally after 15 days the sun is not stuck at 7:27 anymore!!
Sunset 5:06
I thought today I'd have a fun day and do as little work as possible.  So after I did the things that just had to be done I decided to do some counted cross stitch.  I got a little cross stitch a while back from my secret sister from church.  I barely got it started and haven't gotten back to it until today.  I worked on it a few hours and the time just flew by.  Here is my progress.  The hoop I'm using is an old one, it was my grandmothers and the only one I have of hers and I use it all the time.
I'm taking a break now to write this and read some blogs.  If I have time before Ken gets home from work I'll go back to my cross stitch.

I'm glad it's Friday and we are going out to eat this evening.  Not sure where we will be going but I don't really care either because I won't have to cook! : )

Enjoy this day and make the most of it.
A smile from me to you.
People say that losing weight is no walk in the park.
When I hear that I think,
that's the problem.
~ Chris Adams

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A walk and then home

It rained all last night and this morning when I looked out of the window it looked like it had stopped.  A warm morning with a temperature of 44 degrees, so I left off a couple of layers of clothing and headed out the door to walk around the lake.  There was still a mist coming down and I got a bit damp.  But that only lasted about two miles into my walk and a bit of a breeze kicked up which dried me off nicely.
It rained more than I thought it did because the stream along the path on the way to the lake was pretty full.
The first half of my walk I didn't see anyone at all, but the second half there were quite a few people out.  I guess they waited until it got light and the drizzle stopped.

I stopped to look out over the water and watch the geese on the footbridge at the narrow end of the lake.  As I was standing there the heron flew out from beneath the bridge I was standing on.  That was way cool!!
I counted seven deer run across the path in front of me and saw two more later on each on their own.
These two ducks always hang out together and I see them most days.  They are far away but I finally managed to get a picture of them.
Today I walked 6.8 miles.
Sunrise 7:27 (OH NO NOT AGAIN)
Sunset 5:05
It wasn't long after I was home that the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day.

Just home today getting some things done around the house.  

I'll be making Salsa Beef Stew which is more like a chili tonight for supper.  It makes a lot so what we don't eat I'll freeze and have two more meals for some other time.  I've just put the recipe on MealsMatter but don't have a picture for it yet.  I'll take one tonight and post it by the recipe.  It usually takes them a couple of days though.

Hope your Thursday was a day you got to laugh often.
I think everybody should get rich and famous
and do everything they ever dreamed of
so they can see that it's not the answer.
~ Jim Carrey

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Strawberries, soup and bread

Another morning walk where I just walked wherever I felt like going.  No special route of mine.  It was chilly out with a temperature of 23 degrees.  Once again there was no breeze and the sun came out and warmed things up a bit and with all my layers on I was warm.  By mid morning the clouds had moved in and by the afternoon it was raining.  Nice that the rain held off and I had a nice morning walk.
Very quiet out walking this morning.  I saw my walking friends Petey and John (the 89 year old couple - they must be 90 by now.  It seems like they have been 89 for quite a long time). : )  Only saw one other person walking.   I saw a man off the path with his tripod taking pictures.  You can barely see him in the picture below.  He is down a bit and to the left of the center of the picture.  I see him all over taking pictures.  He is often by the lake.
Walking along the path this pile of brush and sticks with dead vines over them caught my eye.  I think it looks like a big lion lying down.  Can you see a lion in that or is it just me.
While walking through a parking lot I found a penny and a quarter.  At first I didn't see the quarter because it was black with dirt and almost walked right past it. 
I walked 6.8 miles.
Sunrise 6:27 (AGAIN)!
Sunset 5:04
I had Cocoa Krispies with strawberries on them again for breakfast.  This time I took a picture of it to show you how good it looked.  Nice and colorful too in my blue bowl.
Cocoa Krispies and strawberries
I'm making Smashed Potato Soup with Dill Bread for supper tonight. 
It will be nice to have soup and bread on a rainy night.  I got the ingredients in the slow cooker for the soup and got the bread machine going first thing this morning.  I like when I make something for dinner and I can get it started in the morning.

Dill Bread
I did get that ironing done that I put off yesterday.  I ironed seven of Ken's work shirts.  I turned the TV on while ironing and watched a house hunting show on HGTV.  A couple (English/American) were moving to England.  They were shown some really neat old houses with lots of charm and they picked the house that I would have picked.  Sometimes I think I would love to move to England or Scotland and live there.  I love the villages.  I also put in an I Love Lucy DVD to watch and saw one from the Fifth season where Lucy gets locked in an old trunk and she has the keys in her pocket.  The shows made the ironing go much faster. 

My kitchen is a mess right now and it's time to go and clean it up. 
Hope all is well in your part of the world.
A happy day to you.
I like her because she smiles at me and means it.
~ Anonymous

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Walking, knitting, and lunch

No special route this morning.  Walked part on the paths, part along the sidewalks and just roamed around where I felt like going. 
It was 28 degrees, no wind and once the sun came up it stayed out. 
I saw a fox along one path and farther along heard a woodpecker.  Stopped to see if I could spot him and did but he was way to high up in the tree for me to get a picture of him.  Sometimes I wish I had a good camera with a long lens.  I know I'm missing some good photos.  But I like my little camera and it is nice to be able to easily carry it with me on my walks.  I saw two hawk like birds sitting together on a branch. 
Walking through the school yard I got this picture of the morning moon.  Three kids were riding their bikes and stopped to see what I was taking a picture of.  One of them said "cool" and they continued on their way.
I only saw one other person along the paths.
Today I walked 6.7 miles.
Sunrise 7:27
Sunset 5:03
The same sunrise time AGAIN!
No time to do much of anything this morning because I had to leave for my Tuesday knitting group.  Tuesdays sure come around fast!  There were 15 of us there today.  Once again I knitted on the baby blanket.  It is going to be 44 inches long and I am a little bit more that half finished as you can see here that I have 24 inches of it done.
No library again when I left knitting but I did stop over at my friend Mary Jo's house to pick her up and we went out for lunch at AppleBee's.  We got there  about 12:30 and we were practically the only people there.  There is a Friday's on one side and an Olive Garden on the other and both of their parking lots were full.  Makes me wonder if AppleBee's is on the way out. 
We both got the half size Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad which is very good.  We always enjoy our lunches out and did this time too.  : )

So now I'm home and don't feel like doing anything constructive so I think I'll just sit and read for a while.  There is always tomorrow to get that ironing done!!

A happy Tuesday to you.
A smile costs nothing but gives much.
It enriches those who receive without 
making poorer those who give.
It takes but a moment,
but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.
None is so rich or mighty that he cannot
get along without it
and none is so poor that he cannot
be made rich by it.
Yet a smile cannot be 
bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen,
for it is something that is of no value 
to anyone until it is given away.
Some people are too tired to give you a smile.
Give them one of yours,
as none needs a smile so much as he
who has no more to give.
~ Author Unknown

Monday, January 09, 2012

A walk, something new and a book

I walked around the lake this morning but stayed on the lower path and walked the opposite way around.  Didn't get to see a sunrise this morning because it was cloudy.  Monday's are usually quiet days around the lake and today was no exception.  Saw a few of the regulars and that was it.
All the geese were around but didn't spot any other wildlife.  It is dark when I start so it is hard to spot any.  I hear things but can't see them.
After walking the lake I didn't feel like going home yet so I walked down the sidewalk a bit to the path and walked part of that before coming back out on the sidewalk again.  Continued on to the parking lot by the liquor store hoping to find a couple of coins but no luck today.  From there I walked home.
Ended up walking 7.6 miles.
Sunrise 7:27
Sunset 5:02
Wish the sunrise would be getting earlier 
instead of just the sunset getting later.
I cut up strawberries this morning and put them in my cereal which was Cocoa Krispies.  I don't think I've ever had strawberries on them before but it certainly won't be the last time.  It was really good.

My oven mitts had seen better days and thought it was time to replace them.  When I bought these in Wal-mart I didn't look that close and thought I was just getting an oven mitt and a dishtowel.  I couldn't find any mitts just on their own so just bought the set.  I didn't look at them close and when I got home I realized that not only did  the set include a mitt and towel, but it had three towels, an oven mitt, two pot holders, and a dish rag.  I got two sets because I wanted two mitts so I got a real good deal here.
The dill and the basil that I planted has sprouted!!  The basil looks great but the dill doesn't look so hot.  It's early yet so it might improve.  The chives haven't sprouted yet but they were supposed to take longer.
I finished reading The Walk West by Peter Jenkins.  In this second book he is now married and him and his wife Barbara walk from Louisiana to the Oregon coast.  They started out in New Orleans on July 5,1976 and their walk ended at the Pacific Ocean in Florence on January 18, 1979.  This book is about their adventures.  I thought it was a great book.  You know I  like to walk, but I could never do what they did!!!! That is book number 2 for this year.  No goal involved this time just keeping track.

Last night the second season of Downton Abbey on PBS started which we watched.  Really liked the first season and the second has started out good too.  I look forward to watching the episode next week.

This afternoon I'll be home doing some routine housework stuff, nothing exciting but still it needs to be done.  

Hope your Monday is a happy one.
Every time you smile at someone,
it is an action of love,
a gift to that person,
a beautiful thing.
~ Mother Teresa