Walking is the perfect way of moving if you want to see into the life of things. It is the one way of freedom. If you go to a place on anything but your own feet you are taken there too fast, and miss a thousand delicate joys that were waiting for you by the wayside. Elizabeth von Arnim


Monday, December 27, 2010

Cold and windy

Wow, was it ever windy this morning!  The radio said gusts up to 50 miles an hour and I believe it, especially the open area by the dam at the lake.  The temperature was 26 degrees but still with all my layers on I stayed warm.
For all the snow that fell yesterday we were left with only a dusting. :-) This picture is the path along the stream that leads to the lake.  I was on my way back home when I took this picture.
What looks like snow on the road here is actually salt.
They get a bit carried away with the stuff here.  When cars drive down the road they leave a cloud of salt in their wake.  Makes for lots of white cars!
I didn't see any deer or rabbits but I did see their tracks in the snow!  I saw a few buzzards flying around and then noticed the dead deer on the side of the path.  Poor thing. :-(
The only other person I saw out by the lake was Barb and we stopped to talk for a little while.  We laughed that we were the only people around the whole lake!  She is just as obsessed about her morning walk as I am.  We were both happy that that we got just a little snow and no ice so it wouldn't keep us from our walk!
I walked 6.3 miles.
Sunrise 7:26
Sunset 4:51
Back to those Monday morning chores around the house. Not a big fan of using the clothes dryer but it was certainly too cold and windy for hanging the the clothes outside today!

I had the bread machine making a loaf of bread and just took soup out of the freezer for supper tonight when  I got a call from Ken at work.  Our friends Jackie and Kerry asked us to go out for pizza tonight with them.  I certainly can't pass that up so the soup will have to wait for tomorrow! :-)

Just taking a break here and now it's time to get some more work done.  I have some ironing to do before I can get to the fun stuff.

A smile from me to you.
Happyone :-)
Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake.
~ Wallace Stevens


KathyA said...

I'm glad you didn't get blown into the lake today!

They 'pre-treat' the roads here and are using calcite -- the white stuff-- and a mixture of molasses, which really works well. Salt, while still in the mix, alone, is not as effective and it's also very corrosive.

Linda said...

So much salt, as you say. It must be pretty hard on cars.

ale said...

Happy to know you are OK. here the TV is talking about the snow and cold over there.
here, instead there is a "heat wave" and we are dying!!! Some neighbourhoods have no electricity!! And there are no news of temperature falling the next days, so we only have to try to stay as fresh as posible!!
The place where I have the computer hasn´t air condotioner or a fan, so I don´t sit here for long times, I only check my mails first thing in the morning when there is some fresh air coming fron the yard.

Retired Knitter said...

I was busy getting caught up with house work. It is amazing how far behind I am. But glad to be home doing it. Hope to get back to knitting after the new year.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Just catching up on reading blogs today--I put slacks on but never took my nightgown off. Hubby came home to me sitting at the computer wearing a nightgown and slacks. " Did you decide not to get dressed today"?, he asked. I just never got around to it. Actually, it was really nice to just putter around! Think I'll do the French bread in the machine tomorrow. Maybe I'll even get dressed and get out of the house!LOL Have a great week!

Barb said...

Glad the chill didn't stop you from walking. I can't believe all the salt on the road! That can't be good for vegetation. Happy New Year!

Rathi said...

Last evening i was wearing four layers of warmers over me for my evening jog! it was alright for it beat the cold but soon i could not lift my arms... and then it started getting warmer as i ran.. and i was so stacked that i could not remove any of the layers! it was funny... i still need assistance to remove them from me! :-)

Goosey said...

Wow, I wish they would salt the roads like that here in the UK. Many roads remain untreated and villages get cut off for some time. Our road has not been treated at all so has been a nightmare!

Suz said...

pizza sounds good to me
...no dishes

Happy@Home said...

It was very windy here yesterday too. Glad you were able to stay warm despite the wind.
Soup and bread sounds good, but an impromptu dinner invitation sounds even better.
Your quote is perfect for you.

Helen said...

Hello friend, I have a photo in my Tuesday blogpost I would like you to see.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas time.